(Reviewed) WiFi Millionaire – Your Guide to Wealth or A SCAM?

Welcome to my review of the WiFi Millionaire!

Is some “$3 ebook” really gonna help you to become a millionaire on the internet or is Matt Lloyd hiding something from you?

Get stuck in to find out…

Is Wifi Millionaire Your Guide to Wealth or a Scam
Quick Overview

Name: WiFi Millionaire.

Website: wifimillionairebook.com.

Cost: $3, $49, $197, $10,000s.

Author: Matt Lloyd.

My Score: 6/10.

Verdict: (LEGIT) – The eBook provides some great value. HOWEVER, there is a big downside to it (which I discuss within my review).

But first…

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What’s WiFi Millionaire All About?

WiFi Millionaire (WM) is a 64-page PDF that’s designed to offer you a number of online home based business ideas, actionable steps, and also the necessary tools for enabling you to generate a full-time income.

In Mr. Lloyd’s words – you’ll have the opportunity to escape the 9-5 “rat race”, become your own boss, work when and wherever you want in the world, and become a millionaire by taking advantage of the new digital economy.

The ebook is actually based on Matt’s personal experiences as an internet Entrepreneur and how he’s built up a $150,000,000 company while working in tropical locations across the globe.

I must admit, he puts on a great sales video presentation that really strikes a chord with folks, which encourages you to purchase ‘WM’ at only 3 dollars (less than a Starbucks coffee).

But is a $3 ebook really gonna turn your life around? What’s the catch, huh?

I guess you’ll find out soon enough. 😛


Who Can Benefit From ‘WM’?

Matt’s ebook is geared towards anyone who’s tired of working for a boss and earning a pittance, struggling financially because of being up to their neck in debt, and finding it tough to live off a measly pension fund.

Put simply, it’s for anyone who lacks money and freedom.

As long as you have access to a computer or laptop, an internet connection, and a strong desire to break free from the shackles of our toxic society – you can implement the info inside ‘WM’.


Let’s Dig Deeper Into ‘WM’

Wifi Millionaire eBookInside Lloyd’s digitalized 64-page book, there are 11 chapters covering various topics.

A quick breakdown of the chapters:

Chapter #1: Things Have Changed

Matt talks about the lack of job security and pension funds disappearing, and he also briefly mentions escaping the 9 -5 and building your own online biz so you can enjoy life.

In my opinion, there’s a lot of truth in what he says.

#2: Everyday Wifi Millionaires

There’s a bunch of short inspirational stories about some ordinary folks who are living the dream using the web – Lynda Weinman, Greg O’ Gallagher, Pete Cashmore, Gina Trapani, John Chow, and also Matt himself.

Also, John Chow shares his daily schedule from 7 am til 9 pm.

#3: 7 Steps to Becoming a ‘WM’

It’s basically a 1-page introduction to the next 7 chapters of the eBook that cover “actionable” info.

#4: Assess Your Options

Matt discusses the differences between a traditional and home based business, and why affiliate marketing is the best route to take.

But the main emphasis of the chapter is on joining Matt’s ‘WM system’ (which he compares to most affiliate programs), where the guy will pay you $1,250 $10,000 in affiliate commissions for each sale.

There will be more on that though shortly.

#5: Productivity Tools

Matt quickly runs through 7 different tools for helping you stay focused and also a lot more organized when it comes  building your online empire.

The tools cover email, cutting out the distractions, voice and video calling, organizing lists and login info, and also video recording.

#6: Productivity Methods

Mr. Lloyd gives you some great insights into 7 different methods (dedicated environments) for managing your time more effectively and being productive for success.

You’ll learn about cleaning up your environment, how to set up your home office and alternatives – like shared workspaces and coffee shops.

In addition, he shares info on ‘To Do’ lists, working in blocks of time, saying “NO”, knowing yourself, drinking caffeine, and also evolving.

#7: Gadgets & Equipment

This chapter quickly covers the resources you’ll need for building an online biz, whether from your mobile or physical home office.

#8: Finding The Money to Start Your Home Business

Matt recommends $2,500 (minimum) to start with an affiliate marketing business!! OUCH.

In addition, he gives you a bunch of ideas and websites for raising the funds if you’re strapped for cash.

BUT in my experience, you can start up your own online biz for “FREE“. And then it will cost you less than $400 Per Year for the tools, advanced training, and support for making it highly profitable.

Which option is more appealing?! LOL.

If you picked the latter of the two…

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#9: Incorporation, Taxes & Business Plans

Matt tells you about his own business tax experiences during the beginning and shares some advice on making money first before worrying about the tax man.

#10: Get a Coach to Help You

You learn why it’s essential to have a mentor to help guide you, and you also get a 5-step goal setting exercise to do for starting out on the right foot.

The aim of this chapter is also to encourage you to join the ‘WM System’ and  jump on a free consultation call with a Success Coach.

But usually with these types of calls, the coaches turn out to be “sales people” too. UGH.

#11: A Tested & Proven Sales System

Matt basically blows smoke up his system’s ass.

He tells you the benefits of joining his ‘WM System’, how much you can potentially make, and shows you his top affiliate earners:

  • Shaqir Hussyin – $3,756,153
  • Bill and Michelle Pescosolido – $1,015,111
  • Carolina Millan – $577,374
  • Chris and Susan Beasley – $166,778
  • Luke Lim – $580,895
  • Georg Kerschhackl – $204,999
  • Rhonda Michele – $1,063,410 

But from a newbie standpoint, it’s not that easy to become stinking rich as an affiliate marketer.

Most of these “Gurus” and “Super Affiliates” have spent years and also invested a fortune into developing the necessary internet marketing skills to become successful Webpreneurs.


The “REAL” Truth Behind ‘WM’, is Out!

The ‘WM’ eBook is designed as a sales funnel for the overpriced MOBE coaching platform (previously My Online Business Empire. Now My Own Business Education).
Matt Lloyds MOBE Scheme
(Keala Kanae’s ‘Freelance Marketing Secrets‘ PDF works the exact same way, except his eBook leads you to AWOL Academy).

If you’re unfamiliar with a sales funnel, the ‘DotComs Secrets’ (free book) enlightens you on the process of creating a VALUE LADDER of products for email leads to Ascend.

But there are some marketers in the ‘Make Money Online’ niche who go way beyond the “unethical” point by selling products for $10,000s.

This is exactly what Matt and his “money-hungry” affiliates are doing.

To prove my point – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently took action against Aspire Digital Altitude (MOBE’s love child) for being a “SCHEME” designed to rip members off, and also for making misleading income claims.

In addition, Empower Network (another high-ticket rip off) closed its doors in 2017 because sales dried up due to folks unable to afford the products.

Still think MOBE’s worth the risk?


What’s The “REAL” Cost of ‘WM’?

$3 for Matt’s ebook is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once you invest 3 dollars, you’re taken through a sales funnel of offers:

  • ‘WM System’ = $49. It’s MOBE’s basic training product “My Top Tier Business”.
  • ‘How to Make $10K in 10 Days’ = $197.

When you’re a MOBE customer at the 49 dollar level, you’ll also be persuaded to fork out $1,000s$10,000s for Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum, and Diamond packages.

These are the same coaching packages that you’ll be making huge affiliate commission paychecks from.


PROS vs CONS of ‘WM’


  • It’s only $3 to buy
  • The PDF provides some invaluable guidance & tools
  • Newbies will get something from it


  • Your personal details (home address & phone number) are required
  • It’s a stepping stone to an overpriced platform
  • Promoting “high-ticket” products is not a sustainable business model
  • There are complaints against MOBE


My Final Conclusion…

A Big Thumbs UpAfter buying and reading through the WiFi Millionaire eBook myself, I think Matt Lloyd provides a good level of value and also recommends some great tools for going hand-in-hand with building an online biz.

However, from the sales page, you kinda get the impression that a “$3 eBook” is all you’re gonna need for living the life of your dreams. But unfortunately, there’s more to it.

The biggest downside to ‘WM’ is that it’s basically used as a doorway for leading you into the arms of MOBE, which is a program that may well leave you bankrupt lol.

YES, MOBE provides invaluable coaching, BUT at the same time, I see the costing structure as unethical and the affiliates who promote MOBE as having no morals.

In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time until the FTC shines its giant spotlight on Lloyd and his affiliate leeches – the same “opportunists” who also switch from promoting one high-ticket opportunity to another. UGH.

If you’re a novice looking for a better and cheaper alternative for learning how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘WM’, that you’d love to share with us, We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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