(Reviewed) Ultimate Home Profits – Ultimate SCAM?

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Will you really make stacks of cash from this program or is it just an ultimate scam that you really must avoid at all costs?

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Is Ultimate Home Profits an Ultimate Scam Reviewed
Quick Overview

Name: Ultimate Home Profits.

Website: ultimate-home-profits.com.

Cost: $97 + $166.97 in upsells.

Owner: Emily Hudson or Michelle Robinson or Cami White – (all fabricated names).

My Score: 1/10.

Verdict: This program has imaginary owners, makes false income claims, provides basic training that’s not up to scratch and definitely not fit for any newbie.

Some members have complained about the lack of value as well as not being able to contact support for refunds.

Are these signs of a fishy SCAM to you?

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What is Ultimate Home Profits?

The ‘UHP’ system is yet another “get-rich-quick” sham that you’ll run into on the web.

There’s no value in the program at all, in my opinion!

The chances are you have already come across the deceptive website on numerous occasions via various names. For example:

These are a handful of the shady programs I’ve found so far, but I bet there are bound to be a lot more of these crooked sites, ready to lure you in.

There are some training resources available once you’ve parted with $97 for the ‘UHP’ membership.

But they’re not exactly what you would call “up to par”, and I will be explaining why in a few seconds.


Why The Training Sucks Rotten Eggs

The training covers various methods of internet marketing – from generating website visitors to Drop Shipping.

You also get 3 lessons to get you off to a quick start.
Ultimate Home Profits Training Area
But if you’re expecting ‘UHP’ to be your “golden ticket” to wealth, then you’re gonna be disappointed.

The main training sections covered:

Web Traffic – It’s a course consisting of 12 videos on email subscriber list building using the Aweber Autoresponder, and using different ways to drive visitors to your website.

Unfortunately, the main problem is that it’s not step-by-step – just videos giving you a bunch of overviews on the strategies.

There’s nothing concrete.

Affiliate – Learn about the concept of affiliate marketing, creating Clickbank affiliate links, conducting keyword research for the promotion of products, and adding an opt-in form to your free website for collecting subscribers.

It’s just a load of very basic information – hardly any meat on the bone.

Ebay Books – There are 3 PDF manuals on various topics of making money through eBay. Plenty of information, but again, no real training.

Drop Shipping Ebooks – If you don’t wanna become an affiliate marketer or an eBayer, there are 2 PDFs on drop shipping for you to read.

Lots of info, but no videos teaching you about the aspect.

The Master List – There’s a list of the top 10 selling “making money” digital products found on Clickbank.

Unfortunately, Clickbank hasn’t a good reputation when it comes to selling products in the “make money online” niche.

This is from personal experience of requesting a refund on nearly every “MMO” CB product I’ve bought.

In addition, ‘The Master List’ also highlights a bunch of affiliate markets that you can profit from online.

But it’s just a simple list of niches and there’s also no training on how to choose one and become profitable.

Pretty much everything you find in the videos/PDFs can be found on YouTube as well as blogs posts at no cost.

So why bother paying $97 for basic stuff, that’s not even gonna show you (step-by-step) how to get started online, huh?


What Are The Joining Fees?

To gain access to the training resources at ‘UHP’ is gonna cost you nearly 100 dollars.

Upsell #1: VIP Membership – $147.

Upsell #2: Coaching Call – $19.97.

However, what you receive for your additional upsell costs is also vague.

But what really concerns me the most is the lack of email/phone support because some members have complained about not being able to reach support for refunds.

So I would think twice before investing in the program.




  • There’s video & PDF training available


  • There’s additional upselling
  • The training is terribly vague
  • Some members are unable to contact support for refunds
  • Hyped up unrealistic money making claims (as with all scams)
  • You will get ripped off
  • Newbies won’t find any value


Final Word on The Ultimate Home Profits Scam…

After everything I’ve outlined within my review, it’s an undeniable fact that ‘UHP’ is a scam.

Let’s recap to understand why UTP is just another lousy sham:

For starters, how can you trust a program that not only uses different identities/domain names but also invents people who apparently are the REAL owners?

Secondly, the training is crap because it doesn’t show you the exact steps required for starting a business on the web from scratch and scaling it – building a skyscraper.

If you’re a newbie, then looking over the shoulder of a successful online biz owner is essential if you want to generate an awesome monthly income.

But ‘UHP’ doesn’t offer you that!

Thirdly, with unsatisfied members of the system who are struggling to contact support for refunds, do you honestly believe that this program will provide you with any “value” that’s gonna contribute to your online success?

In my opinion, don’t lower your standards when it comes to ‘UHP’ because you can do a heck of a lot better.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to learn how to turn your passion, hobby or interest into a profitable affiliate marketing business…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or personal experiences with the ‘UHP’ scam, we’d love to hear your comments below…



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