(Reviewed) My Millionaire Mentor – LEGIT 21 Step System?

Welcome to my review of My Millionaire Mentor!

Is this 21-step system really gonna make you megabucks on the web or just a rotten scammy program to stay the hell away from, huh?

Get stuck into this unbiased blog post for a truthful answer…

Is My Millionaire Mentor a Legit 21 Step System Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: My Millionaire Mentor.

Website: mymillionairementor.co.

Cost: $47 + $1,000s – $10,000s in Upsells.

Owners: Ryan Mathews (a fake character used as a voice over).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: The SCAM pulls the wool over your eyes using hype and get-rich-quick garbage.

In addition, the system is a doorway to (My Online Business Empire) which is a “high-ticket” program designed to rip you off.

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What’s My Millionaire Mentor All About?

Apparently, ‘MMM’ is a proven “easy to follow” 21-step system designed by internet marketing experts to help you make from $1,250 to $5,500+ in commissions from promoting a vault of products that people need and love to buy.

You’ll be living the millionaire lifestyle you desire…

Eating out where you choose, dressing how you want, driving the whip you need so badly, buying your dream home, and sunning it up on the tropical beaches of paradise, blahdy blah.

When you watch the super-hyped up sales video, you will hear short member testimonials from peeps like:

  • Carolina Millan who’s made $293,636.06. Her best day was $10,000 in commissions from 1 sale.
  • Adeline Sugianto made $15,000 in just one weekend.
  • Kim Willis generated $35,000 in only 60 days.

Whether the claims are true or not, I still consider them as misleading.

In a nutshell, the ‘MMM’ program is a bogus “get-rich-quick scheme” stuffing your head with false hopes.


Who is The Program Aimed at?

The main sales video uses every mind trickery technique and clichΓ© under the sun for creating empathy and tugging at your heartstrings.

‘MMM’ is basically geared towards anyone and everyone who has a strong desire for financial freedom.

But more specifically, the program targets the naive individuals who assume that getting rich fast is able to be done.

But because Ryan Mathews also mentions the fact you will be making commissions of $1,000s from the selling of expensive products, it’s obvious his program is directed at folks wanting to dive into MLM.

Unluckily, it’s con tricks like ‘MMM’ that give internet marketing a bad name.

However, on a more positive note, at least Affiliate Marketing doesn’t share the same poor reputation as the MLM (Network Marketing) pyramid selling business model lol.


Let’s Investigate The Sham Further

When digging down deeper into the core of the ‘MMM’ program, there are additional red flags.

I think when you become familiar with some of the warning signs, they enable you to easily spot similar scams that are floating around online, attempting to catch people like you off guard.

For starters, Ryan Mathews mentions “Matt” several times throughout the video.

He’s the guy who has apparently, helped Ryan to put the coaching system together.
Matt Lloyd The Owner of MOBE
But what’s the true identity of this “Matt” dude?

He is Matt Lloyd (founder of My Online Business Empire).
My Millionaire Mentor Leads to MOBE
If you’re unfamiliar with Matt’s MOBE program, it’s a high-ticket training product system (similar to Digital Altitude and Empower Network) converted into an MLM opportunity.

MOBE has already made some individuals very unhappy, and you will discover plenty of complaints against Matt on the internet.

Secondly, when it comes to the member testimonials, not one single person mentions ‘My Millionaire Mentor’ system.

Personally, I find this very fishy because it can be an indication that actors/actresses on sites like Fiverr are hired to produce the fake testimonials.

Besides that, the ludicrous “5 to 6 figure quick and easy income” claims made by members are also a big giveaway, since becoming rich isn’t a high-speed process on the web.

It’s a total myth.

Any experienced internet marketer (including myself) will tell you that you’re gonna have to work your socks off for a considerable length of time for those figures.

Thirdly, as for the 21-step system – What 21 steps?!

There’s no description of what the training entails for learning how to build a business from scratch, whatsoever.

Not even a sneak peek or the faintest whisper. Zip. Zilch. Nada!

‘MMM’ leaves you clueless, which is something to jot down in your book of scam warning signs.

It’s a sleazy manipulation tactic to initiate curiosity, leaving you short of 47 bucks.

Finally, you will be handed a brand spanking shiny new Mercedes-Benz, just like that!

Make just 5 product sales in 6 months, and the German luxury whip is yours! Golly Gee Willikers!

If you’re thinking the offer of a MASSIVE 100% Free bonus on top of your 5-figure commissions for doing very little to no work seems “too good to be true”.

Then you’re spot on because unfortunately, this type of crazy Merc incentive is only available in La La Land!

However, I do know that MOBE offers a special “MOBE Motors Program” for rewarding its affiliates for meeting specific sales criteria.

But I very much doubt it will be that easy to qualify for the car of your dreams.


My Final Conclusion…

Any training program and opportunity that makes ridiculously hyped up claims when it involves making money online is obviously not to be trusted one bit because it’s a hoax.

Unluckily, the ‘My Millionaire Mentor’ system is one such program. And I don’t reckon Matt Lloyd even endorses it either.

When it comes to ‘MMM’, there are a number of filthy manipulative tactics used to get your cash.

These red flags include unrealistic income claims, fake member testimonials from sellers on Fiverr, and especially a false promise of “easily” getting your hands on a luxury car, to name a few.

If you pay the $47 membership fee, one of two things are likely to happen:

A: The fabricated Ryan Mathews is gonna make a dash for it with your cash.

B: You’ll be redirected to MOBE, where Matt Lloyd’s program will entice you with $1,000s worth of high-ticket training products.

Either way, you’re not gonna be on to a winner.

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Your Friend, Neil πŸ™‚

Do you have any questions or negative experiences with ‘MMM’? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…



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