DotCom Secrets Review: (Worth The Read In 2022?)

Welcome to my review of Russell Brunson’s free DotCom Secrets (2nd edition) book!

If you’re looking for the ins and outs of the book…

Wanting to know if it’s worth reading and exactly HOW it can help you to create a super-profitable Biz using the web, then you’re at the RIGHT place!

So without dragging out the intro, let’s dive straight into this review…

DotCom Secrets Book Review

Quick Overview

Book Name: DotCom Secrets (DCS).

Cost: Free + $9.95 shipping (or $19.95 internationally).

Author: Russell Brunson.

My Verdict: Legit.


In all honesty, I first thought DotCom Secrets was gonna be just another hyped-up Guru-style book.

But to my amazement, it was actually far from it.

Because (in my opinion) Russell Brunson has absolutely nailed it with his book, which is now one of my top reads in the internet marketing education world.

Not only is it written in an easy-to-read format, which will be beneficial to newbies in the online space…

But the book really is an eye opener – it’s jam packed with essential, evergreen and actionable info for starting and growing a super lucrative sales funnel from scratch for your business.

Russell genuinely leaves no stone left unturned – making DotCom Secrets an absolute must read and a half. Period.

Disclaimer: I’m a ClickFunnels affiliate. So this review contains affiliate links. It’s how I stay funded & these commissions keep my blog afloat. Please support me by buying via the link below:

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What is DotCom Secrets All About?

Russell Brunson The Founder of ClickFunnels
Say Hello to Russell!

Russell Brunson (Expert Secrets and Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook autor, and ClickFunnels co-founder)

Has published DotCom Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online…

DCS is basically designed as a digital marketing blueprint to reveal the processes, sales funnels, and also the scripts…

That Russell has perfected (after thousands of tests) for building a successful web-based business that revolves around sales funnels.

It’s the kinda “golden nugget” info that Russell would charge big companies $25K consultancy fees for!

But you’re getting his secrets for free!

Tony Robbins (one of my biggest inspirations) considers DCS as:

“A simple process that any company can use for improving their traffic, conversions, and sales online”.

Russell has packed 10 years worth of his digital market knowledge and experience into his book.

That takes you from getting started to effective email marketing campaigns to building high converting funnels to closing your sales for a big income.

Mr. Brunson’s freebie book has already helped many marketers to become massively successful webpreneurs.

And also change their lives around from implementing his special strategies that work like clock-work.

But obviously, the info will only work for “action takers” – it’s not something to read and leave lying around the house collecting dust for months.

Which brings me to the next part…

Who is DotCom Secrets For, You Ask?

DCS is intended for anyone wanting to start a web-based business from scratch.

Or anyone who’s struggling like hell to generate online Biz leads, sales, and an income.

In fact, even traditional offline Biz owners (in all industries) can apply the knowledge to grow their businesses using the power of the internet.

So whether you want to build a highly profitable affiliate marketing Biz or MLM, for example – or in fact, any type of Biz…

There’s definitely a TON of value inside the publication for creating a long term empire for yourself.

This book will benefit any newbie or expert in the field of internet marketing

That’s IF you actually put the book’s contents into action.

However, if you’re hoping DCS will make all your dreams come true in a blink of an eye, then on ya bike LOL.

Because this is for serious business professionals, at the end of the day…

Are you one of them? 😉


I invite you to continue reading…

Some Amazing “Secrets” You’ll Discover In The Book

I won’t take a deep dive and ruin the surprise for you, so I’ll just keep things brief.

One of the things I love about DCS is that Russell also helps to explain things with fun diagrams, like the ones below:

DotCom Secrets Book Contents

Inside the updated book, which feels more like a How To/step-by-step guide…

Russell basically breaks everything down into 4 sections to help you generate more leads and boost your overall sales conversions.

The 4 sections:

  1. Sales Funnel Secrets
  2. Funnels in The Ladder
  3. Funnel Scripts
  4. Building Your Funnel

In the sections, you’ll learn all about something called the “Value Ladder” approach, the hook – story – offer, 7 funnel phases, creating follow up funnels, funnel stacking, funnel audibles, and MUCH more.

Realistically, it may take you more than 1 read for everything to click into place because there’s a lot to absorb.

But as you learn and apply each topical puzzle piece, you’ll eventually have a super successful sales funnel on your hands.

What’s The Cost Of The Book (Is There a Catch?)

The awesome news in that DotCom Secrets won’t cost you a single penny.

But you will be required to invest $9.95 for shipping (or $19.95 internationally), which is the only catch.

(BTW, the shipping fee also comes with a 30-day money-back-guarantee in case you’re wondering).

So considering the book’s worth its weight in gold (in my book – pun intended), the shipping’s such a small price (or should I say investment?) to pay.

But if you want to really take your game to the next level(s), there are the following optional upsells:

  • Audio Book – $37
  • 2 Day Event – $97
  • Funnel U – $147
  • Funnel Accelerator Action Pack – $297
  • Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit – $197

And since Russell’s the co-founder of ClickFunnels – this is the software (surprise surprise) he recommends you to use to build your funnel.

Where you can take ClickFunnels for a 14-day free spin, and then the basic plan is $97/month, which is more than enough to start seeing results.

Obviously, there are cheaper funnel builders out there – but it all depends on your budget and preferences.

Final Thoughts: Is DotCom Secrets Worth it?…

DotCom Secrets is the real deal and totally worth it because the info can definitely work when you apply it.

And in my opinion, Russell Brunson should be selling it for an insane amount of money, considering the unbelievable value he delivers.

DCS is the type of book that holds the power for turning both new or struggling online business owners into “.com Millionaires”.

But obviously, it won’t happen overnight – internet marketing takes time for BIG results.

Overall, Russell has certainly knocked the ball out of the park with his clear and thorough step-by-step roadmap.

DCS has gotta be the “holy grail” of internet marketing (namely sales funnels) because it can bring you HEAPS of success for many years.

==> Get DotCom Secrets Now!

Here’s to your success as a digital Entrepreneur…

Your Friend, Neil.

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘DCS’ that you’d love to share? Please feel free to post your comments below…


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