SEMrush, is it “The” HOTTEST SEO Tool? (Reviewed)

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Is SEMrush The Hottest SEO Keyword Tool
Quick Overview

Name: SEMrush.


Price: Free trial. PRO – $69.95/month. GURU – $149.95/month. BUSINESS – $549.95/month.

Owner: Oleg Shchegolev.

My Score: 6/10.

Verdict: It’s a great tool that offers a variety of features for both SEO and PPC marketers.

However, it is missing some important keyword research data from an SEO standpoint.

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What’s SEMrush All About?

To succeed as an internet marketer today, it’s vital to focus on locating “keywords” for successfully running paid ads in the search engines and also getting your blog content ranked for free organic traffic.

This is where SEMrush (SR) steps in.

‘SR’ is a keyword research tool that enables both PPC and SEO marketers to become profitable from the implementation of specific keyword phrases into their marketing campaigns.

In addition to being a keyword tool, the software provides you with a bunch of other cool features that are gonna help you to smash it as a web-based business owner.

I’ll give you a quick run-through of the features in a jiffy.


Who is Mostly Gonna Benefit From it?

The ‘SR’ research platform is the perfect software for Pay Per Click marketers, affiliate marketers, bloggers, static website owners, marketing companies, and also Search Engine Optimization specialists.

Anyone and everyone who is building a business online and wanting to earn revenue for either themselves or for other clients will highly benefit from using the tool.

The other great thing about ‘SR’ is that even if you’re a total newbie when it comes to digital marketing, you can play around with the tool for 7 days before being charged a single penny.


Do You Get Access to Any Training?

Yes, indeedy!

The first thing I noticed about ‘SR’ is that you can submit your details to request a free personal online demonstration from one of their coaches.

This is something worth doing if you’re a total noob to the platform and the world of searching for keywords.

There are also additional video tutorials that cover Getting Started With SEMrush, Domain Overview Report and Five Things I Hate About SEMrush! LOL.


Let’s Look at The Features…

SEMrush Keyword Research Data
When it comes to the main tools and features, you have access to:

  • Organic Research
  • Advertising Research
  • Display Advertising
  • Backlinks
  • Video Advertising Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Social Media Tool
  • Brand Monitoring
  • SEO Ideas

These are certainly some cool tools that not only allow you to research keyword ideas for your ad campaigns and blog content but also give you in-depth insights into your online biz.

Plus I guess you can spy on your competitors’ too. 😉

In addition to the tools mentioned, you get a few more features for the SEO side of things:

Keyword Difficulty

You’re able to locate keywords with the least amount of competition and estimate the difficulty of every keyword phrase.

Discover how to get to the top of the SERPs.

Domain vs. Domain

You can compare your competitors domains to discover their unique keywords and visualize their data too.

You’ll be able to enter and compare up to 5 domains per search attempt.


You also have the ability compare your competitors domains within Google and Bing using visibility indicators.

This allows you to perform quick assessments of your competition and discover the most important metrics you need.


OK, so What About Help & Support?

As for the help and support aspect, you have the options to either contact the support team by phone call or send a message through their “contact us” page.

Additionally, you can visit the ‘SR’ blog, watch webinars, attend events, and even connect with the team through their various social media accounts.


How Much is SEMrush Gonna Cost You?

‘SR’ comes with 3 different price plans to suit everyone’s needs:

PRO = $69.95/month or $699.40/year with a saving of $140.

GURU = $149.95/month or $1499.40/year with a saving of $300.

BUSINESS = $549.95/month or $5499.40/year with a saving of $1,100.

Your pricing plan option really depends on the number of tools and features you want access to, and of course how much your budget can stretch to.




  • It comes with a Free trial
  • Training & Support is available
  • You’re provided with plenty of tools/features
  • It’s web-based, so nothing to install on your PC
  • The data is broken down
  • A huge database of keywords is available
  • A mobile version is available
  • A 7-day money back guarantee is offered


  • The Free trial is very limited
  • The membership options are a little pricey
  • It’s not very user-friendly, especially for beginners
  • It focuses more on the PPC aspect of online marketing
  • The SEO side lacks the essential keyword metrics


Closing Thoughts: Is SEMrush Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs Up‘SR’ is an awesome tool with some fantastic features.

But in my opinion, it lacks some of the most important “key” metrics for bloggers who wanna get their content ranked in Google using SEO.

In addition, I find the costs of the tool a little steep, especially the Guru and Business options. I guess they’re great for agencies, but a TON of money to splash out for marketers who are building their own online empires.

The Bottom Line: ‘SR’ is a great tool to use and is definitely worth taking for a free 7-day spin.

I just think it needs to focus more on providing the essential SEO keyword metrics you need for organic rankings.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘SR’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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