Web Copy Cat Review – (Easy Money Maker or BS?)

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Is Devon Brown’s product really an easy way for a beginner to rake in the big bucks?

Or is the guy just full of hot air, huh?

Get stuck into THIS review fo find out the answer and also how the whole thing works…

Web Copy Cat Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Web Copy Cat (WCC).

Website: webcopycat.com.

Cost: $1 for a 10-day test drive.

Then it’s $34.95/month or $397 for lifetime + $29.97 for system setup + $297  for coaching upsell + $97 – $1,800 for traffic packages.

Owner: Devon Brown.

My Score: 5/10.

Verdict: Legit.


In a nutshell; Web Copy Cat is a ‘Done-For-You’ affiliate marketing system that comes with training to make life easier for newbies when it comes to making money.

In my opinion, it’s a good way to start out as an affiliate marketer if you don’t have the internet marketing skills.

Or if you’re currently finding it difficult to learn and implement certain skills because ‘WCC’ removes all the obstacles.

However, the system can be quite costly when you’re starting your new journey.

Especially if you’re gonna be chucking money into paid traffic strategies like solo and PPC ads.

In addition to that, the system revolves around the ‘online money making’ niche, which you must be passionate about before buying the system.

So it’s not suitable for everyone, I’m afraid.

But before taking another step further…

See My #1 Recommended Solution For Making Money – A platform that shows you how to turn your hobby or passion into a successful online Biz as an affiliate marketer.


What is Web Copy Cat All About?

According to Devon Brown, his Web Copy Cat system gives you 100% “Done-For-You” internet money machines.

Ones, that make the program “the #1 easiest way for beginners to make money online“.

But that’s just the biased opinion of one guy – the creator.

There are many of these systems out there that all claim the same thing.

For example; Commission Hero and another of Devon’s products called 12 Minute Affiliate.

But in my experience, there are no “easy” ways of turning the web into a cash cow – no matter what marketing strategies you use.

However, despite Devon’s bold claims and the hype on the ‘WCC’ sales page, the system is actually legitimate.


Brown’s system is a 3-step money-making process:

Step #1 You sign up for an Aweber autoresponder account and get your login information.

Step #2 You submit your Aweber login and password details to Devon’s team.

Who then set up your email system and integrate it with your pre-built ‘WCC’ landing pages.

Or you can attempt to set it up yourself if you’re feeling brave enough.

Step #3 Buy some done-for-you traffic to your email opt-in landing pages for building a list and generating affiliate commissions.

In a nutshell: Devon’s system allows you to earn an income from promoting his ‘WCC’ program itself.

As well as high-ticket JVZoo marketplace products to your list.

It sounds like a great concept, but your online biz is gonna be built around the Make Money Online (MMO) niche.

Instead of having the choice of picking your own niche to work with.

So there’s no flexibility with the system, sadly.


Who is Web Copy Cat Intended For?

If you’re brand new to internet and affiliate marketing and don’t have the know-how on making money…

Then Devon’s system could be right up your street.

Well, providing that you also have the funds to throw into it, and email marketing is a strategy you’d like to start with.

However, my only issue with these “business in a box” type of systems is that they’re geared towards beginners who aren’t willing to learn internet marketing.

Because they simply want an easy way to make money.

In my opinion, if you want a successful online business that you can be proud of…

Learn the skills you need and work your socks off at building one from the ground up.


What Training is Available Inside Web Copy Cat?

Devon has created a bunch of videos that walk you through how the system works.

Web Copy Cat Training Videos

‘Getting Started’ Video Training Example.

You will learn the basic concept of how sales marketing funnels work.

And also how you’re gonna be generating affiliate revenue using the ‘WCC’ program.

You can access the following videos:

  1. Short Introduction & Overview (24.35 minutes in length)
  2. Get Your Aweber Autoresponder Account (5.09 mins)
  3. Having Everything Setup For You (4 mins)
  4. Setting up Your Own System (58 seconds) – This step is entirely optional
  5. Get Traffic to Your New Profit Funnels (6.19 mins)
  6. How to Get 2 Free Years of ‘WCC’ (1 min & 57 secs)
  7. Get 1-on-1 Coaching (4.38 mins)
  8. High Ticket Commissions of $100 – $500+ Per Sale (6 mins)

When it comes to the 1-on-1 coaching (video #7)…

It’s a 3-hour (upsell) session showing you how to take full control of your internet based biz if you want to take it to the next level.

In addition to these videos, you have access to the ‘Education Center – Renegade Inner Circle’ training video tutorials:

  • How ‘WCC’ Makes Internet Marketing Easy
  • How to Email Your List Like A Pro
  • The True Value of ‘WCC’ & a Simple Facebook Traffic Strategy
  • Aweber 101 – How to Use Your Autoresponder
  • Questions, Answers & Internet Marketing Advice
  • Traffic & Tracking – How to Get Your Own Traffic & See if It’s Working
  • How to Make Monthly Recurring Income & up to $500/Sale
  • Daily Plan of Action For Maximum Success
  • A Full Overview of The System

Finally, there’s a free 19-part PDF called “16 Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website“…

For boosting your income further with the squeeze pages.


Are There Any Tools/Features Inside Web Copy Cat?

There’s not much to play around with inside your members’ area, since your business is taken care of by Brown’s system.

But you can:

  • Create/setup your own autoresponder if you choose
  • Manage your affiliate programs
  • View your ‘WCC’ commissions & referrals
  • Use tracking & advanced tracking features

These resources are invaluable.

Because they allow you to keep your online biz organized as well as see what’s working vs what’s not, so you can tweak email campaigns.


Any Web Copy Cat Help & Support Available?

When it comes to help, you can open up a new ticket inside the support center or visit a FAQ page.

Devon also gives you access to a private members’ Facebook group as well.


What’s The Cost of Web Copy Cat?

To try the system out for 10 days is just $1.

Then you either pay $34.95 per month or a lifetime membership cost of $397.

On top of that, it will cost you another $29.97 one-time to have Brown’s team set up all of your sales funnels.

Done For You Traffic package costs:

  1. $97 for 90 – 105 targeted visitors
  2. $187 for 170 -190 visitors
  3. $375 for 340 – 380 visitors
  4. $564 for 510 – 570 visitors
  5. $897 for 850 – 950 visitors
  6. $1,800 for 1,700 – 2,000 visitors

The 1-on-1 Coaching upsell is a $297 one-time fee.

Plus, not forgetting a small monthly fee for setting up an autoresponder with Aweber.




  • It’s cheap to try out for a 10-day period
  • Lifetime access is less than $400
  • It’s a done-for-you business in a box
  • Step-by-step video training
  • get some additional video/PDF training
  • Your email subscribers belong to you
  • Help & support is available
  • It’s suitable for newbies
  • The potential to make money


  • The sales page is hyped up
  • Your niche is pre-determined
  • There are numerous additional costs
  • The upsell coaching is only 3 hours long
  • There are no refunds on traffic packages
  • The sales funnels don’t belong to you
  • Traffic can take up to 14 days to be delivered
  • Solo ads are expensive and there are no guarantees that they convert traffic into subscribers/income
  • You only get access to 1 Profit Funnel with your trial – You must be a paid member to access all the available funnels


Final Conclusion: Is Web Copy Cat Worth it?…

When it comes to Web Copy Cat, it’s a perfectly LEGIT system.

One, that I think can help a newbie to earn a bunch of affiliate commissions.

I also like the fact that Mr. Brown’s system gives you the chance to take your online biz by the horns via private coaching.

Plus, there’s an advanced traffic PDF guide, and additional training videos.

So I do give the program a big thumb’s up in that respect.

However, I think Devon’s system can cost you a chunk of change when first starting out.

And I really don’t like the fact that you can’t choose your own niche either.

You’ll be stuck in the ‘MMO’ niche.

As for ‘WCC’ being the “#1 easiest money-making system” for beginners…

I would have to disagree because it takes time, learning and effort to build any busines.

Even if his system does take care of most of the hurdles.

Although the system is legit and is something I would probably recommend to a noob, I still have mixed feelings about it.

Oh man, I hate these programs that leave you sitting on the fence! LOL.


Want a Better Online Earning Alternative?…

I really do think that Web Copy Cat has some good money-making potetnial.

But unfortunately, there are some steep costs involved for getting started as an affiliate with Devon’s system.

This is one of the VERY good reasons why I recommend that you start and grow a successful blog around your passion instead.

But where or how do you start, huh?

That’s simple, it’s called Wealthy Affiliate (start free here).

Where you won’t just get your hands on a free WordPress blog, but also the essential services, step-by-step training & 24/7 community support…

Basically, the works for creating a lucrative affiliate marketing Biz from ground zero.
Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘WCC’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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