Massive Internet Profits Review: (A Massive SCAM?)

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According to the sales pitch, you’ll start earning massive commissions in the region of $1,250 – $5,500 a pop as easy as pie quickly.

But are you really gonna make huge bucks online with this as fast and easy as you’re led to believe?

Or is it just a gigantic scam to avoid like the plague, huh?

Get stuck into this honest and unbiased review for the answer…

Is Massive Internet Profits a Massive Scam

Quick Overview

Name: Massive Internet Profits (MIP).


Cost: $97 + $1,000s – $10,000s worth of hidden upsells.

Owner: David Garrison (an affiliate of Matt Lloyd’s MOBE).

My Score: 0/10 (SCAM).

A Summary of Massive Internet Profits…

I’m sorry to say but Massive Internet Profits is just a bridge designed by some affiliate marketer to funnel you into a high-ticket opportunity.

The original rip-off coaching scheme the funnel led you to was called MOBE (My Online Business Empire).

But thankfully the Federal Trade Commission closed MOBE down for basically breaking the law.

So now the MIP funnel redirects you to a different high-cost, and no doubt shady offer instead.

Where you’ll pretty much be out-of-pocket, BIG time.

So MIP doesn’t actually exist – it’s just a sales page and funnel full of hyped up money-making fluff, I’m afraid.

Don’t get me wrong, you can generate big profits in the online world.

But to really earn a full-time income requires learning the right skills and working hard to implement those skills across many months.

But just don’t be fooled by shady characters hiding behind so-called magic bullets like MIP.

Because you’ll be seriously disappointed.

Have you also come across the following quick wealth opportunities before?:

These are very similar products to MIP – deceptive.

Either, created by a single affiliate of My Online Business Empire or a group of Matt Lloyd’s affiliates.

I guarantee there are many more “swindlers” on the web who are only it for their own financial gains.

So please bear this in mind, especially if you’re a newcomer to the world of making money online.

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What’s Massive Internet Profits All About?

The idea is that Massive Internet Profits is supposedly meant to flood your bank with thousands of dollars from just following a simple system.

But unfortunately, this program has never worked because it doesn’t actually exist.

The real truth is, the platform was just a “doorway” site to MOBE – a high-ticket MLM coaching platform…

Members buy into expensive training products that they resell as affiliates for $1,000s – $10,000s in commissions.

But the good news is that MOBE’s now defunct for basically scamming students out of ridiculous amounts of money.

The bad news?

The person hiding behind MIP (a former MOBE affiliate) now funnels you into a different costly shady program instead.

So I urge you to keep your guard up.

But let’s talk about the MIP sales pitch itself for a sec and why it raises some warnings…

Right off the bat MIP requires your email address for getting started with the program.

The reason for this is so the scammer can spam your inbox with overpriced junk.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against squeeze pages, building sales funnels and lists of email subscribers. 

But the way in which this affiliate goes about the process is entirely unethical.

The reason I know MIP is a dud is the fact that the landing page triggers the following alarm bells:

  • It’s easy and fast to do: “Start Today, Get Paid Quickly!” – This is a total myth!
  • Check Availability Now! – This is an urgency strategy always used by scam artists.
  • The advertisement of Forbes, CNN, FOX NEWS & The Huffington Post – A technique used to gain your trust.

So take my advice:

Either enter a dud email address, one that you rarely check or just don’t enter one at all to be on the safe side.

Additional Red Flag Warning Signs

Once you enter your email address, you’re shown a cheesy sales video presentation with the promise of $500 at the end of it (just for watching).

But that’s a blatant lie from the get-go.

Because wouldn’t the creator be seriously out of pocket by paying 1,000s of viewers for watching his or hers hyped up crap?

Plus, there are many more lies told…

The Crazy Claims Made by Massive Internet Profits

  • “You’re gonna make more money watching this video, than any other created…”
  • “You earn a buck for every second of the video watched…”
  • “Make $500 minimum GUARANTEED…”
  • “Your wallet is growing as speak…”
  • “Access a mathematical algorithm that dumps massive commissions into your bank… COMPLETELY ON AUTOPILOT…”

Here’s an example of such a wild claim:

Easy Online Income Claims


“OK, David (or whoever you are), we get the picture that your program is utter BS!”

If MIP really works like a dream, then why isn’t everybody raking in the buckaroonies online by now?

David was clearly born in La-La-Land.

Laughable Member Testimonials

The other cringey thing about MIP is the fact that there’s a Facebook screenshot of members who are apparently crushing it with David’s platform.

Massive Internet Profits Fake Facebook Comments

But here’s why you should take the testimonials with a grain of salt:

Firstly, no Facebook user has a surname.

As a Facebook user myself, you can’t create an account without a first and last name.

So it’s clear to me that the Facebook-like comments are all fake – probably photoshopped or something.

Or even stolen from MOBE’s Facebook group itself.

Either way, I don’t give a rat’s ass.

Secondly, there’s no mention of MIP.

Surely if MIP was the real deal, it would get a mention, right?

However, some David G guy does mention “21 steps”, which is some sort of clue.

Because it’s basically Matt Lloyd’s 21-step coaching program.

So do please tread with caution when it comes to the testimonials.

What’s The REAL Cost of Massive Internet Profits?

The guy behind the MIP system claims that his program is just a one-time fee of $97 (reduced from $997).

But the cost is total bullsh*t.

Because MOBE actually cost $49 to get started with its 21-step coaching, not $997 or even $97.

In addition, MOBE cost a lot more than a simple “one off” payment of nearly a hundred dollars.

Here are the REAL costs broken down:

  • My Top Tier Business (MTTB) 21-step system – $49
  • MOBE License Rights – $2,497 + $99/month
  • Titanium Membership – $9,997 + $199/month
  • Platinum Membership – $16,667 + $299/month
  • Diamond Membership – $29,997 + $299/month
  • Affiliate Program – $19.95/month

So you can understand why the FTC came crashing down like a hammer on MOBE, right?

But whatever big scheme MIP funnels you into now, you can guarantee it will still cost you an arm and a leg, and maybe a kidney too.

Final Conclusion: Is Massive Internet Profits a Scam?…

The Massive Internet Profits system sure makes you a bunch of far-fetched promises.

It’s far from a simple copy n’ paste system making you some big and fast bucks, I tell ya.

Because to earn a real income on the web requires the right training, tools, and support to get the job done.

That word called “hard work” is also an essential ingredient for success.

And as for the “one-time” cost of $97 thing, this David guy sure does pull the the wool over your eyes with his crap.

Because whatever shady program MIP funnels you into these days, you’ll be out-of-pocket by $100s.

I guarantee it.

So based on all those notes and considering the fact that MIP is just a stepping stone to something entirely different…

Then, YES, the whole thing’s one BIG FAT get-rich-quick SCAM to keep at arm’s length, unfortunately.

Want a LEGIT & Much Better Way to Make Money Online?

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But unfortunately, unethical marketers and product creators want you to believe in the “get-rich-quick” myth for the sake of their own pockets.

Making money is far from easy…

BUT if you’re prepared to follow the correct training and invest a ton of time and effort, it can be done.

Without beating about the bush any longer…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or complaints with MIP that you’d LOVE to share? Please post your comments below…



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