(Reviewed) Salary Daily: Is it Legit? Hell NO… RUN!

Welcome to my review!

So you’ve heard all about such an amazing life-changing money-maker called Salary Daily, either via your inbox or on the grapevine, right?

I’m here to tell you NOT to believe any of those LIES because the trickster behind it is deceiving you and so are the naive folks who are peddling the junk.

But why is it a dirty rotten SCAM, you ask?

Great question!

I’m about to expose the so-called opportunity for what it really is within this honest post.

Is Salary Daily Legit or a Scammy Opportunity
Quick Overview:

Name: Salary Daily (SD).

Website: salarydaily.com.

Cost: Free.

Owner: Some cowardly scam artist.

My Score: 0/10.

But before digging into this review for all the alarm bells it triggers…

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What The Heck is Salary Daily?

‘SD’ is a replica of Best Cash Job – both making the exact same far-fetched promises that you’ll make “$50 – $100 per day” from doing very little work.

The sales page claims it’s the “easiest way to earn money” and you’ll get a $25 BONUS just for entering your details to join.

WOW, with an offer of 25 dollars for free and almost $3K in earnings each month without breaking a sweat, I simply can not turn down this irresistible offer of a lifetime!

Unfortunately, this is what the scammer wants you to believe so he or she takes advantage of you, especially if you’re a vulnerable newbie.


So, How Will ‘SD’ Take You For a Ride?

Once you’ve entered your details to register for the so-called money-making opportunity, you’ll get access to a membership area with your own affiliate link to promote.

‘SD’ claims you’re gonna make $10 each time somebody clicks on your special referral link when you share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, etc.
Best Cash Job Fake 10 Dollar Payments
When you’ve reached the minimum threshold of $300, you can cash out your earnings.


But don’t be easily led astray because when you do attempt to hit the payment button for a cheque to be mailed to your home, guess what happens?

Instead of collecting that lovely bundle of cash, the scammer takes you through numerous surveys and offers in high hopes of making cash from YOU if you choose to purchase something.

Even when you’ve skipped all the offers: Still you get $0 payment!

Put simply, the moron treats you as a donkey and dangles a carrot in front of your face.

Or would you prefer a dog chasing its tale? LOL.

The only reason you get a referral link is to bring in naive folks who get added to the scammer’s email list, who then repeat the link sharing process – thus building the sleazeball’s email list for him or her so “THEY” can make a TON of money.

And anyone attempting to claim their $300 earnings also goes through the same process as you – forced to browse offers instead of actually getting paid.

So while the trickster is making $100s/$1,000s from your referrals and their referrals so forth, you’re making a BIG FAT $0 along with everybody else!

Sounds like a great deal, hey?


Let’s Check Out Some SCAM Warnings…

Just like ‘Two Dollar Click‘ and ‘Four Dollar Click‘, to name a couple of similar scams – ‘SD’ has a number of other red flags that you need to be aware of from the offset.

For starters, dollar signs are the wrong way round and there are numerous grammar mistakes, both on the main page and in the members’ area.
Best Cash Job Wrong Dollar Signs
To me, this shows the person behind the program is incompetent and probably not even English-speaking either.

It’s almost as if they were in a hurry to throw the opportunity together. Hmm… I wonder why!

In my opinion, any “REAL” successful online business owner would know how to display figures correctly and have the content proofread prior to launch.

Secondly, the “Support” and “FAQ” tabs don’t exist at all!
Best Cash Job Fake Support Tabs
The tabs send you back to the home page which means that you have no option but to join the shady opportunity if you wanna know more info and whether support is available.

In fact, there’s no support whatsoever inside the members’ area.

So it’s a clear indication they’ve something to hide.

And as for the total payout being nearly $800K… Oh, Please… Pull the other one!

It’s just a bunch of numbers on a web page. There’s no hard evidence to prove their claim.

Thirdly, even the testimonial is very fishy!
Best Cash Job Fake Member Testimonial
It’s just some random guy’s face (from a stock photo website) together with a cock-and-bull story to make the opportunity seem more believable.

He reckons he’s making “10X more than his day job” with ‘SD’.

Yeah, good luck with that one Pal, since NOBODY ever makes a dime from it. Well, apart from the scammer!

Anyone can fabricate a testimonial, it’s a piece of p*ss! Please excuse my French lol.

These are the main fishy aspects of ‘SD’ that my “scam sense” picked up on, right off the bat.

So please bear them in mind before handing over your personal details to some coward hiding away behind a computer screen somewhere in a non-English speaking country.


Final Word on The Salary Daily Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownIn what world would a ‘GPT’ site ever pay $10 per click or task even?

If you’re familiar with the likes of Swagbucks, Gift Hunter Club, GiftHulk, and TimeBucks, to name a few ‘GPT’ examples – you get minimal amounts of money from tasks.

In fact, many people don’t make more than $50 per month from doing tasks via these sites.

So for Salary Daily to promise a life-changing income from simply spreading your referral link around the web, is total horse crap.

The Bottom Line:

‘SD’ is a bunch of nonsense that doesn’t pay out a single cent, to anyone!

The only person cashing in is the scam artist who exploits you and your referrals.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘SD’ that you’d like to share – We’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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