LeadsLeap Review: (Will it Lead You to an Income?)

A huge welcome to my LeadsLeap review!

If you’re wondering if it’s a legitimate platform for building a successful web-based business or just another scam leading you astray…

Then you’ve picked the right place for the truth!

LeadsLeap Review
Quick Overview:

Name: LeadsLeap (LL).

Website: leadsleap.com.

Cost: Free. PRO: $19.90/month.

Owner: Kenneth Koh.

Verdict: Recommended.


In a nutshell; LeadsLeap is a platfomr that contains a number of tools and resources that can generate more traffic to make your Biz more lucrative.

Where you’ll find resources to help you advertise, drive search engine traffic, build a downline, and send automated email messages.

There are even Biz building resources for those who have their own websites. But if you don’t have one, build a free website via SiteRubix here.

Overall, ‘LL’ isn’t bad for all the resources that are available.

So if you’re an online Biz owner, I recommend taking it for a spin – even if some resources don’t appeal to your needs.

But before diving into my review and considering whether to take a leap of faith with the program…

See The Best Way to Grow Your Online Biz – A platform that gives you the essentials for building a profitable blog from scratch.


What is LeadsLeap All About?

LeadsLeap is basically a platform for driving free traffic to your MLM opportunity or Affiliate Marketing Biz to generate leads that convert into sales.

The program gives you access to different traffic generation methods that cover stuff like:

Advertising, traffic from the search engines, and viral leads building.

You can also get your hands on the tools for converting your visitors into potential customers and Biz partners.

‘LL’ claims that you can “make free money“.

But in my experience, any free marketing strategy always comes at a cost of effort and time. So free cash is a myth.

But anyways…


How Does LeadsLeap Work For Making Money?

When it comes to producing traffic and potential sales for your online Biz, ‘LL’ provides you with 7 different marketing techniques.

I will give you a brief description of each one as well as the good and bad points.

Sound fair to you?


#1: Advertising

You can create and promote your own ads to thousands of other members of the network.

But before your ads are activated, you must accumulate credits by viewing other member ads.

See how the ads appear inside the members’ area.
LeadsLeap Member Advertising
It’s basically a traffic exchange.

GOOD: Get your ads in front of a lot of eyeballs. Ads are also reviewed and monitored, so there’s no naughty stuff advertised.

BAD: You promote to other “biz owners” who are also promoting their stuff to you LOL.

Members have very little interest in your offers, and it’s no different from the likes of IBO Toolbox or any other exchange.

Another aspect I hate about this strategy is that some members also promote hyped up fads like Bitcoin, for example. UGH.


#2: Advertising on Websites

In addition to your ads being displayed on the ‘LL’ network, they will also be displayed on blogs belonging to other members.

And if you already own a blog, you can display an ad widget and make money from any ads that get clicked.

See a couple of ad examples in the sidebar of a WordPress blog.
Ad Widget
However, if you don’t have a website and would like to build one for displaying member ads and earning some revenue – Get a free WordPress blog here.

GOOD: Reach a wider audience on websites that generate targeted traffic from various resources and track your hits using a tracker tool provided.

Also, make some extra money as a blogger.

BAD: If you’re a blogger, some ads displayed on your site will appear as tacky and “too good to be true”. S

pammy ads could send your visitors running.

Your earnings are also determined by the quality of visitors clicking ads.


#3: Search Engine Traffic

You can use the ‘Social Review’ directory for creating product reviews that get targeted traffic from the search engines.

You simply publish a review, the directory gets ranked on Google, and visitors see your review along with other ‘LL’ member reviews.

To my surprise, this method actually works.

Because I’ve seen a number of ‘LL’ social reviews on the 1st page of Google.

GOOD: Product affiliate links get rotated so every reviewer gets a fair crack at generating sales and commissions.

There are multiple categories for creating reviews under, it’s a great feature if you don’t have SEO skills, and there are a number of awesome recommendations:

Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, and Affiliate Bootcamp, to name a few.

BAD: Some reviewers give bad products 5* ratings.

Especially when it comes to programs like IBO Toolbox and Global Money Line.

As a previous member of ‘IBO’ and ‘GML’, I had ZERO success with both shoddy platforms.

Unfortunately, members will award crappy programs with 5 stars just to pad their pockets with affiliate commissions.

In addition, as ‘LL’ grows – you’re gonna be competing with a bigger number of members and affiliates publishing their reviews.


#4: Multiply a Few Leads Into 1,000s

You get a 10-level MLM style downline builder.

The idea is that you recruit a handful of leads who embark on a recruiting mission to bring in thousands of leads for you on multiple levels.

GOOD: You have the potential to build a big biz. In addition, you can message your downline.

BAD: The concept looks good on paper but it’s not that easy because it could take years to create a massive downline.


#5: Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

If you own a website, you have the option of using a web-based pop-up generator called ‘PopupXpert’.
Email Optin Templates
You can create various pop-up widgets for your visitors to opt-in to your email subscriber list.

GOOD: It’s easy to create an opt-in form/pop up for your blog and you can also integrate a 3rd party Autoresponder.

BAD: In my opinion, there are too many editing options which can make designing a form a little overwhelming.


#6: Your Own Autoresponder

As a blogger, you will gain access to your own Autoresponder…

For building a list and following up with your email subscribers with opportunities, products, and services.
Email Autoresponder Feature
There’s also the option to integrate the tool with ‘Popup Xpert’.

GOOD: It’s easy to use, it’s an invaluable service for creating commissions on demand, the list belongs to you, and there are no advertisements from ‘LL’.

BAD: There’s no info on how many subscribers you can email.

Autoresponders generally offer different pricing plans, depending on the number of subscribers you wanna manage and email.


#7: Run Your E-Biz Like a Pro

LeadsLeap OTO List Builder ScriptGet your hands on ‘The OTO List Builder’.

The tool enables you to create a sales funnel by providing you with a script that comes with a built-in Autoresponder, mass mailer, one-time-offer system, payment integration, and affiliate program.

GOOD: Sales Funnels are a powerful way to build a successful business that generates a full-time income.

BAD: It’s unsuitable for a newbie with very little to no knowledge on the strategy.


Any Support Available Inside LeadsLeap?

The only option you have for help is to submit a support ticket to the team.

What I find really bizarre with the network is that although you can check out other members profiles and reach out via their social media sites/blogs…

There is no live chat function or even a forum community.

But then again, I guess it does prevent some members spamming one another with MLM biz opps:

Hey, come join my team and I’ll pay you $10” LOL.


Final Conclusion: Is LeadsLeap a Scam?…

First impression:

I thought ‘LL’ was gonna be just another lame version of the IBO Toolbox community full of spammers and ineffective strategies.

But I was wrong!

It outperforms IBO by miles!

While there are some downsides to Kenneth Koh’s ‘LL’ platform…

There are also plenty of upsides for MLMers, affiliates, and also bloggers who wanna make money online.

It’s definitely not a scam, and is something I would recommend, considering there are a number of valuable free tools at your disposal.

Even the monthly cost of $20 for PRO membership is worth it, in my opinion.

However, ‘LL’ is primarily for folks who already have online businesses established.

So just bare that in mind before joining.


Want a Better Way to Build a Thriving Biz Online?…

Don’t get me wrong, LeadsLeap offers some great tools and resources for growing your MLM/Affiliate Marketing Biz.

But the truth be told, there are far better ways of driving the best targeted traffic to your Biz opps and offers for free…

In my experience, nothing beats building a blog and generating organic traffic from Google and other search engines 24/7 . 😉

So whatever your niche – if you’d like the tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 supprt from a huge community of marketers…

The whole shebang for starting and growing a Biz from scratch or simply expaning your current one – become a free starter member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Your Friend, Neil!

If you have any questions or experiences with ‘LL’ that you’d love to share with us, please drop your comments below…


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