(Reviewed) Zero Hour Work Days – A Lazy Way to Make Money?

Howdy, a big welcome to my review of Zero Hour Work Days!

Is Brendan Mace’s method really gonna help you to make $1,000s on a monthly basis or is it a load of hype? That’s the question!

Get stuck into this post to find out…

Does Zero Hour Work Days Pay Off or is it a Scam
Quick Overview

Name: Zero Hour Work Days.

Website: zerohourworkdays.com.

Cost: I got it for $0 LOL! Plus $1,000s for upsells, resources & traffic.

Owner: Brendan Mace.

My Score: 4/10.

Verdict: The program is LEGIT and you do get some value from the basic membership. But you must pour a LOT of cash into Brendan’s pockets for his system to pay off.

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What’s Zero Hour Work Days All About?

The idea behind Zero Hour Work Days (ZHWD) is that you’ll gain access to “easy money grabbing” landing pages to build your own email lists and also “Copy + Paste” email marketing campaigns that create an unlimited amount of traffic to your affiliate offers.

In my opinion, it’s the “lazy” approach to making money on the web.

Brendan claims that his business model generates him $10K per month and you can also make a life-changing amount of money as well as accomplish time-freedom from using his system.

But is ‘ZHWD’ really gonna make your dream life come true as a digital marketing newbie or is the guy like the Barber’s cat – full of wind and piddle?

You’ll discover the truth shortly.


What’s Inside The ‘ZHWD’ System?

Once you’ve watched the ‘ZHWD Guide’ and ‘How to Access Upgrades’ videos, there are a bunch of training videos on various steps to follow and resources you’ll need to buy for being profitable with the system.
Zero Hour Work Days Video Training

Video #1: Free Traffic Sources (11 Minutes in Length)

Firstly, Brendan discusses the subject of free vs paid traffic and then he dives into 3 different methods (Google Alerts, Facebook, and SEO) for siphoning free traffic back to your blog or squeeze page.

#2: Trading Traffic (5 Mins)

This topic focuses on using Facebook for finding and joining “Click Bank Testimonial” groups, where you’ll be trading traffic with other marketers. 

Simply put, a marketer sends an agreed amount of traffic to your squeeze page first (if you don’t have an email list) and you send the same number of visitors back to their page over a period of time.

In addition, Brendan explains that you’ll need to use a tool called “ClickMagick” for tracking your traffic campaigns.

#3: Buying Traffic (10 Mins)

Again, Brendan talks about using Facebook.

But this time, he recommends that you find FB groups of marketers who you can approach for buying traffic aka “solo ads” at the best prices.

But the only problems with solo ads is that they can cost you $100s when starting out and there’s also no guarantee that they’ll make you profitable straight away.

#4: Recommended Sellers (2 Mins)

Pretty self explanatory – Brendan gives you a bunch of trusted traffic sellers on FB who are gonna give you the best bang for your buck.

#5: Lead Capture (5 Mins)

Mr. Mace gives you a quick overview of two software tools (WP Profit Builder and Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels) for building high-converting squeeze pages for capturing email leads.

BUT the main emphasis of the video is to persuade you to buy “Profit Builder”or his “Done-For-You” money pages.
Zero Hour Work Days Done For You Money Pages
Unfortunately, your pre-built pages are intended to gather leads so you can promote Brendan’s ‘ZHWD’ program (for him) to your subscribers for affiliate commissions.

Also, you don’t get the option of picking your own niche. It’s either promote ‘MMO’ products to your list or nothing.

Plus, he strongly encourages you to buy his “coaching” package (at almost $2,000) that also shows you how to build pages and sales funnels with 50% conversion rates.

But there are cheaper and better training alternatives…

If you do wanna learn to build highly profitable funnels within a niche market that interests you, then I highly recommend 108 Proven Split Test Winners (free book) and also Funnel University as your best starting points.

==> See a List of Other Cool Sales Funnel Training Resources Here!


#6: Collecting Subscribers (8 Mins)

Brendan gives you a quick overview of using Aweber for managing leads that come through your squeeze page/funnel and creating automated email campaigns for easy profits.

#7: Affiliate Promos (Almost 4 Mins)

You get a quick walk-through of finding Warrior+Plus marketplace affiliate offers along with “email swipes” for easily promoting stuff to your list.

But again, the guy makes a reference to buying his coaching course for in-depth guidance on finding affiliate products.

#8: Bigger Commission Sales (6 Mins)

Mace discusses promoting high-ticket products as your best option for raking in big amounts of cash.

While it does make sense to promote stuff for huge affiliate commissions, your main priority should be “helping” your audience and email subscribers instead of using them as easy “meal tickets”.

#9 Case Studies

You gain access to 3 of Brendan’s case study videos.

But like his other 8 training sections above – he doesn’t give you any in-depth step-by-step training on building an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Free Resources

As BONUS, you get access to extra resources and training:

  • How to Make $3,200 in Your Spare Time
  • Social Sharing Control (Freebie)
  • Prelaunch Mode Plugin (Freebie)
  • Setting up Your First Website
  • Getting Start Up Cash
  • Simple 5 Minute Promotions
  • Make Quick Cash off Twitter

From my perspective, Brendan Mace’s entire system is about how much money he can make from you via his own products and “affiliate links” for ClickMagick, Aweber, Profit Builder, and also ClickFunnels page builder software.

He’s either developed a clever strategy or he’s just desperate to turn a buck. What you do reckon?


Can You Access Any Support?

Unfortunately, there’s ZERO support offered inside the ‘ZHWD’ system.

If you want one-on-one coaching and support from Mace, you will need to buy his special coaching program which is gonna cost you a big chunk of change.


How Much Will Zero Hour Work Days Cost in Total?

I got the system for FREE, but that’s probably due to not many folks wanting to buy it.

Once you’re on the inside, there are multiple costs if you wanna succeed with the system:

Get 40 Copy, Paste & Profit email campaigns for $37 (one-time). Plus you’ll need to invest in Aweber – starting at $19/month.

Done For You Money Pages will cost $67 (one-time). Or you can purchase Profit Builder for $67 (one-time) or ClickFunnels – starting from $97/month if you wanna build your own pages/funnels.

The coaching program will set you back a WHOPPING (one-time) $1,997!

In addition, you’ll need the ClickMagick tracking software – starting from $12/month (paid annually) PLUS $100s for paid solo ad traffic.

Are you ready to take out a serious bank loan?! LOL.




  • It’s $0 to get started (but that could change)
  • Training videos on some Internet Marketing basics
  • A bunch of freebies are thrown in
  • You can make money IF you buy all the upsells


  • It lacks REAL step-by-step training
  • Doesn’t show you how to start an online biz
  • The coaching program is overpriced
  • You must invest a fortune to make money
  • No support unless you invest in the coaching
  • It’s an unsuitable way to start out for beginners
  • The system is designed for you to promote it – you cannot pick a niche
  • There’s a strong emphasis on buying services via Brendan’s affiliate links as well as his own products/services


Final Thoughts: Is Zero Hour Work Days a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs Down ‘ZHWD’ is legit because Brendan gives you access to a platform that allows you to earn commissions from building an email list and promoting  products in the “Make Money Online” arena.

But in my opinion, his system is misleading for a couple of good reasons:

#1 – The basic free ‘ZHWD’ membership is really a “stepping stone” for you to invest in products via Brendan’s “affiliate links” and also his own upsells that increase in price.

It’s known as ascending the VALUE LADDER – a concept that you’ll learn in a book called ‘DotCom Secrets’ by Russell Brunson.

Unfortunately, as a newbie, you will NOT make a single penny with Brendan’s system UNLESS you spend an absolute fortune – mainly on his coaching program.

#2 – Instead of building an online business in a “niche” of your choice – ‘ZHWD’ is set up for you to promote the system to your subscribers for affiliate commissions.

To put things into perspective – you pay Mace MEGA money for his entire system, he earns commissions from products he recommends inside the program, AND you buy solo ad traffic for building “HIS” business.

Although you can make money, ‘ZHWD’ is a WIN-WIN for Mace!

The Bottom Line: The system is LEGIT but I think Brendan has a lot more to gain from it. I don’t recommend it to newbies.

If you’re looking for a much better way to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch (in any niche you choose) and also a program that WON’T cost you $1,000s to get up and running…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts, that you’d like to share on ‘ZHWD’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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