WAH Paycheck Review: (What Paycheck!? LOL)

A huge welcome to my review of WAH Paycheck!

The person responsible for the opportunity reckons you can rake in mega cash on a daily basis online using their simple program.

Ya, right!

Trust me, I’ve been in the affiliate marketing game long enough to know that $1K days are not quick or easy.

Get stuck into this unbiased review to understand why this program really doesn’t live up to its promises…

WAH Paycheck Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: WAH Paycheck (aka Work At Home Paycheck).

Website: wahpaycheck.com.

Cost: $97 one-time.

Owner: Jessica Marshall.

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: Scam (Avoid it Like The Plague).


WAH Paycheck is advertised as a quick and easy-as-pie way of making $1,000 per day from something called “link posting”.

But let me asssure you, posting links on the internet isn’t just a spammy method, but also one that no longer works in today’s affiliate marketing world.

You have to find the right resources, follow a proven strategy, and work your socks off for a lengthy period of time for big success.

Furthermore, the whole ‘WP’ raises a bunch of other red flags (which I highlight in this review).

So you should be highly skeptical of this opportunity  from the get-go.

But before you dive into this FULL review…

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What is WAH Paycheck All About?

Apparently, WAH Paycheck (WP) is a proven and easy money-making “secret” system…

Where you simply rinse and repeat for ridiculous daily commission payments paid into your bank.

In a nutshell: It’s a spammy link posting opportunity. It doesn’t work.

When I first landed on the tacky sales page, alarm bells immediately rang in my head.

Because you could say I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to online scams and this money-making thing in particular.

Trust me, I’ve lost money on multiple occasions, so I certainly know a Mickey Mouse biz opp when I see one.

This is great news for you, since this review will help to educate you on the types of programs to be avoided at all costs in the future.


The Main Red Flag Warning Signs With WAH Paycheck

The ‘WP’ system raises a number of scam warnings that you should bear in mind before deciding to part with a single penny.

For example:

  • It creates fake urgency – “All positions are filling up & are limited. Only 3 spots available – Act now” + a countdown timer is also used.
  • Huge money claims – “Earn up to $1K per day from home” + income proof screenshots + an income guarantee
  • Big news channel names advertised – “NBC, FOX NEWS, CNN, USA TODAY, abc”.
  • Boasting about how “simple & easy” it is for ANYONE to make a fortune on the web.

You can always bet your bottom dollar that these are sleazy tactics used to persuade you to enter your email address on the landing page.

After you enter your email, there’s an even bigger slice of hyped up BS…

In the form of a cheesy video that’s intended to force you into handing over your credit card details for a membership fee that you will kiss goodbye to.

Apparently, as a newbie, you will make $1,000s – $10,000s on a daily basis (see the creator’s income figures below LOL):
Fake Earnings
Once you get past the first video of Jessica Marshall showing you her 5 figure daily affiliate earnings…

You get to watch a 2nd video, where she basically blows her trumpet even harder…

She makes the bold claim of being…

“Recognized as one of the leading work at home consultants in America and makes $MILLIONS on the internet every year.”

Yeah right, and I’m Donald Trump!


But The Best Bit is Still to Come…

She doesn’t even have to work for her HUGE commissions

Golly Gosh, where do I sign?!

To top it off, she feeds you her sob story before she became rich, blahdy blah! 

It’s the kinda story that resonates with you, so you’re more likely to say “YES” to joining her opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, there are REAL rags to internet riches stories out there.

You’ll find that the real ones usually have legitimate proof to back them up.

But it’s just when people like the falsifiers behind ‘WP’ use lots of hype and have ZERO evidence to back up their claims…

That’s when alarm bells should ring.


Watch Out For The False Guarantees From ‘WP’ Too…

Jessica also gives you 3 guarantees, one of which promises you “WILL” make money online.
WAH Paycheck Fake Income Guarantees
 I think anyone or any program making this bold statement is leading you astray, I’m afraid.

Earnings are never guaranteed when it comes to learning and applying Internet Marketing strategies.

Because there are certain variables involved.

It’s like the lotto promising you will win the jackpot if you simply buy a ticket. It doesn’t work that way.

But you can potentially earn a living online if you follow the correct training, use the right tools, receive the necessary support, and invest the donkey work


PROS vs CONS of WAH Paycheck


  • It’s a great example of the type of garbage to steer clear of


  • It uses an outdated spammy strategy that doesn’t work
  • Fake & unrealistic income guarantees
  • Raises numerous other red flag warnings
  • “Jessica” is used as a stage name
  • You will lose money & won’t make a cent


Final Thoughts on The WAH Paycheck Scam…

To put it bluntly, anyone who invests $97 in WAH Paycheck will definitely lose their money.

Because the money-making strategy is spammy and outdated one that revolves around just posting affiliate links across the internet.

Today, you have to provide your audience with “VALUE” (which comes in many forms) if you want success as an affiliate marketer.

Believe me, after being bitten by many online scams over the last 17 years or so…

I’ve now gained enough experience to be able to know what works and what doesn’t – telling the legit and fishy money-making products apart.

As for the Jessica Marshall character, she comes across as another Mary Stevens

A completely fabricated lady with a false story and phony income claims – just to lure you into her trap.

The bottom line… Mrs. Marshall is out to take you for a fool.

So I advise that you refuse to be sucked in by her shady opportunity, otherwise, it’s nearly 100 bucks poured down the drain.

Because there will be no refunds either, I assure you of that.


Sick of Scams, But Looking For a Legit Money-Making Solution?…

Sadly, the online money-making world has a bad reputation because of slezeaballs behind crap like WAH Paycheck.

The only realy way to earn a full-time living is by having the right mindest, mentor, resources, and strong work ethic.

You simply can’t make $1,000 per day (starting TODAY) from some “get-rich-quick” product because it’s a myth.

Well, you can try anyway. 😛

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Basically, the works for turning your passion into a lucrative affiliate marketing Biz – get started with Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or feedback you wish to leave on ‘WP’, please post your comments below because we’d LOVE to hear your thoughts…



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