Secure Job Position – Legit Money Maker? (Reviewed)

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Is it really a legit money-maker that’s seriously gonna change your life or just a dirty scam to avoid at all costs, huh?

Get stuck into this unbiased review if you wanna know the truth…

Secure Job Position Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Secure Job Position (SJP).


Cost: $97.

Owner: Kelly Simmons (a fabricated person).

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: SCAM.

Summary: If you want the short answer – Yes, this program is a scam 100%.

It’s nothing more than a hyped-up joke that uses unethical and persuasive marketing tactics for selling you “the dream”. You will lose 97 bucks!

To discover why ‘SJP’ is a scam, continue reading this FULL review because it will save you from falling into the trap and wasting your hard-earned cash.

But first things first…

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What is Secure Job Position All About?

With a commonly used scammy template and theme, Secure Job Position is just another hyped up fake program…

That’s basically selling you the dream lifestyle (without breaking a sweat) that everybody desires.

There are literally thousands of these fraudulent opportunities floating around in the digital world…

And here are a few others I have reviewed that are identical to ‘SJP’:

To discover even more of this garbage, see my list of scams to avoid here.

The program boldly claims that within 5 minutes of joining…

You can begin to earn a life-changing income almost immediately, and without any skills required, blahdy blah.
Secure Job Position Fake Income Claims
Who doesn’t wanna make lots of easy cash on the web, huh?

Making big bucks on the internet can happen for you…

But it’s not as easy as joining some opportunity and waiting for moolah to flood your account while you chillax with Game of Thrones.

Simply put, if you wanna earn some serious dough online, “work” your ass off for it because there is no other way.

But scammers will always tell you differently, for obvious reasons.


How Does Secure Job Position Work, Huh?

The individual behind it basically dangles a carrot in your face.

Because there’s no description of the tasks required for making a boatload of money, other than posting links and getting paid.

Spamming the web with raw affiliate links worked in the late 90s…

But the web has matured like a good bottle of wine since then.

So if you wanna be profitable in today’s internet marketing world, you must build a blog and create “value”.

Obviously, there are other strategies like vlogging and building sales funnels, etc. But you only need to choose ONE strategy as a noob.

Which is why I recommend starting a blog through WordPress, that comes with a bunch of other advantages.

But anyway, back to ‘SJP’…

Link posting is both an outdated and ineffective strategy. Period.

Spamming will never build you a successful business because folks (your audience) hate it, and so they ignore your links.

You only need to join a “make money online” group on Facebook to see where I’m coming from.


The Red Flags With Secure Job Position

Red Flag #1:

The promise of making a shed load of money very quickly is the first obvious scam warning that you come across with the program.

I’m sorry, but “get-rich-quick” is a lie that was invented by those wanting to exploit genuine folks like you for their own selfish needs.

Red Flag #2:

“Limited number of spots” and “check availability in your area”.

It’s a scarcity tactic for urging you to swipe your credit card so the ship doesn’t set sail without you. Well, so you’re meant to believe.

The truth is, places are never limited when it comes to money-making platforms because the internet’s so huge.

Yeah, there may be instances, like with Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday deal, for example, where it’s only available for 4 days…

But with scams like ‘SJP’, they aren’t going anywhere because why wouldn’t the creator want your cash anyway?

Red Flag #3:

“As seen on” FOX NEWS, MSNBC, USA TODAY, abc, and CNN.
Fake News Endorsements
It’s a sleazy strategy used to “legitimize” the program.

If big TV news outlet logos are advertised on the sales page, then why wouldn’t you fork out the $97?

Red Flag #4:

A name is made up to make the program seem even more legitimate.

Kelly Simmons is a fabricated person because you don’t see a real face behind the program.

The actual coward behind the hoax is hiding under a rock somewhere while his or her bank account digits multiply at newbies’ expenses.




  • It’s a fantastic example of what “not” to invest your money into


  • It makes false claims of easily and quickly making big money
  • Various deceptive marketing techniques are used
  • You will earn ZERO cash because it doesn’t work
  • The owner isn’t a real person
  • Don’t expect a refund


Final Conclusion on The Secure Job Position Scam…

The Secure Job Position system may come across as the answer to your prayers…

But I assure you it’s far from it because it’s nothing more than one big joke that’s out to trick newbies just like you.

With the red flag warning signs:

Generating wealth quickly, a limited number of positions, the advertisement of top news channels, and especially a fake owner without a face…

Should be enough to send you running for the hills.

If you pay the membership fee of $97, you will lose your money. I guarantee it.

Affiliate marketing is a real business model and it is possible to earn a life-changing income from promoting products and services on behalf of affiliate programs.

But to be a huge success as an affiliate, you will need to work your tail off and fully commit yourself to build a business.

Because there’s just no substitute for “hard work”.

Yeah sure, you can join every hyped up shiny object out there…

But the only ones who are gonna be laughing all the way to the bank are the scammers at the end of the day.

When it comes to the internet, the idea of “Get-Rich-Quick” always has been and always will be a myth.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or bad experiences with ‘SJP’ that you’d like to share with us, then we’d love to hear your comments below…



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