Secret Society of Millionaires Review (A Shocking Secret Exposed!)

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You might be wondering if it really holds the key to wealth online…

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Secret Society of Millionaires Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Secret Society of Millionaires (SSOM).


Cost: $49 + $? (See review for the top-secret fees).

Owner: Jason Alton (Used as a secret identity).

But before getting stuck in…

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What is Secret Society of Millionaires About? SHH!…

The Secret Society of Millionaires is one of those “if I told you, I’d have to kill you” type of things.

Nah, just kidding! 😛

On a more serious note – apparently, it’s some secret automated system that helps you to produce $2,550+ each week resulting in a $10K-per-month income…

There’s no MLM, pyramid selling, and chasing down family and friends involved…

And the life-changing opportunity is “invite-only” – you have to be introduced to get access…

But if that’s true, then how come the link is publicly accessible in Google?! LOL.

I dunno about you, but I come across this type of hype on a regular basis and it kinda gets tedious after a while.

See some examples of the recent crap I’ve been unlucky to find:

But does that make ‘SSOM’ just another lame “Get-Rich-Quick” scheme or will it really be stuffing your bank account with $1,000s?

Hmm… you’re about to get the answer soon enough.

But first…


Let’s Look at a Few Secret Society of Millionaires Red Flags

Like most of these systems that seem almost “too good to true”, there are certain elements on the sales pages and within the cheesy videos setting off alarm bells.

When it comes to ‘SSOM’, I easily picked up on 3 red flags that made me question the legitimacy of it.


Red Flag #1: Expiration of Discount

Fake Countdown Scarcity
The timer countdown hit “0” which meant I missed out on my “92% off” discount. Bummer!

But guess what, I was still able to access the system for $49. YAY!

Although using a timer is an ethical scarcity strategy used by a number of legitimate programs, the way ‘SSOM’ uses it is false.

You can refresh the sales page and attempt to make a purchase as many times as you want, and you never ever lose your discount.

And another thing: The regular price is apparently “$597” reduced to just “$49” one-time. Except that’s also a lie (which I’ll explain shortly).


Red Flag #2: Limited Number of Spots

Again, it’s another scarcity technique to shift your ass into joining ASAP, so you don’t lose out!

Jason Alton claims that he’s only helping to mentor 20 people. In fact, spots filled up that quickly, that there was only 1 spot left for me!
Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
Oh no… shock… horror… quickly, take my credit card, Mr. Alton!! LOL.

But it’s actually a load of BS because, in truth, the guy has “unlimited” spots open.

Why would he turn down everyone’s money – well, unless he HATES a bank full of cash?


Red Flag #3: As Featured on…

‘SSOM’ also promotes “work from home opportunities” as featured on the following news channels…
Secret Society of Millionaires Fake News Endorsements
Don’t get me wrong, these channels may well have reported on folks working from home and earning an income.

But some scammers usually take advantage of these stories by using news channels logos to gain your trust and lure you into a honey trap.

In addition, I picked up on a couple of other scam warning signs with ‘SSOM’.

The video testimonials you see from people who are making $1,000’s with the system aren’t even genuine.

They are a bunch of LIARS – actors/actresses hired on Fiverr to create “fake testimonial” garbage for tricking newbies like you.

But the biggest lie and insult of all in my book, is that Jason Alton (the system’s creator) is also fabricated.

Within his sales video, he tries to build a bond with you by making you believe that he and his lady friend (Tai) are living the life of their dreams with the system.
Jason Alton Fake Founder
But since both their faces are from a stock photo site, I highly doubt they are the real deal.

Say “Hello” to Jason and Tai again!
Stock Photo of Jason Alton
If I had to guess, they are used to mask the real person behind the system who is frightened to come out to play lol.

So, is ‘SSOM’ A SCAM?

Unfortunately, it sure looks that way.



Ready For The Most Shocking Part About The Secret Society of Millionaires?

‘SSOM’ is a total fabrication.

It’s simply a disguise created by an “affiliate of MOBE” (My Own Business Education – formerly My Online Business Empire).

Unfortunately, a number of other MOBE affiliates have also created dirty fake systems like ‘My Online Franchise‘, ‘My Millionaire Mentor, and ‘UDC System‘, to name a few.

MOBE is simply a “high-ticket” coaching program designed by Matt Lloyd (also the author of ‘WiFi Millionaire‘).

Mr. Lloyd’s MOBE platform is a “Plug n’ Play” system.

Which, means you need to buy massively expensive products at various levels for the privilege of promoting them for huge commission checks.

With the ‘Done-For-You’ system, you can earn up to $5,500 affiliate commissions per sale.

To get through MOBE’s door and access a 21-step training program plus get a mentor will cost just $49 one-time.

But for maximum commissions, you’ll need to splash out on 5 membership levels ranging from $2,497 to $29,997 + $100s in monthly fees + possibly $100s for paid traffic to your system.

If you’ve got $30K+ lying around and collecting dust, then, by all means, knock yourself out and join MOBE.

But if you’re already broke and/or on a budget, can you really justify taking out a loan for a system that costs as much as a top-of-the-range Transformers Camaro?


Final Say on The Secret Society of Millionaires…

A Big Thumbs DownWith the FULL costs of MOBE hidden away from public view, you can definitely call it a “secret society” alright!


But in my opinion, you’d have to be stark raving bonkers to spend $1,000s on getting started with an online business.

In all honesty, starting an online biz can be free. And even finding the right tools, training, and support for success can cost you less than $500 per year.

So MOBE really has no valid excuse for charging you the Earth.

And as for the Secret Society of Millionaires system… What a JOKE, hey?

I’m giving ‘SSOM’ a HUGE 0/10!

Simply put, a number of Matt Lloyd’s affiliates should learn how to build an online Biz “ethically” instead of using shady tactics to exploit newbies. Agree?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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