(Reviewed) Why Home Profit System is a BS SCAM!

Welcome to my Home Profit System review!

If you’re wondering why it’s nothing but a bullsh*t scam that’s never gonna make you money on the web, get stuck into this honest and unbiased article…

Why Home Profit System is Nothing But a Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Home Profit System.

Website: homeprofitsystem.org.

Cost: $97.

Owner: Kelly Richards (she’s a fake).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: It’s another deceptive opportunity filling your head with garbage on making TONS of money online quickly. The “scammers” are the only ones rolling in the dough.

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What’s Home Profit System All About?

The ‘HPS’ is another one of those hyped up “make real money and change your life in 5 minutes” type of bullsh*t programs with a fake owner (Kelly Richards) behind it.

Other false names may include Kelly Nelson, Mary Steadman, and Mary Stevens, to name a few home working mom personas for making personal connections with other moms wanting to earn an income.

It claims to be a proven income generating system that helps you to secure financial success.

Apparently, you can have all your life wishes come true if you just punch in your credit card info and follow the system….
Home Profit System Sells The Dream Lifestyle
I’m afraid it’s quite the opposite because it’s a scam that provides you with no value whatsoever. UGH!

The sales page sweet talks you into joining, and then BOOM, you’re out-of-pocket in the blink of an eye!!

Read BBB complaints made against Home Profit System here.

Unfortunately, the scam has been replicated many times over using different names and logos for tricking vulnerable and unsuspicious newbies just like you.

The Automated Daily Income, Secure Job Position, Home Wealth Remedy, and Extreme Home Paycheck systems are just a few more examples of the crap you will find on the web.

Just how big the network is, nobody really knows for certain. But seeing some other scams I’ve reviewed, there’s a LOT out there to give a wide birth to.

When the whole thing comes crashing down on top of the scammers’ heads and hitting em’ right in the balls, you’re not gonna hear me complaining. 😉


How Does The Home Profit System Work Exactly?

The system attempts to wrap you around its little finger with false claims – “you have unlimited earning potential, the ability to change your situation and allow your dreams to become a reality“, blahdy blah.

There’s no mention of the products or services to buy and/or sell for making money online, which is evidently a red flag in my opinion.

Deception is the name of the game when it comes to the ‘HPS’ program.

When a so-called money making system fails to be transparent, it’s usually to trick you into spending money on popping the hood to see what’s inside.

Unfortunately, not a lot or nothing at all is always gonna be the case.

In order to buy the ‘HPS’ system, you must first enter your name, email, and phone number.

But it’s just a sleazy technique for the fraudsters to bombard you with more of the same scammy trash and/or sell your personal info to third parties.


The Question is, Can You Make Money?

You may be surprised to know that the ‘HPS’ does sell you an ebook (but for a massive cost of $97). So there is an actual product to buy, even if it’s not a tangible one.

The system claims that the ebook exposes “the secret to making money online”.

BUT the product is pretty much worthless, to say the least, because it teaches you to use an outdated spammy “link posting” method.

The days of link posting have long gone, which means you will have ZERO success with the system.




  • It’s a great example of the type of system NOT to buy


  • False claims of easily making a life-changing amount of money
  • Deceptive marketing tactics are deployed
  • A number of complaints have been made against the program
  • Not to be trusted with your personal details
  • It’s worthless – Don’t waste your $97


Final Conclusion on The Home Profit System Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownYou wanna make money on the internet. I get it.

But just don’t waste your time and money on a “get-rich-quick” system like ‘HPS’ because it’s extremely deceiving.

For the con artists who created the program, they’re certainly having a field day with the amount of money they’re stealing from unsuspecting newbies like you.

The bottom line… ‘HPS’ is a no-go area because it won’t allow you to earn an income. Keep your $97 safely tucked away.

So where do you go from here?

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