Home Wealth Remedy Review (Why It’s a SCAM!)

Howdy, welcome to my review of Home Wealth Remedy!

Apparently, you can make a guaranteed income of $500 per day online if you can just spare 1 hour of your time.

Yeah, right! LOL.

If you wanna know why this so-called online money making opportunity is nothing but a slimy scam, then dive right into this honest and unbiased review post…

Home Wealth Remedy Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Home Wealth Remedy.

Website: homewealthremedy.com.

Cost: $97.95.

Owner: A.B. Anderson aka Bree Johnson. (Both are imaginary characters).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: Unfortunately, the Home Wealth Remedy is a fraudulent link posting opportunity that no longer works anyway.

Because inside the actual product there’s no training of any value for making money in this day and age of affiliate marketing.

Link posting is old news, it’s how I got started with the concept in 1999… It rarely worked then, and it’s even more ineffective today.

That’s because successfully earning an income on the internet requires you to deliver value to your audience that addresses their problems…

And that takes plenty of hard work and time to do. 

By all means, you can try sharing raw affiliate links on the internet, but don’t expect to get very far.

So all the ‘get-rich-quick‘ talk on the HWR sales pitch makes it a scam you should avoid at any cost, otherwise you can say bye to your cash.

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What is Home Wealth Remedy All About?

Home Wealth Remedy (HWR) is a fraudulent home job opportunity that poses as a legitimate way to make money on the internet.

Apparently, there are 3 easy steps to follow for the money to start rolling in quickly:

  1. Login to your account and watch step-by-step videos
  2. Place links to quality products
  3. Deposit your money

On its long-winded deceptive sales page, A.B. Anderson claims you will easily make up to $500 per day from posting links on the web and supposedly “live the life you’ve always wanted”…

Buying a Ferrari, luxury yacht, and a private jet, blahdy blah.
Lies About Living a Dream Life
If only any of his BS were true!

Prior to finding the main ‘HWR’ website in Google, I stumbled upon 2 bogus blogs (homewealthremedy.net and homewealthremedy.org).

Which are possibly belonging to the forgers or perhaps even affiliates of the sham.

Unfortunately, these online circus acts go to any lengths to rip you off these days.

So don’t be deceived by any of their sites or hyped up “biased” blog reviews.

It may or may not surprise you, but there are duplicates of the ‘HWR’ program, either in the form of so-called link posting opportunities or various other web-based money making methods.

(Total Income Answer, Cash From Home, and Ultimate Home Profits are a few scammy examples).

They might have non-identical names/logos…

But all the scams (including HWR) also promote the same big TV news channel brands.

This is to give it some credibility to earn your trust as a newbie.

So be cautious because it’s one of the numerous red flags (that I’m shortly gonna discuss) raised by the sales pitch.

Unfortunately, cyber scammers go to any lengths to pull the wool over your eyes these days, so ALWAYS be guarded.


Who is Gonna Get Sucked in by Home Wealth Remedy?

Unluckily, the poor suckers being seduced by this scam are mostly the newbie opportunity seekers looking to the internet for easy and big money making strategies.

In high hopes of turning their lives around like an arrow from a bow. 

If you’re an avid user of Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and currently searching for “legit” home working opportunities.

Then the chances are you will still come across a number of fake “fast wealth” programs.

Whether in the form of sponsored ads or Bio links.

So as a former scam victim, I do recommend that you do your due diligence if you wanna avoid the foul swamp-like creatures that lurk beneath the surface of the world wide web.

Let’s see a couple more red flags with ‘HWR’…


Oh NO, There Are Only 3 Spots Left!

It seems to be a common tactic among scams to use the good old “only X-number of positions still available” and “hurry, last chance” lines.
Home Wealth Remedy Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
Panic Stations… hit that giant red button… sound the alarm… panic, panic, panic!!! LOL.

It’s an “urgency buying” strategy designed to create a strong desire and make any naïve noob’s heart thump like a lovesick teenager’s…

Thinking they’re gonna miss out on a golden opportunity of a lifetime if they don’t hurry their ass up and whip out the credit card to make that 100 bucks payment.

I can confidently bet a year’s worth of income from my online Biz that HWR will still be around in the future.

Because why would the scammer close it down after 3 more positions are filled and miss out on taking more newbies for fools?


A.B. Anderson’s Sob Story…

A.B. Anderson creates that “empathy” and “personal connection” with you.

He basically tells you his personal background story (one that most people can relate to) on how he struggled as a single dad with his young son…

Working 2 jobs, and had zilch in his bank account after paying the bills, etc.

He then continues with the usual stuff on wanting to escape the rat race and finally finding his “dream work at home job”.

His story is very touching if you get time to read it.
A B Anderson Fake Owner
However, the whole story is definitely a fabricated one that’s “too good to be true”.

Because there’s no proof of any of his claims.

Sadly, a lot of scammers implement this technique for pushing you into action and parting with money for made-up systems.

But just for the record, I hold nothing against personal success stories because I LOVE them.

They inspire me to continue growing an online business – especially genuine success stories from members of the Wealthy Affiliate community, for example.

However, it’s the fake online success stories from scammers that get my back up.

Do they yours too?


Final Conclusion on The Home Wealth Remedy Scam…

A Big Thumbs DownEverything about Home Wealth Remedy looks, sounds, and smells fishy.

The program uses every dirty trick in the book to steal $100 from your credit card.

But by paying close attention to the red flag scam warning signs in my review, you can prevent A.B. Anderson (or whoever the real scam artist is) from laying their hands on a single dollar of yours.

In my opinion, even if ‘HWR’ was a legit link posting opportunity, it still wouldn’t work in this day and age of the internet because there’s a certain dirty tactic known as “spamming”.

Spam worked quite well for affiliates on various platforms throughout the 90s.

But nowadays, there are strict policies on spam, and it’s not even classed as a “real” way to build an online business.

The bottom line… ‘HWR’ is a SCAM.

If you’re looking for a legit way to earn an income online…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or bad experiences with ‘HWR’ that you wish to share? We’d love to hear your comments below…



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