SECockpit – The Most Powerful Keyword Tool? (Reviewed)

Welcome to my SECockpit review!

The guys behind the keyword research tool boldly claim that it’s one of the most reliable and powerful ones for online marketers.

But don’t all SEO and also PPC research platform owners claim the same thing? LOL.

If you wanna know more about the tool in question and whether it really is one of the best software tools, then grab this review…

SECockpit Review
Quick Overview:

Name: SECockpit (SC).

Website: (visit website).

Cost: $40/month – $120 month or $339/year – $899/year.

Owners: Sam Haenni and Shane Melaugh.

My Score: 7/10.

Before getting the lowdown on the tool…

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What’s SECockpit All About?

A company known by the name of “Swiss Made Marketing” is behind SECockpit.

That is basically a research tool intended for maximizing your sales and profits using the power of “keywords” and #1 search engine page results.

In addition to it being keyword research software…

It provides you with a bunch of other SEO features for helping with your rankings in the search engines.

Which will be discussed in this review.


Who is Gonna Benefit From SECockpit?

The platform is designed for bloggers, static website owners, SEO agencies or even experts.

Ones, who wanna drive free organic traffic for building successful businesses for themselves or others.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, MLMer, an eCommerce store owner, eBayer, Dropshipper, freelancer or have your own company…

You can certainly take advantage of the tool.

Even if you’re a complete newbie just starting up an online business, you can put ‘SC’ to the test.


How Does SECockpit Work For #1 Rankings?

There are 6 different features for you to take advantage of for assisting you in getting 1st-page rankings on Google and other search engines.


#1: Fast Keyword Research

When you enter a keyword term, ‘SC’ will return up to 200 suggestions per minute, which is pretty quick.
Tool Features
The great thing about the software is that it’s entirely web-based.

so it’s not gonna turn your computer into a Tortoise, and won’t land your IP address in hot water with Google either.


#2: Find More Keyword Opportunities

You’ll be able to discover “long-tail” keyword variations from the Google Adwords Planner tool by using the Google Suggest Scraper feature.
Keyword Opportunities
This will uncover a sea of overlooked keyword phrases by other marketers who are targeting the same niche market as you.

It’s definitely a great feature for getting ahead of your competitors’, in my opinion.


#3: Filter Keyword Phrases

Locate the keyword phrases with the most amount of traffic, the lowest competition figures, and the highest online revenue opportunities.

This feature can certainly save you heaps of time and makes the research process a heck of a lot easier.


#4: Analyze SEO Data

Gain insights into SEO data to discover the competition results for every keyword.

You’ll find out exactly what your competition is doing for page 1 rankings in Google by analyzing their data.

Or “spying”, as I prefer to call it! 😉


#5: SEO Projects

‘SC’ will create a list of actionable SEO tasks for you to accomplish.

You have the ability to start new keyword campaigns and record your activities as you move forward with your campaigns on the internet.

It’s a great feature for helping you stay on track with building your online biz.


#6: Rank Checker (Bonus Tool)

Unfortunately, access to the Rank Checker feature is only available when you choose the Pro or Agency membership price plans.

The feature provides you with website keyword rank tracking data.

That gives you an exact indication of where your online content is ranking within Google’s search engine page results for specific long tail keywords.

I use an awesome rank checker feature with Jaaxy, and I can’t tell you enough how invaluable it is for top rankings.


Any Training on Using The SECockpit Tool?

With your membership, you get access to:

A quick tutorial video for helping you get started off on the right foot, an in-depth training manual, and a bunch of extra videos on using the features.

If that’s not enough…

You also have access to a video training series that covers other aspects of SEO and the monetization of your website or blog.


What’s The Level of  SECockpit Support Like?

There are 2 levels of help available to you through the support page.

  1. Enter a search term for help with various topics on the tool
  2. Create and submit a support ticket to the Swiss team

For additional assistance, I recommend following the team on Twitter and Facebook.


How Much is SECockpit Gonna Cost?

The platform offers you 3 different membership levels to choose from:

  1. PERSONAL = $40 per month or $339 each year
  2. PRO = $80/month or $599/year
  3. AGENCY = $120/month or $899/year

With each plan, also comes a 30-day money back guarantee.

Which gives you plenty of time to try out the tool and decide whether it’s ideal for your needs.



The Good

  • Fast keyword results are displayed
  • Requires no installation because it’s cloud-based
  • Get a refund after 30 days if you’re not happy
  • A good level of training & support offered
  • There’s a mobile APP for on the go

The Bad

  • There’s no trial to test it out for free first
  • The Personal plan is very limited – Only 10 searches/day allowed
  • You must upgrade to Pro or Agency for access to the bonus Rank Checker


Final Thoughts: Is SECockpit Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs UpWith so many great keyword research tools on the market – LongTailPro, SEMrush, SERPs, and Wordtracker, to name a handful…

It’s difficult to say whether SECockpit is “the” best out there.

But it’s definitely up their with the top dogs, in my book.

Overall, I had a great experience with ‘SC’ and found it user-friendly.

It offers some amazing invaluable features for getting your content ranked as well as beating your competitors’. 

I also like the fact that training is thrown in on how to make the most of the software and taking advantage of other SEO aspects.

But I do have a little beef with the tool.

Firstly, the $40/month Personal membership option has keyword research limitations.

For the price you pay, it should give you more bang for your buck.

Secondly, you can only get your hands on the Rank Checker feature if you fork out more money for Pro or Enterprise plans.

The Rank Checker is a “must have” feature for monitoring your search engine rankings.

And should be included with all 3 price plans, not just the most expensive ones.

But ‘SC’ is still worth trying out.

Before you dash off, see the platform I use for getting top rankings in Google and earning an income online.

Plus there’s a Site Rank feature with EVERY plan too…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘SC’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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