Secret Millionaire Bot [Review]: Automated Wealth Crap?

Here we go again, more “autobot” stuff making bold online income claims. This time, my review discusses the Secret Millionaire Bot.

Will this product really deliver on its promises of flooding your bank account with $100s on a daily basis?

Or is it just a Decepticon leading you astray, huh?

Tuck into this unbiased review from a “non-affiliate” of this product for a truthful answer…

Secret Millionaire Bot Review
Quick Overview

Name: Secret Millionaire Bot (SMB).


Cost: $7 (discounted price) + potentially $100s.

Owner: Charles Allen (just some stage act).

My Score: 1/10.

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What’s Secret Millioanire Bot All About?

As soon as you watch the sales video presentation, the English spokesman (Charles Allen) makes all sorts of bold claims.

Like, “your invitation has been accepted into a secret elite society of underground millionaires” who are raking in the megabucks online.

And how a hidden key is gonna enable you to follow in their footsteps – “banking up to $1,000,000 per year” and living a luxurious lifestyle.

Apparently, you’ll be using a push-button, fully automated robot that’s gonna rake in the dough for you.

Blah, blah, blah…

But what I find highly amusing about the sales pitch is that the guy reckons his “bot” is no “get-rich-quick” scam promising to make you a millionaire over the next 24 hours.
Secret Millionaire Bot Get Rich Quick Hype
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this PRECISELY the type of baloney pitched by the chap himself? LOL.

At the end of the day, the ‘SMB’ sales pitch is nothing but hype intended to sell you “the dream” and nothing else.

It’s no different from other far-fetched stuff I’ve previously reviewed like:

If it’s really so quick and easy to make megabucks on the net, especially from some “$7 product” – then why isn’t everyone and their aunt Mable living a sandy beach lifestyle, huh?


But before we get into the nuts n’ bolts of ‘SMB’.


Discover 6 Side-Splitting Red Flags…

YUP, you’ve guessed it.

The ‘SMB’ product raises all kinds of scam warnings – basically, manipulative strategies for the desperate creator to get their filthy hands on YOUR hard-earned cash.

First, let’s start with the sales page itself.


#1: Scarcity at Its Very Worst…

Apparently, only a few copies remain. So you need to act fast!
Secret Millionaire Bot Fake Scarcity

The only reason this tactic is deployed is that it’s extremely effective for “ethical” product creators who genuinely offer products of value.

The truth be told, the ‘SMB’ scarcity tactic is bullsh*t because it’s always gonna be available to buy.

Well, until its creator jumps ship (due to reviews like this exposing them) and decides to create other scammy rehashed versions.


#2: Exploits Big Logo Brands…

The Forbes, CNN, and Technorati, and Huff Post logos are displayed among others.
Secret Millionaire Bot Exploits Big Logo Names

The creator lures you into a false sense of security by giving you the impression that some of the top brands endorse ‘SMB’.

While, these brands may have mentioned “home working opportunities” in the past – they sure as hell wouldn’t touch ‘SMB’ with a ten-foot barge-pole.


#3: “Real” Reviews From Verified Users (Allegedly)…

There’s a bunch of peeps basically claiming that ‘SMB’ is THE golden opportunity of a lifetime, etc.
Secret Millionaire Bot Fake Member Reviews
But take their words with a grain of salt because those members” and their stories can easily be fabricated.

Furthermore, I find a few of their names extremely laughable.

First, there’s ‘Donald Trimps’. Hmm, does his name sound very familiar to that of a certain US president?

Secondly, there’s ‘Paula Yates’ – who was an English TV presenter.

Thirdly, ‘Natasha Bedingfield’ – who’s an English singer and songwriter.

So the person behind ‘SMB’ certainly isn’t gonna win any awards for “creativity” are they?

In addition to those so-called reviews, there’s “live social proof” (supposedly) – showing minute-by-minute Twitter and Facebook feeds of more members” blowing smoke up the ass of ‘SMB’.
Secret Millionaire Bot Fake Live Social Proof
But again, don’t believe a single word they say, because, for starters, their profile links aren’t even clickable.

Secondly, their profiles/names are likely to be fabricated and even their photos could be stolen from the web or bought from stock photo sites.

Even, if those peeps are the real deal (which I find highly doubtful), they’re gonna be “affiliates” promoting ‘SMB’ for easy cash in THEIR own pockets.

And thirdly, none of the members” FB posts or tweets have a single like, comment or share/retweet.

Which, either suggests they’re total loners (lol) OR they’re as fake a three dollar bill.


Now, as for the hyped-up sales video.


#4: Insane Million Dollar Profits…

The video spokesman claims some members’ are generating insane daily profits on the internet.

And even shows a screenshot of someone’s million-dollar earnings as an example.
Secret Millionaire Bot Fake Million Dollar Income Proof
But don’t be misled so easily because the screenshots could be from anywhere online.

Actually, I’m willing to bet that the screenshots are false.

Especially, when things are easily forged on the web, and the guy behind ‘SMB’ doesn’t actually show you HOW the figures were produced.


#5: $1,000s Made in The Blink of an Eye…

There are video testimonials from members” who are raking in literally $1,000s/$10,000s within a few short weeks of using ‘SMB’.

One of those folks is this guy here.
Fast Cash Club Fake Testimonials
But are you ready for the truth?

He’s actually a paid actor who’s been hired from for his “spokesperson” services.

Say hello to the dude again.
Fast Cash Club Testimonials From Fiverr
Ha, busted.

It’s a same with all the ‘SMB’ video testimonials.

They’re produced by the same Fiverr members’ who also did fake-ass testimonials for the Fast Cash Club, 7 Minutes Daily Profits, and Your Income Profits, to name a few.

In fact, the ‘SMB’ sales page itself states that “the testimonials have been forwarded to us by users of Easy Insta Profits – another dud I reviewed.

Say whaaa!?

The creator basically clarifies that their system is non-existent LOL.


#6: Who The Heck is “Charles Allen”?…

I think we’d all like the answer to that question, young grasshopper!

Charles reckons he’s both the creator and video spokesman.

But sadly not because the bottom of the ‘SMB’ page clearly states “the spokesperson used in the video is using a pen name”.

Buy why, I hear you ask?

It’s so you can’t damage the shady creator’s reputation online when you discover their product is an utter pile of crap that never will magically fill your bank account.


How Does Secret Millionaire Bot “Really” Work?

After all the red flags I’ve highlighted, I think it’s reasonable to say that it’s not gonna deliver what it promises on the tin.

So what you really get access to once you’ve parted with 7 bucks – is a membership area filled with other ways to squeeze more cash from you and also some training.

As you land in the members’ area, you’ll be encouraged to sign up for a VIP members” workshop from John Crestani – the founder of Internet Jetset.

The workshop will be free, but it will funnel you into a paid program at the end.

Secondly, you’ll be asked to activate your free website for VIP members’.

Except, the site isn’t free at all because there are web hosting fees required to run it.

Thirdly, you’ll be tempted to invest in a recommended product called Bulletproof Profits – which is another piece of junk that was no doubt created by the same person behind ‘SMB’.

As for the training part, all you get are some extremely short and generic videos on making money on Instagram using concepts like affiliate marketing.

But I wouldn’t hold your breath when it comes to being profitable on Instagram because the training is inadequate – the same type of training you can locate for “free” on YouTube.

In my opinion, the most valuable asset is Crestani’s workshop (which isn’t even a part of ‘SMB’ anyways lol).




  • It costs only 7 bucks
  • You get SOME value
  • You can request a refund from Clickbank


  • Both the sales page & video are full to the brim of hyped-up income claims & deception
  • The creator tries their hardest to convince you to spend $100s on other products
  • The training lacks depth – making it insufficient for success


Final Thoughts: Is Secret Millionaire Bot a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownWith the amount of deception taking place throughout the sales pitches, the fact that the creator tries his/her luck with you for more dollars in THEIR pockets, and also the video tutorials delivering bear bone stuff that can be found for $0…

I’d LOVE nothing more than to label Secret Millionaire Bot as a complete and utter scam.

BUT, because there’s SOME level of value and the important fact that Clickbank offers you a refund, prevents me from doing so.

But don’t think for one second that I’m gonna recommend ‘SMB’ to a newbie because it’s nothing more than some “get-rich-quick” fairy tale garbage.

If you’re sick to the back teeth of con artists taking you for a ride, but looking for a LEGIT way of earning a sustainable income online – one that’s beginner-friendly…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you’ve got any questions or thoughts to share on ‘SMB’ – we’d LOVE to hear from ya in the comments thread below…

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