(Reviewed) Why Home Cash Code is NOT Legit!

Welcome to my review of the filthy rotten Home Cash Code System – where I’m about to show you just why it’s something that I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole!

My Review Shows Why Home Cash Code is Not Legit
Quick Overview

Name: Home Cash Code (HCC).

Website: secureincomesource.com.

Cost: $97.

Owner: Sara Taylor (used as a stage name).

My Score: 0/10.

My Verdict: A pesky scam, you should avoid!

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What is Home Cash Code About?

The ‘HCC’ program is another one of those online link posting scams that claims you can be “making real money working from the comfort of your own home within 5 minutes“, blahdy blah.

Unfortunately, any opportunity that gives you the impression that you can make a fortune from easily posting links, is talking absolute gibberish because it’s a crooked business model that simply doesn’t work in this day and age.

Posting spam links during the late 90s and early 2000 seemed like an acceptable process because a lot of Affiliate Marketers and MLMers were doing it.

But in today’s world of digital marketing, strategies have evolved, and you’re more than likely gonna get banned for posting spam, not to mention a bad reputation as a “spammer” on top of that.

There are many more of these link posting scams floating around cyberspace, with the Facebook Cash Code and WAH Paycheck being examples of 2 others I can think of.


Who Does ‘HCC’ Target?

The scam is intended for anyone who wants to EASILY make a TON of money online from posting affiliate links in various places across the web.

In a nutshell, it’s a “get-rich-quick” scheme targeting and ripping off vulnerable newbies like you.

My advice is to keep the so-called opportunity at arm’s length.


The Red Flag Warnings With ‘HCC’

There are a few red flag warning danger signs when it comes to ‘HCC’, so please do bear these in mind if ever you come across other “too good to be true” opportunities in future.

#1 – Duplicate Scams

It seems to me that Sara Taylor isn’t robbing enough people of their hard-earned cash, so she’s set up multiple “same style” programs, but with various names.

‘HCC’ is a replica of:

Home Jobs Today, Ultimate Home Profits, Home Job Source, Paydays at Home, Replace Your Job, and Internet Careers Online, to name a handful.

I’m betting that she has hundreds more of these scams floating around cyberspace AND especially still up her sleeve.

I think the main reason why these scam artists create so many duplicates, is because once one program receives a bad reputation on the internet and has run its course, it’s reborn as something entirely different, so more noobs are ripped off.

#2 – Different “Fake” Identities

The owner of ‘HCC’ (Sara Taylor) is also known as “Raena Lynn” from Automated Daily Income, as well as “Karen Evans” from Total Income Answer. I’m sure there are many other names.

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself:

Sara Taylor From Home Cash Code is Fake

Meet Sara Taylor.

Raena Lynn Form Automated Daily Income is Fake

Meet Raena Lynn.

Karen Evans Form Total Income Answer is Fake

Meet Karen Evans.

Gosh, she sure gets around a bit! LOL.

The truth be told, the image is from a stock photo website and you have no idea who the REAL scammers are because they hide behind numerous fake characters and fabricated stories.

But are the fraudsters really as good as Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible at pulling it off or will their TRUE identities, eventually be compromised? My money’s on the second option.

#3 – Major News Outlets

Time and time again with these types of scams, they will boast about being seen on major news TV channels, like Fox News, NBC, CBS, USA Today, abc, and CNN.
Fake News Endorsements
What a load of garbage!

If, you were to approach any of these big news outlets about the promotion of ‘HCC’ – the bosses would laugh in your face before booting your ass out the buildings. 😛

Unfortunately, promoting major news company names on the ‘HCC’ website is another dirty trick to lure you into the system, so that you hand over a hundred bucks without any questions asked.




  • A great example of the type of trash to steer clear of


  • The $97 you invest will be poured down the drain
  • It’s an outdated strategy that doesn’t work
  • It also goes by the names of other dishonest schemes
  • The owner is fake


Final Opinion on The Home Cash Code Scam…

It’s not the first time I’ve come across a link posting scam opportunity and I’m sure it’s not gonna be the last either, since there are probably thousands more of the “Mickey Mouse” operations.

But one thing’s for sure… The thieving tricksters hiding behind the ‘HCC’ will never lay a finger on one single penny of mine, and you should make the same oath too!

Link posting is an outdated technique that you’ll never make money online from. In addition, any places where you do post links to will eventually ban you, and people will label you as a spammer.

I wouldn’t trust the ‘HCC’ system if my life depended on it!

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or experiences with ‘HCC’, please drop your comments below because we’d love to hear from you…



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