SFI Affiliate Center Review: (Another Scammy MLM Opp?)

Howdy, welcome to my review of the SFI Affiliate Center!

It boasts about being “the world’s largest affiliate network”.

But that doesn’t automatically make it “the best” or even mean that every member is raking in the bucks.

Heck, for all we know, it could be an MLM, and even a scammy one at that.

But if you wanna know the truth from someone who’s already had a look on the inside of the program.

Then dive right into this unbiased article…

Is SFI Affiliate Center Another Garbage MLM Scam
Quick Overview

Name: SFI.

Website: sfimg.com/sfi4.com.

Cost: Free + $100s in product purchases.

Owner: Gery Carson.

My Score: 4/10.

Verdict: (LEGIT) – Offers great support options, but it lacks video tutorial training and is a difficult program to get your head around.

Especially, if you’re an absolute beginner when it comes to making money online.

However, what I dislike about SFI is that “recruiting” others is involved, which, unfortunately, makes it a Network Marketing opportunity.

Basically, masking itself as an “Affiliate Marketing” business model.

But speaking of the MLM world, see my friend’s blog (SmartAffiliateTrends.com) – where he does a pretty good job of reviewing MLMs. 😉

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What’s The SFI Affiliate Center All About?

SFI claims to be “the world’s #1 affiliate program” helping people like you to earn a 2nd income on the internet.

From selling over 90,000+ products worldwide.

As a member, you’ll receive free custom-made websites and plugin marketing tools/programs for generating a continuous income 24/7.

The program works in 3 ways:

Firstly, You head over to ‘Triple Clicks’ and choose a product that you’d like to promote.

Secondly, Grab your special affiliate link for that product and follow training on how to promote it.

Thirdly, You make a 45% commission when somebody makes a purchase.

These steps will be explained in more detail shortly.

But it all sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Unfortunately, the platform isn’t that simple because it’s really an “MLM” in disguise – which involves A LOT of moving parts.

Everything about it makes your head spin – making it challenging to generate an income, in my opinion.

If you wanna know how affiliate marketing should really be done (without having to recruit others)…

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Who Will Benefit From SFI, Huh?

The program is for anybody who wants the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions from selling products as well as building a downline.

In addition, it’s for folks who want their own eCommerce stores and also wanna earn from profit sharing, which I’ll discuss in this review.

However, if you’re a total newbie, then it’s not really an ideal money maker because you will struggle to make sense of the platform.

As I’ve already pointed out.

Over the years, I’ve acquired heaps of internet and affiliate marketing experience, and even I struggled to navigate the platform.

Talk about feeling like Captain Jack Sparrow with a broken compass! LOL.


What Training do You Get From SFI?

Once you’re a free member, you begin with the “Launch Pad” training which consists of 11 different topics.

That basically cover how to get up and running to start earning from SFI.
Launch Pad Getting Started Training
You’ll be introduced to:

  1. Zing Network Basics
  2. SFI Basics
  3. VersaPoints
  4. Rewardicals
  5. Localvantia
  6. TripleClicks… Your Store!
  7. Sponsoring
  8. Getting off the Anti-Wealth Plan
  9. Internet Sales
  10. At Your Service!
  11. Taking it to The Next Level
  12. Team Building
  13. Learning is the beginning of wealth
  14. The SFI Mission Statement

You’ll also find a bunch of lessons within each section – giving you a total of 59 lessons to walk through and implement.

YUP, there’s a TON of learning to be done – which can take quite a while to get through, particularly as a newbie.

But unfortunately, the training is in the form of generic articles.

With no actual step-by-step video tutorials on how to get a Biz started up and make money with the program.

I especially don’t like the fact that the amount of written training makes things feel incredibly overwhelming.


Inside The Affiliate Center Itself…

Once you’ve worked your way through the Launch Pad training.

You can access the “Affiliate Center” which contains HEAPS of resources – as you can see in the screenshot below.
Affiliate Center Dashboard
Plus there’s even MORE training on generating sales, sponsoring affiliates, and rules of success, to name a few topics.

Basically, helping everything to sink in as a new SFI member.

SFI Rules of Success Training

An Example of The Training.

To top that off, there’s a course called “Internet Income 2.0”.

Which, gives you training on internet marketing methods – from starting your own blog to WordPress Plugins to Google Analytics to social media, etc.

The training’s in written format (although some of it includes audio).

BUT again, there’s zero solid video training on walking you through the steps to success.

Also, there are no step-by-step screenshots either which makes the training difficult for newbies to implement.

In my own newbie experiences (many moons ago), I simply could not get started off on the right foot online without screenshots and videos.

So this is an issue that needs addressing by SFI – to give members’ a fighting chance of success.

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What About Tools Inside The Affiliate Center?

When it comes to the tools, you can get your own ‘TripleClicks’ eCommerce storefront if you have your own products to sell on the web.

But not everybody is keen on that online biz route because affiliate marketing is a better and easier option, in my opinion.

Within the Affiliate Center itself…

You can also gain access to team building and communication tools as well as hit tracking and marketing aids for generating product sales and commissions.

So there are quite a few resources to keep you busy with your SFI marketing efforts.


What Support Does SFI Offer You?

There are various options for help with this program:

  • There’s a Glossary page
  • A contact page with email, phone, fax, and address details
  • A community forum of members
  • The opportunity to contact your sponsor & upline team
  • Live chat is also available with other members

You certainly can’t complain when it comes to support.

In fact, it’s probably my favourite part of the opportunity because there’s always something or someone to fall back on when you’re stuck.


How Will You Make Money With SFI?

As I mentioned at the start of my review, there are 3 ways to earn with SFI – that include:


#1 – Internet Sales

For starters, you can earn a 45% commission each time you sell a product through an affiliate link or banner on your site.

You’ll also earn royalties whenever a business you refer to the program also make sales with the program.

Plus, if you already have your own products that you wanna shift, you can open up an eCommerce store with TripleClicks.


#2 – Team Sales

When you introduce other affiliates, you’ll earn “override commissions” for the internet sales they also generate month in, month out.

Which, basically means SFI is also a Network Marketing BizOpp.


#3 – Profit Sharing

You can earn your share of the profits generated by ALL affiliates of the program.

But in order to claim your share of the revenue sharing pool.

You must have at least 1,500 VP every month which are awarded to you for setting up a standing order to buy products yourself.

So you must be prepared to invest $100s for your fair share.

Unfortunately, this is how most MLMs/Network Marketing businesses grab you by the kahoonas (if you’re a guy).

A few more ways to make money with the opportunity:

  • Bounties for Pay-Per-Click actions
  • Become a Team Leader & reach specific milestones
  • TCredit Bonuses

But I’m not gonna fry your brain with the over-complicated compensation plans that come with MLM programs like this lol.

So I think it’s reasonable to say that SFI goes far beyond the scope of “affiliate marketing” – which should really be highlighted before you join.




  • It’s free to join
  • Up to $100 in free bonuses
  • Launch Pad getting started (+ extra) training
  • Multiple income streams to earn from
  • Help & support is accessible


  • Far too many tabs & links makes the affiliate center overwhelming
  • There’s no real step-by-step training – just a bunch of articles
  • A very confusing program combining affiliate marketing, MLM & eCommerce
  • The compensation payment play is way overcomplicated
  • Claims you can start earning within “hours” – I find it misleading
  • It’s not upfront about being an MLM from the beginning
  • You’re encouraged to set up a monthly standing order to buy products just to qualify for “VersaPoints” (VP) used for bonuses, commissions & profit sharing
  • Newbies will find it very difficult to make money


Final Thoughts: Is SFI Worth it or a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownSFI delivers a great level of support and offers some “OK” training, in my book.

BUT it certainly doesn’t get my vote for being the “best/top affiliate network” for folks to earn an online income.

Because, there are some major downsides to it.

To begin with, Gery fails to provide noobs with step-by-step video tutorials.

There’s also far too much written training which can create “info-overload”.

Secondly, there are way too many tabs within the dashboard area which makes the program extremely frustrating to navigate and overwhelming.

Thirdly, not only are you manipulated into buying products yourself.

But I think the commission and overall income structure is over-complicated.

The Bottom Line: SFI is LEGIT since it offers some degree of value.

But members (noobs especially) will have a tough time earning a full-time income.

Want a better way of earning online that DOESN’T involve confusing/complicated MLM opportunities and spending a fortune on products?…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

Do you have any questions or thoughts on Gery Carson’s program? We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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