(Reviewed) Super Affiliate Network – Will Freedom be Yours?

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Misha Wilson boldly claims his Super Affiliate Network platform is “A proven system for making real money from home, even if you’re brand new and on a shoestring budget“.

Apparently, you can “create a dream lifestyle and long-lasting freedom” with the program.

But are you really gonna be swimming in cash, living the life of Riley, and escaping the rat race for pennies on the dollar or is the cheeky monkey telling you porkies and hiding something, huh?

Grab this unbiased blog post if you’re looking for an honest answer!

Will Freedom be Yours With The Super Affiliate Network
Quick Overview:

Name: The Super Affiliate Network (SAN).

Website: thesuperaffiliatenetwork.com.

Cost: $1 to start, then $47/month + $?

Owner: Misha Wilson.

My Score: 5/10.

But before diving into this detailed review for the lowdown on Misha’s dream system…

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What’s The Super Affiliate Network All About?

Firstly, I think the worst part about ‘SAN’ is that you immediately land on a 25-minute hyped up sales video once you enter your email to get access to the system.

I also hate the fact that Misha plays the scarcity card: “There are 2 spots available in your local area” which is BS.

In addition, the guy kinda gets your hopes up with a “$10K per month” income figure which is printed as clear as day right above the video.
The Super Affiliate Network Income Hype
These are often scammy tactics that make me feel sick to the stomach – like I’ve bitten into a moldy meat pie! UGH.

But what exactly is ‘SAN’?

It’s designed as an affiliate coaching platform that provides you with step-by-step training, done-for-you services, and one-on-one coaching for an awesome lifestyle, according to the sales page.

The system compromises of 6 key components for building an online business:

  1. 1-1 Coaching
  2. Live Interactive Community
  3. Email Marketing Automation
  4. Live Training & More
  5. Done For You Traffic
  6. Global Sales System

Although these are invaluable products/services for creating a successful affiliate marketing empire, they are the very same products you’ll be promoting in order to build a profitable business.

If you’re familiar with the likes of Awol Academy, MOBE, Aspire Digital Altitude, and Empower Network – two are (and the other two were) also set up to work in the same way.

But more on that story in two shakes of a duck’s tail.


Who is ‘SAN’ Geared Towards?

If your aim is to learn how to become a Super Affiliate and eventually fire your boss, then Misha’s platform has been developed to help you do that.

Any aspiring digital Entrepreneur – whether beginner or seasoned marketer can take advantage of ‘SAN’.

Basically, if you wanna live the laptop lifestyle, all you’ll need is an internet connection, the ability to follow guidance, and the work ethic…

OH, and a laptop as well as spare cash to invest. 😛


What Training is Inside The System?

When you login to your members’ area, you’re greeted with a 17-minute video which is basically an introduction to the platform and the first few steps to take as a new member:

  1. Get in touch with your assigned coach
  2. Join the ‘Insiders Club’ Facebook group
  3. Commit to completing the ‘Profit Boosting Bootcamp’ in under 2 weeks

Super Affiliate Network Getting Started Steps
Plus there are daily calls/webinars that you can attend.

When it comes to getting started with Misha’s platform, he gives you 18 step-by-step video modules divided into 3 different phases to building a 6 and 7-figure web-based biz.

An example of the modules:
Super Affiliate Network Profit Boosting Bootcamp
Let’s pop the hood…

Phase #1: Laying The Foundation (6 Modules)

  • Strategy vs. Tactics
  • The 5 Pillars
  • The Millionaire Mind
  • The Most Lucrative Industry in The World
  • An Intro to The Ultimate Lifestyle System
  • How to License my 7-Figure Info Marketing Empire


#2: Launching Your Business (6 Mods)

  • Set up, Plug in & Take Off With Your ‘SAN’ Business
  • The 5 Laws of Scaling &  The 4 Stages of Growth
  • Followup Mastery
  • The Popcorn Effect
  • How to Drive The Car of Your Dreams 100% Free
  • How to Make 5X as Much With Zero Extra Work


#3: Scaling Your Cashflow (6 Mods)

  • 5 Steps to Targeted Traffic That Works
  • The Path to Seven Figures
  • The Keys to The Kingdom – Your Million Dollar Team
  • Motivation vs. Inspiration
  • Proper Goal Setting
  • Applying Limitless Leverage

However, in order to unlock each and every phase, you must book coaching calls with your coach. You get 3 mentoring sessions in total – 1 per phase.

Part of the email I received from my coach when I got started with ‘SAN’:
Super Affiliate Network Coaching Call Set up
Some newbies may see this as an upside because it’s that extra helping hand to prevent overwhelm.

But others may consider it as a downside – a manipulation tactic that leads members to forking out a fortune for additional tools, training, and services.

In my honest opinion, the training should come FIRST, with the coaching/help & support second (when required), so your mentor can help you with a specific area.


How Will You Make Top Dollar With ‘SAN’?

Making Money OnlineThe training products you buy inside ‘SAN’ teach you how to promote the exact same system/products for big affiliate commission checks (up to 100% commissions per sale).


So basically, the more you splash out on products and the more referrals you reel into the program who follow suit, the more dollars you make, thus making Misha richer!

In a nutshell, ‘SAN’ is a money-making “scheme”.

Don’t believe me? See what the FTC said about ‘Digital Altitude’ here.

Unfortunately, these types of systems never ever show you how to choose a niche and build a successful business around your hobby or passion.

But then again, who would do all the dirty work for the system creators and fill their deep pockets with mountains of cash, huh?


What Support Options Are Available?

On top of the private members’ Facebook group and your 3X 1-on-1 coaching sessions, there’s the option to skim through a FAQ page and contact the support team via an email address or their “Help” widget.

The great thing about support is that Misha promises his team will get back to you within a 24-hour window (Mon – Fri).

The second awesome thing is that ‘SAN’s’ FB community is a decent size and appears to growing rapidly as well as extremely active.
Super Affiliate Network Facebook Group
The only downside to support is that there’s no actual “in-house” community or even a “live chat” function for quickly connecting with other members, striking up conversations, and asking questions – which is a must.


Does Misha Wilson Lie About The “Shoestring” Budget?

Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to build a profitable online business “on a small budget” with ‘SAN’.

Misha is telling tales, I’m afraid.

Firstly, the core focus of the system is to help you build a profitable business as an email marketer (and of course, promote the system to your subscribers).

But to build an email list, you will need to pay for Solo Ads which can cost you $100s, especially when you’re first starting out and ads aren’t always guaranteed to get results either.

Secondly, the FULL costs of ‘SAN’ are extortionate!

The Price Tags Broken Down…

To start off at the basic level is only gonna cost $1 for a trial which is peanuts. If you choose to continue after the trial, it’s $47/month.

But once you choose to pay $1, Misha gets greedy and walks you through a sales funnel of extra offers (upsells):

Super Affiliate Monthly ($47 one-time) – A monthly newsletter allowing you to see over Misha’s shoulder to discover his highest performing campaigns, capture pages, and sales funnels, etc.

6-Figure Sales Funnel ($97 one-time)You can lease a 6-figure funnel for 12 months for making 100% commissions on Misha’s products.

12 Months Access to ‘SAN’ – You get the option of upgrading to the annual membership which also gives you access to a “top earners secrets vault” with 6 months of weekly training recordings:

  • Annual Basic Membership = $297
  • Silver = $397/yearly
  • Gold = $497/yearly

Obviously, the more you splash out on a plan, the more benefits you get in terms of more advanced Solo Ad and email marketing training.

If you’re unfamiliar with a sales funnel and wanna know how one works for making marketers like Misha profitable, then grab your free copy of ‘DotCom Secrets’ – a book written by Russell Brunson who explains/shows you the whole process.

The reason why I call Mr. Wilson “greedy” is because he’s basically stacked upsells on top of upsells lol.

Not only are products rammed down your throat when you’re buying into the basic membership, but there are other products to buy if you wanna become uber-successful with the ‘SAN’ “plug n’ play” system:

PRO Membership ($2,497 one-time) Gives you access to more in-depth marketing training, unique products, monthly immersion coaching + weekly pro coaching, and a private FB group.

Maui Intensive Mentoring ($12,497) – Misha flies you out to a special mastermind event in Maui (Hawaii) for 4 days.

But before slipping into that Hawaiian “Aloha” shirt, muumuu or even straw hula and getting ready to sip on Mai Tai cocktails, shouldn’t Misha be jetting you off to the tropical island for “free”, huh?
Hawaiian Pink Cocktail With a Purple Flower
After all, you are buying his products and promoting his system in order to put money in “his” pockets too!

The Maui Intensive should be a “reward”, not an expense.  😉

But after discovering the true costs of ‘SAN’, so much for building an online business on a “shoestring” budget, hey?

Misha needs to get his story straight lol.

How does ‘SAN’ stack up against my #1 recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate)? – WA gives you access to step-by-step training, WordPress websites, tools & 24/7 support for turning your hobby/passion into a profitable affiliate marketing biz. When you get your free WA starter account below, you’ll also get my personal help. 😀




  • It’s only $1 to start
  • The basic monthly/annual membership cost is reasonable
  • learn from high-quality training modules
  • Some great support options are available (+ 1-to-1 coaching)
  • Earn up to 100% affiliate commissions
  • Money back guarantees are in place


  • Access to ‘SAN’ starts off with a hyped up sales video
  • Additional upsells are offered during and after purchase
  • Bootcamp phases are locked until you jump on coaching calls
  • The system is designed for you to promote it for $ – (there’s no option to choose your own niche)
  • Solo Ads are expensive + the system on a whole can potentially cost you $1,000s – which means Misha is telling porky pies


Final Conclusion: Is Super Affiliate Network a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownI think it’s fair to say that The ‘SAN’ offers some great training, provides a great level of support, and delivers a TON of value, in general.

So it’s definitely LEGIT, but it’s still a platform that I don’t recommend to a newbie especially.

The basic membership will give you what you need for getting started and building a business, but to really succeed at the highest level with ‘SAN, it’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg in upsells.

I’ve never been a fan of this “high-ticket” stuff because I know there are much cheaper alternatives for building a profitable affiliate marketing biz.

Speaking of which…

==> Start an Online Business For $0 Here!

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘SAN’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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