(Reviewed) The Steal My System SCAM Steals Your Money!

Howdy, welcome to my review of Steal My System!

According to the sales pitch, you’re about to discover a “FREE $3,000 daily secret” that even fills your pockets while you get some shut eye.

I dunno about you, but I smell something fishy going on.

If you wanna know why this online money-maker is nothing but a scam to steer well clear of, continue reading this honest and unbiased review…

Steal My System Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Steal My System (SMS).

Website: stealmysystem.com.

Cost: $9.95 – $10,000s.

Owner: Steve?

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: Unfortunately, the Steal My System is nothing but another get-rich-quick scheme-like product that’s designed to play all newbies for fools.

Originally, it was designed as a doorway into My Online Business Empire – an extortionate scheme that got shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.

But today, SMS is more likely to sell you some trashy and outdated PDF…

And/or Done-For-You websites that are costly to set up and won’t make you a dime without any decent training.

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What is Steal My System?

The Steal My System sales page makes wild claims that you will easily generate $3,000 per day using its “special secret”, even while you sleep… AND for FREE!

But then they charge you $9.95 for it!? LOL.

So I guess you’ll be stinking rich from investing very little and without even lifting a finger, huh?

Sounds like a dream plan to me! 😉

But in all honesty, it’s just a dubious scam that’s no different from others I’ve found lurking on the web like:

Copy My Cashflow, Copy My Commissions, Copy My Websites, and also Profit With Our Sites, to name a few.

And I’m also prepared to bet a chunk of change that the same con artists are behind every one of these “copycat” hoax systems that use a different stage name each time:

Steve, Jake, and Josh are just a few of the fake owners.

The only reason why this system has been cloned so many times is so the scammers can trick as many new “home-based business” opportunity seekers as possible into paying $9.95.

Yeah, it may only be 10 bucks for each person to get started.

But do the sums when 100’s or maybe 1,000’s of newbies fall into the trap every week.

Unfortunately, nobody is gonna be making a single cent from this crap except for malicious people who are responsible for creating it.


How Does Steal My System Work?

Unfortunately, it’s a deceptive system that doesn’t actually work.

But the way the scumbags get you to join by is filling your head with hyped up money talk, and lots of it.

In addition to that, there are fake testimonials from members who are apparently making $1,000’s each month from using “the system”.

The truth is, they are paid actors/actresses whose video services can very easily be bought cheaply on sites like Fiverr.

So what happens when you do join ‘SMS’?

Firstly, you pay nearly ten bucks to get started online and then after 5 days, your credit card is billed $30 each month for a non-existent opportunity.

The reason for the monthly billing cycle is so the scammers hope you forget all about the fee, so you continually line their pockets for months on end.

And since the scammers will also have your email address after signing up…

It gives them the green light for either flooding your inbox with more useless crap or they’ll sell your info for making more money.


Extra Red Flags to be Cautious of With Steal My System

What you also generally find with a system like ‘SMS’…

Once the web is filled up with negative reviews (like this one) and complaints from people who have been duped, the scammers simply shut down the domain and rebrand the hoax.

Plus it’s also an opportunity for them to scam even more unsuspecting folks.

The people behind ‘SMS’ have even put together a trashy one-page sales pitch blog at ‘stealmysystems.net’. UGH!
Steal My System Scammy Blog
Unfortunately, it’s another shady tactic that these unethical people are using to trick your brain.

However, what’s extremely laughable is the fact when you click on any link on the turd-like blog post…

It leads you to a totally different deceptive opportunity at “21stepmillionairecoach.com”.

The cost of this one claims to be only $49!
The 21 Step Millionaire Coach Scam
But after seeing the income disclaimer on the sales page of “21 Step Millionaire Coach”, it’s actually a gateway leading to “MOBE”.

Which is a high-ticket MLM program owned by Matt Lloyd who charges $10,000s for his products.
MOBE Income Disclaimer
So obviously, whoever the moron is behind ‘SMS’ is also affiliated with Matt Lloyd’s overpriced system, that’s something I would never recommend to newbies.

UPDATE: MOBE was officially closed by the Federal Trade Commission for being a costly coaching scheme.

So whatever ‘SMS’ leads you to now is likely to be some vague and outdated PDF that possibly comes with pre-done website templates that will cost you even more money to use…

Because of either webhosting costs or $97/monthly costs for sales funnel software like ClickFunnels.

And/or you’ll receive free access to John Crestani’s webinar that then leads you to his Super Affiliate System that costs almost $1,000!




  • It’s a great example of the type of dog dirt not to buy into


  • It deceives you into thinking you can make TONS of money fast from being lazy
  • There are a number of fake member testimonials
  • Steve (the owner) is just a made up character
  • You won’t make a single dime with the fake opportunity
  • It also has links to MOBE through its crappy blog
  • Don’t expect to get a refund from the creator


Final Conclusion on The Steal My System Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownKeep your billfold or purse closed because the only thing Steal My System is good for is stealing your money.

Simply put, the system is a dud that’s not gonna make you a single penny on the web at the end of the day.

Because you’re likely to get access to some lame PDF and/or some sort of pre-done websites that you’ll struggle to drive quality traffic and customers to.

The only folks who are rolling in the dollars with this scam are the ones who built it.

It’s always the same story with these “pipe dream” money-making products, I’m afraid…

They are intended to work AGAINST you instead of FOR you.

So what now?

If you’re sick and tired of stumbling upon scams just like ‘SMS’ and you’re looking for a real legitimate way of learning how to make money online (step-by-step)…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘SMS’ that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your feedback below…



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