Second Income Center: SCAMS You The Very Second?…

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So, the Second Income Center has been thrown into your path and you’re wondering whether it really will make you financially free online or is gonna scam the pants off you the very second you join, right?

To get the honest answer you need, grab my unbiased review!

Does The Second Income Center Scam You The Very Second
Quick Overview

Name: Second Income Center (SIC).


Cost: $97 + Upsells.

Owner: Undisclosed.

My Score: Revealed at the end.

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What’s The Second Income Center About?

As soon as you land on the website ‘’ – it’s a squeeze page requesting your name and email for sending you a free video and cheat sheet.

According to the page, the video reveals “exactly how anyone can make $500 – 1,500/day online“.

And even when you attempt to close the page, there’s an exit popup of some mom “Melissa Johnson” who’s made $12,500 in just 7 short weeks with the life-changing system, allegedly.
Second Income Center Shady Tactics
After reviewing a TON of scams here – To me, the income claims seem exaggerated and the anonymous creator is clearly desperate to get his or her hands on your email address.

So something certainly smells fishy from the offset.



How Second Income Center Works For $ in Ya Pockets…

Once you’ve entered your email to gain access to the free video and cheat sheet, you land on a totally different site that claims you’ll “change your life NOW within 5 minutes” – followed by a hyped up sales video.

Like most of these “too good to be true” sales pitches I’ve come across, the video starts with a TV news channel discussing the concept of “working from home.”

While the clip may be real, the person behind ‘SIC’ uses it as a “trust-building” strategy in order to convince you to buy into the system = a Red Flag.

And then the voice-over in the video just rambles on about “get-rich-quick” fluff – basically selling you nothing but “the dream” – which, again, is a Red Flag because it’s a ploy for curbing your curiosity.

To top that off, there are fake testimonials from others who are apparently reeling in a fortune quickly and as easy as apple pie.
Second Income Center Fake Testimonials
These folks haven’t made a cent with ‘SIC’ because they’re simply hired on Fiverr for their acting services in order to pull the wool over your eyes.

Say Hello to the same dude on Fiverr.
Second Income Center Testimonials Are From Fiverr
YUP, you’ve guessed it… another Red Flag.

Sadly, the chances are you WON’T make a single dime from ‘SIC’ (just like those Fiverr members) because the system is non-existent.

What you’re really forking out $97 for is some so-called dream money-maker called ‘Personal Computer’ which claims to be the “#1 choice for success online.”
Second Income Center Scammy Personal Computer Opportunity
Apparently, you can rake in a TON of cash from simply “posting links” – basically “spamming” the internet with crap and hoping to get rich fast.

But truth be told, link posting is an outdated strategy and was never really that effective for making money on the web anyway.

I should know because it’s how I started out online in 1999! LMFAO!

Unfortunately, newbies are led to believe by the guy or gal behind ‘Personal Computer’ that posting affiliate links all over the place is gonna be a life-changer.

Put simply, both ‘SIC’ and ‘Personal Computer’ are a load of horse sh*t that will never work in a GAZILLION years!


Uh-Oh, Red Flag Galore!

So anyway, returning to ‘SIC’…

Before entering your details for the video/cheat sheet and parting with 97 of your hard-earned bucks for ‘Personal Computer’ on the second page/site, please bear these other Red Flags in mind.

Firstly, who the heck even is “Melissa Johnson?!”

With no actual proof of her or her story being genuine, makes her existence questionable.

In fact, it just so happens that Melissa Johnson is an alias because her face is from a stock photo website found here.
Melissa Johnson From Second Income Center is Fake
Additionally, she takes the form of other faces from stock photo sites.

Melissa Johnson is a Scam Artist
Not to mention other stage characters. One of whom also goes by the name of the untrustworthy Mary Stevens who fronts more online scams.
Mary Stevens is a Scam Artist
Secondly, when the creator of a money-making system chooses to remain anonymous, it should instantly trigger alarm bells.

If ‘SIC’ really was a legitimate and effective way of making a stack of cash online, then surely the owner would want to expose their identity and take full credit for their system.

Would they not?

Unfortunately, scam artists have a tendency to hide behind stage names or remain unknown because they’re money-grabbing cowards, at the end of the day.

Thirdly, entering your email address simply paves the way for the fraudster to spam your inbox with more crap to squeeze you like an orange for extra juicy cash in THEIIR pockets.

Or worse yet, he or she may even sell your email address to other *GASP* scammers!

Squeeze pages are an effective tactic for marketers to build their email lists for repeat customers, don’t get me wrong.

But when it comes to giving your email away to an anonymous individual peddling something “too good to be true” – well, then you’re potentially gonna have big problems down the road.


Conclusion: Is The Second Income Center a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownAs you’ve probably guessed throughout this entire review, I’m labelling the ‘SIC’ as a blatant SCAM.

It gets a big fat score of 0/10 from me!

Not only is the signup page and sales video full to the brim of hype and deception – but the sleazeball behind ‘SIC’ (or should I say “SICK”) is gonna cut and run with your money because quite clearly, they aren’t to be trusted – even with your email address.

Unfortunately, many newbies like you get caught out with these types of “get-rich-quick link posting” scams promising you the world on a plate.

So I urge you to stay the heck away from ‘SIC’ at all costs because the only person getting rich is the one behind it doing the scamming.

Making money online is totally possible but it’s never a quick and easy process like the fraudsters claim it to be.

It takes heaps of elbow grease and time to become successful. Trust me.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘SIC’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…



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