(Reviewed) Massive Internet Profits: Massive SCAM?

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Are you really gonna make huge bucks online with this or is it just a gigantic scam to avoid like the plague, huh?

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Is Massive Internet Profits a Massive Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Massive Internet Profits (MIP).

Website: massiveinternetprofits.com/9news.php.

Cost: $97 + $1,000s – $10,000s worth of hidden upsells.

Owner: David Garrison – an affiliate of Matt Lloyd’s MOBE.

My Score: 0/10 (SCAM).

Have you also come across the following work from home quick wealth opportunities before?:

Whether you have or haven’t, these are very similar fraudulent programs to ‘MIP’ – either created by a single affiliate of My Online Business Empire (MOBE) or a group of Matt Lloyd’s affiliates.

These are just a small bunch of the misleading sales pages and funnels out there. I guarantee there are many more “swindlers” on the web who are trying to take you for a fool, for their own financial gains.

So please bear this in mind, especially if you’re a newcomer to the world of making money on the net.

Before getting stuck into this FULL review…

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What’s The Idea Behind Massive Internet Profits?

The idea is that ‘MIP’ is supposedly meant to flood your bank with thousands upon thousands of dollars from just following a simple system.

But unfortunately, this program has never worked because it doesn’t exist.

The real truth is, the platform is a simple “doorway” site to MOBE – a high-ticket MLM coaching platform. Members buy into expensive training products that they resell as affiliates for $1,000s – $10,000s in commissions.

Right off the bat, ‘MIP’ requires your email address for getting started online with the program. The reason for this is to get you as an email subscriber of one of MOBE’s affiliates, so they can stuff your inbox with overpriced product recommendations and other crap.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against squeeze pages, building sales funnels and lists of email subscribers. 

But the way in which this affiliate goes about the process is entirely unethical. Their only intention is to reel in naive newbies for filling their own account with “Massive Profits” instead.

The reason I know ‘MIP’ is a dud from the very beginning is the fact that the landing page triggers alarm bells:

  • It’s easy and fast to do: “Start Today, Get Paid Quickly!” – This is a total myth!
  • Check Availability Now! – This is an urgency strategy always used by scam artists.
  • The advertisement of Forbes, CNN, FOX NEWS, USA TODAY, NBC NEWS & The Huffington Post – A technique used to gain your trust so you don’t think the fake system.

Fake News Endorsements


Additional ‘MIP’ Red Flag Warning Signs

Once you enter your email address, you’re shown an extremely cheesy and hyped up sales video presentation with the promise of $500 at the end of it (just for watching) plus much more from implementing a simple system…

  • “You’re gonna make more money watching this video, than any other created…”
  • “You earn a buck for every second of the video watched…”
  • “You can make $500 minimum GUARANTEED…”
  • “Your wallet is growing as speak…”
  • “You can access a mathematical algorithm that dumps massive commissions into your bank… COMPLETELY ON AUTOPILOT…”

Massive Internet Profits False Easy Income Claims


UGH! “OK, David (or whoever you are), we get the picture that your program is utter BS!”

‘MIP’ is built on lie after lie because the real truth is, there is no easy and fast way for huge affiliate commissions to be “dumped” into your account. David was clearly born in La-La-Land.

The other thing I noticed about ‘MIP’ is the fact that there’s a shady Facebook screenshot of members who are apparently succeeding with David’s platform.
Massive Internet Profits Fake Facebook Comments
Firstly, no Facebook user has a surname. Secondly, there’s no mention of ‘Massive Internet Profits’. However, some David G guy does mention “21 steps” which is basically Matt Lloyd’s 21-step coaching program.

The Facebook comment screenshot tells you one of two things:

  1. It was either taken from a MOBE Facebook group and the surnames were edited.
  2. The comments are completely fake and were created by somebody on Fiverr.

To be honest, it’s hard to know what the truth is. What do you reckon?


What’s The REAL Cost of ‘MIP’?

The guy behind the ‘MIP’ system claims that his program is just a one-time fee of $97.

Apparently, it was $997 LOL. This in itself is also total BS because MOBE costs $49 to get started with its 21-step coaching.

My guess is, this affiliate is attempting to squeeze a few extra bucks from you. TUT TUT!

In addition, MOBE costs a lot more than a simple “one off” payment of nearly a hundred dollars.

Here are MOBE’s real costs:

  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB) 21-step system – $49
  • MOBE License Rights – $2,497 + $99/month
  • Titanium Membership – $9,997 + $199/month
  • Platinum Membership – $16,667 + $299/month
  • Diamond Membership – $29,997 + $299/month
  • Affiliate Program – $19.95/month

I’m sure you’ll agree that the single $97 fee is a false claim.


My Final Conclusion…

A Big Thumbs DownThe Massive Internet Profits system sure makes you a bunch of far-fetched promises.

It’s far from a simple copy n’ paste system because to earn a real income on the web requires the right training, tools, and support to get the job done. “Hard work” is also an essential ingredient for success.

And as for the “one-time” cost of $97, this David guy is simply pulling the wool over your eyes.

If you pay the $97 cost, you’ll automatically become a member of My Online Business Empire, where Matt Lloyd will sweet talk you into spending $1,000s to $10,000s on his products.

You’ll basically get ripped off by the same coaching products that you’re required to sell for massive affiliate commissions in your pockets.

The bottom line…

Both ‘MIP’ and MOBE will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Can you really justify forking out a fortune for the same training you can find in other places on the net for a LOT cheaper?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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