(Reviewed) Squishy Cash: Is it A Good Money Maker?

Hey, welcome to my review of Squishy Cash!

If you’re after the lowdown on this ‘GPT’ opportunity – wanting to know how it works and if it’s actually worth your time, then you’re at the right place!

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Is Squishy Cash a Good Money Maker Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Squishy Cash.

Website: squishycash.com.

Cost: Free to join.

My Score: 6/10.

Verdict: It’s a good way of turning your free time into some pocket change if that’s all you want. Just don’t expect to get rich from partaking in daily tasks because it’s not that sort of opportunity.

But before jumping into this FULL review…

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What’s Squishy Cash All About, Huh?

When I first came across Squishy Cash (SC), I thought the name seemed pretty cool – although, I found it a bit random to see a cartoon bear wearing bling around its neck!

In my opinion, the bling kinda gives you the false impression that you can make a fortune from the site. Something you may wanna “BEAR” in mind LOL.

Simply put, ‘SC’ is a ‘Get Paid To’ (GPT) program that’s similar to Swagbucks, CashCrate, and FusionCash, to name a few.

You can put some cash in your pockets or even earn gift cards/prizes from doing offers, surveys, signing up for free trials, playing games, and also shopping online.


The Money-Making Tasks in More Detail

There are roughly 6 different ways you can make some money with the ‘SC’ GPT site.

#1 Free/Paid Offers & Trials

When it comes to free offers, you can earn anywhere from $0.09 to $0.50 per time. Plus on top of your cash rewards, some offers give you chips. And no, I don’t mean the snacky potato sort! 😛

These chips you can put towards your prizes or use to play games.
Squishy Cash Free Offers
HOWEVER, the majority of offers I clicked on were either not found on the server, not available in my country, failed to load or no longer active! UGH.
Inactive Campaigns Inside Squishy Cash
To get the bigger rewards of $2 to $30 (although, some give you 100 to 200 chips instead) – you must sign up for trials and also make minimum cash investments in gambling sites, etc.


#2 Surveys

You will get from $0.35 to $1 each time you take a survey to share your opinions. Again, you can also get your hands on chips with a number of surveys.

However, there are irritating downsides to these things.

Firstly, surveys are time-consuming. Secondly, some will even screen you out if you don’t give the right answers they want.


#3 Shopping

If you’re a shopaholic and love spending money, then I guess this task could be right up your street.
Squishy Cash Shopping Offers
When you spend cash on booking a flight, eBooks, the GAP website or even the Microsoft store, etc – you’ll earn from $2$2.25 + chips. Although, some offers give you 2%3% cashback instead.


#4 Member Clicks

You basically get paid for clicking on cheesy ad banners displayed by other members of ‘SC’.

You will make $0.0012 per banner, which is pretty much, peanuts. But I guess that’s what folks get for being “click monkeys” lol.


#5 Contests & Squishy Slots

There are contests that give you all sorts of ways to win small cash rewards and bonuses – from doing multiple surveys and offers to competing with other members when it comes to making the most cash within certain time frames.

In addition, you can invest your chips to take spins on the Squishy Slots.

WOOP WOOP, I won 10 chips on my very first spin!!
Squishy Slots
When you get 3 matching fruits and other symbols, you can win from 2 to 15 chips or $1 to $100. Or you can play again if you get 3 Diamonds.

But I must warn you, the slots are highly addictive. Heaps of fun though.

It’s like a Vegas casino – you could be playing for hours! Except without the free alcoholic refreshments lol.


#6 Referrals

I think ‘SC’ is quite generous when it comes to referring your family, friends, and others to the GPT opportunity.

For starters, you earn $1 per active member who you personally refer.

Secondly, you make 25% of their earnings.

Thirdly, the system has multiple levels – so you can also make from 1% to 5% of referral earnings on levels 2 to 5. But there are certain terms and conditions that apply, as their is with any opportunity.

To be totally honest with you, the ‘SC’ referral system is the best way to potentially make some good money with the program.

Why chain yourself to the laptop or smartphone doing tasks all day, when you can refer others to do the tasks and build an income for you, huh?

That’s the smart way to be profitable with ‘SC’.

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How do The Gifts & Payments Work?

To qualify for an Amazon gift card, PayPal or Payza payment, you must meet a minimum threshold of $15, which is reasonable I guess.

But it would be much better if the threshold was reduced to $5 or $10 so you can cash out quickly. Wouldn’t you agree?

However, the great thing about the Amazon gift/cash is that you’ll receive your reward the very next day.

When it comes to other gift card prizes, you can order a $5 gift for 500 chips. But to accumulate that number of chips for a reward could also take a little while.


PROS vs CONS of ‘SC’


  • You can become a member at no cost
  • You’ll get $3 just for joining
  • Earn extra money from referring others
  • Contests & slots for winning cash/chips
  • Next day payment (providing you meet the threshold)
  • Help & support + a member forum is available
  • It’s available to multiple countries


  • Most surveys & offers pay very little
  • You must invest money and sign up for trials for bigger rewards
  • You need a minimum of $15 to make a withdrawal
  • Some offers and tasks are limited
  • Numerous tasks can be time-consuming
  • Some offers aren’t available in certain countries outside the US


Final Opinion: Is Squishy Cash Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs Up‘SC’ is a totally LEGIT way of turning your time into money. So I’m giving it a big thumb’s up!

The only issues I find with GPT programs like ‘SC’, is the fact that your earnings are always gonna be very minimal and it can take a fair amount of time to reach the minimum thresholds for payments and gift rewards.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘SC’, that you’d like to share – we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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