DotCom Secrets Review: (What Gems Are Revealed?)

Welcome to my review of Russell Brunson’s free DotCom Secrets book!

If you’re looking for the ins and outs of the book…

Wanting to know exactly HOW it can help you to create a super-profitable Biz using the internet, then you’re at the right place!

So come take a walk with me…

DotCom Secrets Book Review
Quick Overview

Book Name: DotCom Secrets (DCS).

Cost: Free + $7.95 shipping fee.

Author: Russell Brunson.

My Verdict: Russell has absolutely nailed it with DCS!

It’s laid out in an easy step-by-step format that will not only get you hooked within the first few minutes of reading it.

But also enable you to crush it as an online business owner.

With no stone left unturned, the book is a must-read. Period.


What is DotCom Secrets All About?

Russell Brunson The Founder of ClickFunnels

Say Hello to Russell!

Russell Brunson (author of Expert Secrets and Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook) and also the founder of ClickFunnels

Has published DotCom Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online…

DCS has been designed as an internet marketing blueprint for providing you with the processes, sales funnels, and also the scripts…

That Russell has perfected (after thousands of tests) for building a successful web-based business.

It’s the kinda “golden nugget” info that Russell would charge big companies ($25K consultancy fees) for.

But you’re getting his secrets for free!

Tony Robbins (one of my biggest inspirations) considers DCS as:

“A simple process that any company can use for improving their traffic, conversions, and sales online”.

Russell has packed 10 years worth of his digital market knowledge and experience into his book.

That takes you from getting started to effective email marketing campaigns to building high converting funnels to closing your sales for a big income.

Mr. Brunson’s freebie book has already helped many marketers to become massively successful webpreneurs.

And also change their lives around from implementing his special strategies that work like clock-work.


Who is DotCom Secrets Geared Towards?

DCS is intended for anyone wanting to start a web-based business from scratch.

Or anyone who’s struggling like hell to drive targeted website traffic and generate leads, sales, and income.

Whether you want to build a highly profitable affiliate marketing, MLM or in fact, any type of digital-Biz…

There’s definitely a TON of value inside the publication for creating a long term empire for yourself.

This book will benefit any internet marketing newbie or expert… that’s IF you put the book’s guidance to the test.

However, if you’re hoping ‘DCS’ will make all your dreams come true in a blink of an eye, then on ya bike!

Because this is for serious business professionals, at the end of the day… NOT “get-rich-quick” opportunists.


Some Amazing DotCom “Secrets” You Will Discover

Here’s a small hand-picked taster of 10 awesome secrets inside DCS for crafting a lucrative business on the World Wide Web.

DotCom Secrets Book Contents
 But obviously, I’m not gonna go into too much detail and ruin the surprise for ya! 😉


#1: Improving Conversions

Learn how to increase your conversions without tweaking headlines.

Russell talks about beating any tweak or split test using his special technique.


#2: Brunson’s Magic Words

Know the FIRST thing that Russell tells his high-profile clients to get them generating profits instantly.

And how you can follow in their footsteps to big money.


#3: 5 Pronged Technique

Discover Mr. Brunson’s 5 pronged approach to selling more products with new media for a lot less money.

And also learn about the 5 old media transitions for making a lot of money easier and faster.


#4: Brunson’s Magic Formula

Receive Russell’s special formula technique for creating “cash pulling empires” on the internet.

His clients pay $25,000 for this, but you get his magic formula for ZERO cents!


#5: Special Case Study

You get a sneak peek of a real-life case study where you can learn how Russell builds a “value ladder” for a business that’s struggling.

And how you can use the results for the benefit of your own online Biz.


#6: Advanced Funnel Tactics

You’ll be shown how to leverage advanced sales funnel techniques for literally squeezing your “dream customers” out of a bunch of web traffic.

See how Russell runs his funnels for MASSIVE success.


#7: The Bullet Proof Method

Discover how to make your digital-Biz “bulletproof”.

And never worry about Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube traffic ever again.


#8: Top 5 Traffic Avenues

See Russell’s TOP 5 traffic sources.

And also the landing page he uses for creating a lucrative business from whichever one of the five traffic methods he chooses.


#9: Blog Posts ==> Squeeze Pages

Learn how to transform your blog posts into squeeze pages without watering down your blog content quality and chasing your blog visitors away.

You will learn the secret to double or even triple the size of your traffic.


#10: Top 5 Strategies For Sales

Learn about Russell’s TOP 5 methods for getting your visitors to qualify themselves for your products and generating you a fortune in commissions.

Plus there are MANY more secrets to uncover…


Is The DotCom Secrets Book Really Free?

YEP, DCS is 100% free to you with no strings attached.

The only fee you will have to pay is $7.95 for the shipping.

Not bad, huh?…

Considering you’ll gain MASSIVE amounts of value from the book that can make you a rich guy or gal when you put the information to the test.

DCS is also sold on Amazon, but for a cost of $11 to $20 plus postage (if you don’t spend over a certain amount on books).

If you get the book through this review, it will be free! It’s a no-brainer.

There are also the following upsells you can purchase:

  • ‘The Black Box’ = $37
  • ‘3 Funnel Bundle’ = $37
  • ‘Audio Books’ = $47
  • ‘Traffic Secrets’ = $297
  • ‘Funnel Builder Secrets’ = $1,997

But before stamping your feet and throwing a tantrum LOL…

At least I’m being honest with you, unlike a lot of reviews of ‘DCS’.

Plus, the upsells are “optional”.

So there’s absolutely no pressure from Brunson to buy his upgrades UNLESS you feel they’ll fit the needs of your Biz…

And you’ve got the cash to splash, of course. 😉


Final Thoughts: Is DotCom Secrets Worth it?…

DotCom Secrets is the real deal and totally worth it!

And in my opinion, Russell Brunson should be selling it for an insane amount of money, considering the unbelievable value he delivers.

DCS is the type of book that holds the power for turning both new or struggling online business owners into “.com Millionaires”.

But obviously, you must also implement Russell’s strategies for his book to be effective.

Otherwise, if it’s left to collect dust in your bookcase, you may as well have spent $7.95 on a Starbucks. 😛

Russell has certainly knocked the ball out of the park with his clear and thorough step-by-step book.

DCS has gotta be the “holy grail” of internet marketing (namely sales funnels) because it will bring you HEAPS of success for many years.

DCS is highly recommended by myself and tens of thousands of other online business owners around the world.


But Before You Go, See More of Russell’s Awesome Stuff:

Here’s to your success as a digital Entrepreneur…

Your Friend, Neil.

Do you have any questions or thoughts on ‘DCS’ that you’d love to share?

Please feel free to post your comments below as we’d love to hear from you…


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