(Reviewed) Poolside Profits – Will You Sink or Swim?

Howdy, welcome to my review of Poolside Profits!

Are you gonna sink to the bottom of the pool or swim – raking in the bucks online with this program? That’s the question!

Dive into this honest and unbiased post for the answer…

Will You Sink or Swim With Poolside Profits
Quick Overview

Name: Poolside Profits.

Website: poolsideprofits.net.

Cost: $37.97, but I got it for $2! Plus a $27 upsell + additional fees for resources.

Owner: Bill Hugall.

My Score: 5/10.

Verdict: It’s a legitimate program for those wanting to earn from PDF/eBook creation.

But the basic training lacks depth and it’s also missing crucial business-building elements.

In my opinion, Bill has put more effort into his product’s sales page than the actual basic training videos inside it.

I guess that’s what you expect to get for ONLY $2! LOL.

But before taking the plunge…

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What is Poolside Profits?

According to Bill Hugall- ‘PP’ is an underground affiliate marketing system that’s designed to fast-track your way to success, shift your profits into overdrive, and put your online business on autopilot by following his program and taking action.

However, “the system” mainly focuses on creating your own PDF, with only the mention of promoting an affiliate product inside your eBook.

There’s no actual solid training on the affiliate marketing aspect.

Also, according to Bill’s customer testimonials as well as income snapshots on the ‘PP’ sales page, it’s a system that truly works and one that could be your golden ticket to printing money on the web.

But will the program keep you afloat in the water or will you sink to the bottom of the pool like a rubber diving brick after taking the plunge?

You’ll find out shortly. 😛


Who is ‘PP’ For?

It’s advertised as a system that’s suitable for any “inexperienced” newbie wanting to learn how to generate an income as an affiliate marketer.

Even your great Grandma or Grandad could take advantage of Bill’s system, it’s that easy and simple to follow.

But don’t most affiliate training systems tell you the same thing, huh?


What Type of Training is Provided?

Inside ‘PP’, you will discover 5 video training modules that cover an Introduction to the system, The Game Plan, Setting up Your PDF, The Cash Magnet, Listing Your Offer, and Traffic.

What you will learn:

Introduction (11.14 mins long)

Bill talks about getting focused as a newbie and taking action.

What I like about the intro video is that the guy is upfront with you about making money online.

He doesn’t fill your head with the usual hyped up garbage you get from some programs.

In addition, he briefly discusses the resources you will need for making his system work for you – Hosting, Autoresponder, Facebook account, Warrior+Plus account, and Optimize Press for building a web page.

But unfortunately, the guy gives you NO training on how to set up any of these resources.

You’ll need to purchase his upsell for some advanced training, which I’ll discuss very soon.

Module #1: The Game Plan (7.49 mins)

In this short video presentation, Bill explains that you will be creating a simple PDF guide that provides a solution to peoples’ problems within a specific niche of your choice.

Module #2: Setting Up Your PDF (9.19 mins)

For a PDF subject example – Bill tells you to go to Facebook, create an ad for a website and get some traffic.

You then create a walk-through on how you did it and sell the info (your PDF) to folks who wanna learn “how to generate traffic to their websites“.
Poolside Profits Video on Setting up Your PDF
You will also learn how to layout your PDF when it comes to the front cover, bio, and last even last page – sending folks to an affiliate offer.

In addition, Bill quickly explains how your content should be written and how many pages to include.

However, the only downside is that Bill doesn’t walk you through a step-by-step process of creating your PDF guide from start to finish.

Module #3: The Cash Magnet (7.08 mins)

Bill dives into the subject of creating sales copy for your PDF and how important it is for your online business.

He also talks about outsourcing the work later on down the road, once you’ve got to grips with the process of copywriting yourself.

To help you with writing sales copy, he apparently gives you a free resource.

But could I find it within the member dashboard area!?

Could I, heck!

Module #4: Listing Your Offer (12.22 mins)

Mr. Hugall actually SHOWS you exact steps for getting your sales page and PDF guide listed within the Warrior+Plus marketplace for people to find and purchase.
Poolside Profits Listing Your Offer Video Training
BUT there’s one teeny-weeny problem…

The video has NO sound! HA HA.

Module #5: Traffic (13.08 mins)

Bill tells you to post your PDF guide in multiple Facebook JV groups (5 to 6 each day) for free traffic.

In addition, Bill recommends that you befriend other product launchers within those FB groups and build relationships.

Overall, I think the training is good, but it lacks real depth for newbies.

Out of the 5 videos, only one is step-by-step – although, it’s got no sound lol.


What’s The Full Cost of PP?

To join Mr. Hugal’s system at the very basic membership level will cost you $37.97.

But at the moment, you can get access for just $2!

I would say that $2 is spot on because I definitely wouldn’t shell out nearly 40 bucks for his basic training.

There’s a One Time Offer ($27) The “Success Lounge” – Bill’s coaching program.

This covers setting up your marketing machine, creating a sales funnel, email marketing, traffic and list building.

In addition, you will need to spend more money on the resources that he recommends.


My Final Conclusion…

Now, I’m not gonna blow smoke up Bill’s ass and tell you that his Poolside Profits system is “the best learning platform” on the web, because, in my opinion, it’s not.

The basic training is OK for creating and selling your own eBooks using free traffic.

But it’s not step-by-step and he also misses out some important elements for success – like how to create a web page, set up hosting, and an Autoresponder, etc.

You will need to buy the upsell for the advanced stuff.

But what really bugs me about ‘PP’ is that Bill Hugal isn’t upfront with you about his system right from the very start.

He claims that it’s for “affiliate marketers”, when in actual fact, it’s more about producing your own PDF guide and selling it.

The Bottom Line… ‘PP’ is LEGIT and you have the potential to make some money that could lead to sipping Piña Coladas around the pool eventually.

But when it comes to recommending the program to a total newbie, I’m not so sure.

If you’re searching for the best way to earn an income on the web as an affiliate marketer, and also a platform that’s free to get started with…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or feedback you wish to share on ‘PP’? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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