(Reviewed) Padlock Income System – The Truth Unlocked!

A huge welcome to my review of the Padlock Income System!

Now, you may be wondering whether this opportunity really is the key to unlocking a fortune on the web or whether it’s just one rusty padlock that’s impossible to open for getting your hands on the cash.

In laymen’s terms, is it legit or another lousy scam? 😛

The truth has been kept hidden under lock and key, until now!

So enjoy digging into this honest and unbiased post for the inside scoop on Mr. Rush’s platform.

The Truth is Unlocked With The Padlock Income System
Quick Overview

Name: Padlock Income (PI).

Website: padlockincome.com.

Cost: Free + $100s (maybe $1,000s).

Owner: Jeremy Rush.

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s The Padlock Income System All About?

‘PI’ is a digital marketing training platform designed to help you (a newbie) build an email list of subscribers who become paying customers.

You make 70% – 100% in affiliate commissions from each sale.

The idea is that Jeremy gives you a unique referral link for a high-converting Done-For-You landing page and he shows you exactly how to promote it using free traffic methods.

Your job is to simply funnel leads into the system, and Jeremy takes care of the rest.

His Autoresponder blasts out emails along with your affiliate links and closes the sales for you.

In essence, the training program you join, is in fact, “the product” that you make money from.

Anyone who buys into the system automatically becomes an affiliate and is also shown how to peddle it for cash.

Jeremy also boldly claims that ‘PI’ is “The World’s 1st Plug & Play Marketing System“.

But he’s telling porkies because I know for a fact, there are other systems just like it. Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income is just one of many examples.

Mr. Rush then goes on to claim that his automated selling system made him over $64,000 in just 2 days!
Jeremy Rush From Padlock Income System
This is the kinda hype that tricks newbies into thinking they can also make tens of thousands of dollars easily and quickly. UGH.


How Does Jeremy’s Padlock Income System Work?

Inside your member’s dashboard area, you receive short step-by-step videos that are delivered in the form of ‘Padlocks’.

There are 12 Padlocks in total – each showing you various free marketing strategies for promoting your squeeze page and building an email subscriber list.

Padlock #1 – Jeremy shows you how to create a free one-page website using ‘Google Sites’.

Your site will be a simple ‘copy & paste’ job with your affiliate link pointing to Jeremy’s high-converting landing page.

What your basic site will look like:
Padlock Income System
And then it’s a case of joining 30 “make money online” Facebook groups and posting your website link along with a different pre-made and seriously “hyped up” post in each group.

It’s a very mundane and time-consuming process.

An example of one of Jeremy’s posts you would ‘copy & paste’:
Padlock Income Facebook Group Post
In my opinion, “spamming” Facebook groups is one of the worst possible ways of trying to build an online business. Period.

Spam worked well in the days before the birth of Facebook.

It was easy to make a quick buck from spamming MSN and MySpace groups with “biz opps” because this “make money on the web” thing was kinda new to a lot of people.

But times change, so does the internet, and many folks are skeptical of money making opportunities these days.

So spamming Facebook isn’t exactly a wise or effective strategy.

In addition, you’re not only competing with other ‘PI’ members but also many amateur affiliates and MLMers doing the same thing. It’s a dog-eat-dog environment.

If you really wanna learn how to build a profitable online business using the power of landing pages, sales funnels, email list building, and especially a highly effective Facebook strategy….

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As for the other 11 Padlocks, they are unlocked one at a time as you make progress. Plus each one will cost money.

But if the spammy FB approach in the first Padlock is anything to go by, then you’re probably wasting your time with the system.


What About Help & Support?

When it comes to getting support from Jeremy and his team, there are various options to choose from.

Either submit a support ticket or connect with the team via their private members’ Facebook group, fan page, and also subscribe to the ‘PI’ TV YouTube channel.


What’s The Cost to Join ‘PI’?

The system is free to get started with (Padlock #1) and Padlock #2 costs $10.

But that’s all the info I have because Jeremy keeps you in the dark when it comes to the full cost of his program.

Since there are another 10 Padlocks to open, you can bet your bottom dollar that Mr. Rush’s system isn’t gonna be a cheap one.

It could easily be in the region of $100s or even $1,000s in training expenses if you’re super unlucky.

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PROS vs CONS of ‘PI’


  • Get started for free
  • Video training tutorials + bonus training
  • Help & support available
  • You can possibly make some money


  • You can’t choose a niche – It’s promote Jeremy’s system or nothing!
  • Padlock #1 has far too many steps to complete
  • You’re taught to SPAM multiple Facebook groups
  • There’s no option for integrating your own Autoresponder
  • The full cost of the program is unknown
  • No details on your affiliate earnings (Except 70% – 100% commissions)
  • It’s not a suitable starting point for beginners


Final Conclusion: Is Padlock Income a Scam?…

Yes and NoWhen it comes to the training and support, Jeremy brings some value to the table. So there are some good points to the ‘PI’ system.

In my opinion, Jeremy’s program is legitimate and the potential is there for you to create an affiliate business and make money from the platform.

But there are some major downfalls.

1: Padlock #1 teaches you to spam 30 Facebook groups with “hyped up” posts. It’s a poor strategy that won’t do you any favors as a marketer and can also land you in “Facebook Jail”.

So what does that tell you about the other 11 training Padlocks, huh?

2: There’s zero info on the total cost of the program and how much money you can potentially earn as an affiliate.

3: The product is designed to show you how to promote the product, which means you have no option to build an online business from something you’re passionate about.

So if the “make money online” niche isn’t your cuppa, then it’s basically tough cookies.

It may be a legit system, but I sure as hell wouldn’t recommend it to any noob.

Wanna learn how to build a REAL profitable online business from something you are passionate about?…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on Jeremy Rush’s program, then we’d love to hear your comments below…


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