Automatic Income Review: (Will it Give You a Dream Lifestyle?)

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Automatic Income System Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Automatic Income System/Automatic Income Coach.


Cost: $794 – $1,191.

Owner: Kevin Thompson.

My Score: 4/10.


In a nutshell; Automatic Income is a coaching program that offers various training products and resources for helping you build a successful email list.

Although there’s eome great value inside the program…

I don’t like the fact that any tools you’ll need for doing the job (i.e. squeeze page builder and autoresponder) must be bought separately.

Furthermore, Kevin charges you an arm and a leg for his personal coaching (which you’ll find more about in my review).

Overall, ‘AI’ is great, but really isn’t the best fit for newbies, in my opinion.

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What is The Automatic Income System About?

The Automatic Income system (AI) is apparently designed as a fool-proof system to help you achieve “the lifestyle of your choosing”…

From generating a passive income on autopilot without building a website or any experience with computers and the internet.

How you make money online with Kevin’s platform is by using the tools, training, and support he provides for getting a business up and running.

You can either use the system for promoting your own products/services or ones from an affiliate marketing standpoint for commissions.

So it’s a pretty flexible program really, like most internet marketing training platforms, I guess lol.

Now, when I first came across ‘AI’, I had my sneaky suspicions that it was gonna be just another lame program peddling poor-quality and outdated resources.

Because when you see the cheesy and hypey cartoon graphics on the sales page, why would you take the program seriously?

But to my amazement, Mr. Thompson actually delivers some value behind the secenes.

So it quickly cleared up any doubts I had.

But enough of my yapping LOL…


How Does Automatic Income Work?

To get started online, Kevin requires your name and email to gain access to his toolbox…

That provides you with his own blog, a training seminar, and also a number of YouTube videos to feast your eyes on.

However, as great as it is to have access to the seminar, it’s simply used as a marketing ploy to sell you the idea of investing in his expensive coaching.

So I didn’t see much value in it.

But then again, webinars seem to be “the thing” in this digital marketing day and age.

Hence, why Russell released his Perfect Webinar training product to help Biz owners/product publishers boost their sales.

Swiftly moving on…

The actual aim of the ‘AI’ system is to help you create a web-based business from building squeeze pages and email lists of subscribers.

Email marketing is an extremely powerful strategy for generating a full-time income if it’s done right.

But it may not be ideal for newbies to start with because building effective landing pages requires experience.

And also, email marketing can be very complex, since there are certain variables to take into account for running profitable campaigns.

Not to mention the fact all the time and money it takes to keep split testing your landing pages using ads and tracking software.

So don’t expexct to hit the bullseyey stratight away with your first campaign-creation attempt(s).


What do You Get Inside The Automatic Income Program?

When you join Kevin’s program, you have two packages to choose from that provide you with various features and training resources.

Here are the two packages broken down:


#1 Basic Automated Income Level

  • Quick Start Module
  • Lifestyle Business Blueprint
  • The Idea Generator
  • 9-Step Checklist
  • Master Manual – 107 ready-made documents, templates & system components
  • Audio System – Learn how Kevin has built his own business
  • Interviews With Successful System Users
  • 3 Issues of The ‘AI’ Newsletter
  • 3-Month ‘AI’ Mastery Program Membership


#2 High-Speed System

With this more advanced option, you get the same benefits as above, but with a few extra bonuses thrown in:

  • Coaching Members Resource Center
  • Newsletter Archives
  • The “Million Dollar” Rolodex
  • $2,855 in Online Advertising

In addition, Kevin also offers you a “$20,000 Double coverage… No risk… All Reward Guarantee.”

It basically means that if you suck at making a single dollar with his system, he will give you $20K!

You may think the guarantee is a pretty sweet deal.

But I assure you it’s not because you must commit to the program for a full 12 months of paying “him” money.

In my experience, it’s just another marketing ploy for sweet-talking you into joining the program.

And I guess even if you did put in for a refund at the end of 12 months, there would still be some sort of excuse for him not refunding you.

Because why would he wanna be out-of-pocket himself by $10,000s?


How Much Does Automatic Income Cost?

You may wanna close your eyes for this lol.

When it comes to the cost of the system, you have two membership options available:

  1. Basic System = 2 X $397 payments = $794
  2. High-Speed System = 3 X $397 payments = $1,191

And to make matters much worse, after your first 3 months of the “Mastery Program Membership”…

The guy charges you an additional monthly cost of $397 for his personal coaching and support.


I dunno about you, but it’s a tremendous amount of money to splash out. Not just for the training but also for support.

The high-ticket fees are both ludicrous and unnecessary.

It seems to me like the guy is just milking you for lots of cash.

Trust me, there are far better coaching programs that offer support at a fraction of the cost.


PROS vs CONS of Automatic Income


  • A great level of training is provided
  • Support is offered
  • The potential to earn an income


  • It comes across as a fast and easy way to make money
  • The entire program is ridiculously overpriced
  • Not the best starting point for newcomers
  • Kevin makes an unrealistic $20K guarantee


Final Conclusion: Is Automatic Income a Scam?…

To be perfectly honest with you, Automatic Income a legitimate program that provides you with a great level of training for learning how to earn an income on the web.

And I reckon it can help to give you that dream lifestyle, but it’s not gonna be an easy road.

However, whether I would recommend it to an inexperienced noob on a budget who can’t afford to splash out $100s – $1,000s is another story.

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of building squeeze pages and email marketing…

Then you may find the system difficult to get to grips with.

In my opinion, it’s not the best method to begin with because there are better alternatives.

Which leads me to the final part of this review…


What’s Your Best Option as an Affiliate Marketing Newbie?

When it comes to starting a Biz, you must learn the basic principles of internet marketing

And also how making money online actually works before leaping into any strategy and getting in over your head.

Lead generation and email marketing are pretty awesome techniques for building a business…

But they will take time and money to master.

So what’s the ideal and especially the cheapest starting point for a novice, huh?

You wanna get your hands on WordPress blogs, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 community support for turning your passion into a profitable affiliate marketing Biz instead.

It’s how I got started online and also how swarms of other affiliate newbies get rolling too…

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