LeadsLeap Review: (Does It LEAD To Free Result$?)

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A huge welcome to my LeadsLeap review – freshly updated for 2022!

If you’re after the inside scoop and wondering if LeadsLeap is a legit platform that can REALLY generate free leads to grow your online Biz…

Then you’ve picked the RIGHT place!

So, without further ado, follow my lead (bad pun, I know lol)…

leadsleap website

Quick Overview:

Name: LeadsLeap.

Website: leadsleap.com.

Cost: Free or $27/month for Pro (but currently $19.90/month for a limited time).

Owner: Kenneth Koh.

Verdict: Legit (Recommended).


LeadsLeap is a one-stop-shop that equips you with a number of lead generation tools for growing your online business.

Whether you want to use its (in-house) services to build an opt-in form, track links, advertise, send automated email messages, even drive Google search engine traffic, and MORE…

Then LeadsLeap has you covered – especially if you’re a newbie to the whole lead generation thing.

Furthermore, even if you just want to turn a buck with the platform itself – it offers numerous options (one of which involves displaying ads on your own WordPress website).

Whichever way you look at it, the platform benefits everyone in the online money-making space.

All in all, you CAN potentially generate leads, sales, and profits with the free membership plan.

But it is more of a long-winded process, since some tools and features have limited functionality.

For example, (in my experience) when it comes to the advertising side of things…

Manually surfing member ads to accumulate credits to run your own ads is a right time-consuming ball ache.

So, the Pro membership generates at least 4,000 real visitors/month to your ad(s) automatically – freeing up your time for other tasks.

And that’s just ONE of the numerous benefits of upgrading your plan.


  • It doesn’t cost anything to join
  • Comes with plenty of marketing tools & resources to grow your Biz
  • It’s a newbie-friendly platform
  • In-house money-making opportunities (PPC ads, daily bonus, traffic coop, affiliate program, etc)
  • Cheap to upgrade – Pro makes your Biz-building life easier & more efficient
  • LeadsLeap is a reputable site that’s been growing since 2008
  • It has an excellent Trustpilot score


  • The number of platform features can feel overwhelming at first
  • Free membership comes with some limitations

If you join via my link below and upgrade to Pro – I’ll send you some cool exclusive bonuses (detailed in this review). Email me your receipt as proof to leadsleappro@zerotoaffiliatehero.com to receive your bonuses.

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But before diving into my FULL review…

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What is LeadsLeap All About, You Ask?

LeadsLeap is basically a platform for driving free traffic to your MLM/Home Biz opportunity or affiliate offers to generate both leads and sales.

The program gives you access to different traffic generation methods and tools that cover stuff like:

Advertising, traffic from the search engines, and viral leads building, to name a few.

The great thing is that the leads generation system has been around since 2008 and continues to go from strength-to-strength.

Because the creator (Kenneth Koh) continually evolves his system to deliver plenty of great value to help his members become more profitable.

But that’s enough of me blowing smoke up the system’s ass for now LOL…

How Does LeadsLeap Work For Making You Money?

When it comes to producing traffic and potential sales for your online Biz, you have 7 different marketing techniques at your disposal.

I will give you a brief description of each one, as well as the good and bad points.

Sound fair to you?

#1: Advertising

You can create and promote your own ads to thousands of other members of the network.

But before your ads are activated, you must accumulate credits by viewing other member ads like the ones below:

LeadsLeap Member Advertising

It basically works like a traffic exchange, except LeadsLeap displays your ads to REAL people.

GOOD: Get your ads in front of a lot of eyeballs.

Ads are also reviewed and monitored, so there’s no naughty stuff advertised.

BAD: You promote to other “Biz owners” who are also promoting their stuff to you LOL.

So, some members will have little interest in your offers, and it’s no different from the likes of IBO Toolbox or similar platforms.

Another aspect I hate about this strategy is that some members also promote hyped up fads like Bitcoin, for example. UGH.

But with all that said, you CAN still potentially generate some leads by advertising your own email squeeze page as opposed to just sending traffic to a product sales page.

#2: Advertising on Websites

In addition to your ads being displayed on the LeadsLeap network, they will also be displayed on blogs belonging to other members.

And if you already own a blog, you can display an ad widget and make money from any ads that get clicked like these ones for example:

Ad Widget

However, if you don’t already have a website for displaying member ads and earning some revenue – Get a free WordPress blog here.

GOOD: Reach a wider audience on websites that generate targeted traffic from various resources and track your hits using a tracker tool provided.

Also, make some extra money as a blogger.

BAD: If you’re a blogger, some ads displayed on your site will appear as tacky and hyped up.

Which means spammy ads could send your visitors running – especially if they’re coming to your site from places like Google.

Your PPC earnings are also determined by the quality of visitors clicking ads. 

#3: Search Engine Traffic

You can use the ‘Social Review’ directory for creating product reviews that get targeted traffic from the search engines.

You simply publish a review, the directory gets ranked on Google, and visitors see your review along with other LeadsLeap member reviews.

To my surprise, this method can actually work a real treat in Google.

Because I’ve seen a number of social reviews on the 1st page of Google for various opportunities.

GOOD: Product affiliate links get rotated, so every reviewer gets a fair crack at generating sales and commissions.

There are multiple categories for creating reviews under, it’s a great feature if you don’t have SEO skills, and there are a number of great recommendations promoted.

BAD: Some reviewers give bad products 5* ratings.

Especially when it comes to junk like IBO Toolbox and Global Money Line.

As a previous member of ‘IBO’ and ‘GML’, I had ZERO success with both shoddy platforms.

Unfortunately, members will award crappy programs with 5 stars just to pad their pockets with affiliate commissions.

In addition, as LeadsLeap grows – you’re gonna be competing with a bigger number of members publishing their reviews.

But don’t let that put you off because you can receive more views/clicks if you join as a Pro member.

#4: Multiply a Few Leads Into 1,000s

You get a 10-level MLM style downline builder.

The idea is that you recruit a handful of leads who embark on a recruiting mission to bring in thousands of leads for you on multiple levels.

GOOD: You have the potential to build a big Biz. In addition, you can message your downline.

BAD: The concept looks good on paper, but it’s not that easy.

Because it could take years to create a massive downline of 1,000s. So, you must be persistent for a long period of time.

#5: Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

If you own a website, you have the option of using a web-based pop-up generator called ‘PopupXpert’.

You can create various pop-up widgets for your visitors to opt-in to your email subscriber list.

GOOD: It’s easy to create an opt-in form/pop up for your blog and you can also integrate a 3rd party Autoresponder.

BAD: In my opinion, there are too many editing options which can make designing a form a little overwhelming.

#6: Your Own Autoresponder

As a member, you will gain access to your own in-house email autoresponder, like so:

Email Autoresponder Feature

This is to build a list and follow up with your email subscribers with opportunities, products, and services.

There’s also the option to integrate the tool with ‘Popup Xpert’.

GOOD: It’s easy to use, it’s an invaluable service for creating commissions on demand, the list belongs to you, and there are no advertisements from LeadsLeap.

BAD: There’s no info on how many subscribers you can email.

Autoresponders generally offer different pricing plans, depending on the number of subscribers you wanna manage and email.

But nevertheless, this is still an invaluable tool.

#7: Other Tools & Services at Your Disposal

In addition to said resources above, you can also get your hands on some great great resources like:

Link trackers, rotators, ad bars, landing page builder, image and PDF hosting services.

Furthermore, there’s the ‘Money’ section, where you can earn through various channels like daily bonuses, credit encashments, PPC, and affiliate commissions from referring other members.

I won’t go into all the detail, so you’ll just have to see for yourself in the dashboard area 😉

Any Support Available Inside LeadsLeap?

The only option you have for help is to submit a support ticket to the team.

You also have the option of following and connecting with other members through their profiles, which is great.

But I still think a ‘live chat’ feed and private Facebook group wouldn’t go amiss to open up more support channels.

Hopefully, this is something the creator may consider in the future.

LeadsLeap Pricing – Will It Leave You Out-Of-Pocket?

The awesome thing about LeadsLeap is that you can actually use the platform as a free member to “try it out”, where you’ll get some great tools to use.

But if you want more features and benefits that can “level up” your online Biz…

Then the Pro level at just $27/month (now $19.90/month for a limited time) is where it’s at.

Which (in my opinion) is excellent value for money.

Especially considering you can very easily cover your membership costs with the profits you can make from your advertising efforts.

Which leads me to the next bit…

Pick Up My EXCLUSIVE Pro Member Bonuses*

When you join as a free member of LeadsLeap and upgrade to Pro within the next 7 days, I’ll gift you the following bonuses.

Which can definitely help to super-charge your lead generation efforts when put into action:

Bonus #1: WP Affiliate Suite ($97 Value)

Inside WP Affiliate Suite, its creator (Chris Derenberger) offers you the exact WordPress + affiliate marketing system he’s used to bank a 6-figure income.

wp affiliate suite bonus

He doesn’t just give you step-by-step affiliate marketing and WordPress training…

But also, his customized SEO optimized WordPress theme, as well as a 50,000 top niche keyword list.

Bonus #2: YT Supremacy ($67 Value)

Chris Derenberger also brings you his YT Supremacy YouTube training course.

Which definitely fits hand-in-hand with first bonus.

Inside this video course, Chris walks you through the YouTube strategies that enabled him to go from $500 to $5,000+ per month online.

yt supremacy bonus

You’ll basically learn how to build authority YouTube channels that outrank your competitors’ when it comes to promoting your affiliate offers in any niche.

To claim your bonuses – simply join LeadsLeap for free (below), upgrade to pro within the next 7 days, and email your receipt to leadsleappro@zerotoaffiliatehero.com.

Final Conclusion: Is LeadsLeap a Scam?…

First impression:

I thought LeadsLeap was gonna be just another lame version of the IBO Toolbox community full of spammers and ineffective strategies.

But I was wrong…

It outperforms IBO by miles!

While there are some downsides to Kenneth Koh’s leads generation system from a free member angle…

There are also plenty of upsides for newbie affiliates and opportunity seekers looking for ways to generate more traffic and money online.

It’s definitely not a scam, and is something I would recommend, considering there are a number of valuable free tools at your disposal.

My advice is to take the free membership for a spin to get to grips with the system…

And then upgrade as a Pro member IF You really are serious about succeeding online.

==> Become a Free Member Of LeadsLeap!

Your Friend, Neil!

If you have any questions or experiences with LeadsLeap that you’d love to share with us, please drop your comments below…


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