Smart Money Methods: Be Smart… RUN! [Reviewed]

Welcome to my review!

Smart Money Methods (SMM) is yet, another, deceptive Clickbank (CB) product in the “make money online” arena making far-fetched income claims.

Unfortunately, ‘CB’ has a bad reputation due to peddling “get-rich-quick” garbage, like Kindle Sniper, The AZ Code, 60 Minute Profit Plan, and 30 Minute Money Methods, to name a few systems.

So, take this as a word of warning when it comes to ‘CB’ because the majority of money-makers listed within its marketplace are highly deceptive.

However, there are some legitimate programs listed, like Internet Jetset, for example – but just tread carefully is all I’m saying.

Anyway, back to ‘SMM’. What makes it such an untrustworthy and low-grade opportunity, huh?

I’m about to reveal all inside this honest review.

So stick around, bud!

Be Smart and Run Away From Smart Money Methods Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: Smart Money Methods.


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Mark Foster?

My Score: 2/10.

But before taking another step further…

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What is Smart Money Methods All About?

‘SMM’ claims it’s “A brand new idiot-proof scheme that makes up to $7,592.30 per week online starting today“.

YUP, that’s right, you’ll be making up to a cool $30,000 per month in just 30 days!

And get this, it’s so “EASY” as warm apple pie when you know how!
Smart Money Methods Easy Income Hype
Did you also know: “You’re one of the lucky few who has the chance to watch the video before it’s taken down”?…

“Only a limited number of people will ever get to see this”?…

“What you’re about to discover is extremely shocking and highly lucrative”?…

“It’s something you’ve never heard or seen before”?…

Blah, blah, blah…

*YAWN* Z z z…

The cheesy and hyped up sales video to is extremely deceptive, to say the least, because everything that comes out of the guy’s mouth is pure Bullsh*t.

If I had a dollar each time I heard that baloney online, I’d be wealthier than Bill Gates by now lol.


How Does Smart Money Methods Work, Supposedly?

Mark Foster claims ‘SMM’ is something you can do working only a few hours per week on your laptop or mobile at your leisure from the comfort of your own home, favorite coffee shop or even the beach, etc.
Smart Money Methods Selling The Beach Laptop Lifestyle
He also comes out with the usual crap like it doesn’t involve surveys, App testing, and Bitcoin, blahdy blah.

In fact, the money-making method is so fast, easy-peasy, and lucrative, that he doesn’t actually wanna share it with you lol.

Throughout the whole presentation, he just talks about his system and how you’re gonna be making literally $1,000s per month and “living the dream”.

He tells you absolutely nothing about HOW it REALLY works, whatsoever. UGH!

The sales pitch purposely fails to get down to the nitty-gritty because it’s a sly tactic to make you more and more eager to hand over your cash.

Plus the “get-rich-quick” system is non-existent to begin with, so how can the guy possibly give you the lowdown on something imaginary?


Let’s Look at Some Red Flags in Detail…

First of all, the sales page shows you’ll earn exact figures ofย $7,592.30.

The reason for this is to make the figures seem more realistic and believable.

Tell me, are you more likely to trust a program promising earnings of $7,592.30 or rounded off to $8,000 per month?

I think you know the answer! ๐Ÿ˜›

Secondly, when it comes to the “limited spots available” thing – it’s just a dirty scarcity trick used to quickly push you into punching in your credit card details.
Smart Money Methods Fake Limited Spots Scarcity
When you’re led to believe that ‘SMM’ (the golden opportunity of a lifetime) is gonna be here today, gone tomorrow – of course, you’re gonna invest without thinking twice.

The name of the game is for Mark to trick as many folks as possible so he can fill HIS own pockets.

Shame on that man!

The truth be told, there’s always gonna be limited positions available whenever you watch the video. Watch it again in a month’s time and you’ll see my point lol.

Thirdly, who the heck is “Mark Foster”, huh?
Smart Money Methods Owner Mark Foster is Fake
Mr. Foster makes you believe that he’s the actual guy who created the system.

But in all honesty, he’s full of piss and wind because he doesn’t provide any concrete evidence of him being who he claims to be. No photo. Nothing.

Second of all, you can bet your sweet potatoes that his voice belongs to some guy hired on Fiverr as a spokesperson to read the script.

At the end of the day, Mark’s just a fictitious person for the REAL creator to hide behind and easily create a fake relationship with you.


The Cost, It’s a Bit of a Joke Really…

The $37 fee for ‘SMM’ is a red flag in itself because it makes you think you’re getting an absolute bargain of a lifetime.ย 

When a life-changing opportunity costs less than 40 bucks, why wouldn’t you immediately hand over your hard-earned cash?

Also, if something has a dirt-cheap price tag in the “make money online” world, you can bet your ass it’s gonna be a pile of garbage, right off the bat.

But the biggest joke of all is when you’re offered further upsells after your initial $37 investment.

You’re looking at forking out an extra $374 which is pretty much like Ronald McDonald asking if you want fries and a strawberry milkshake to go with your Big Mac burger.

Upsells are designed to “beef up” your order so you’re getting more value.

But in the case of ‘SMM’, it’s just basic training on “Affiliate Marketing” which you can learn more about (step-by-step) from a much better place here – and build a highly profitable Biz online.


Final Thoughts: Is Smart Money Methods a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownWhile you do get some sort of value from ‘SMM’ (in the form basic info on ways to turn a buck on the web) – the sales video is deceiving, not to mention the “get-rich-quick” system is just a fairy tale story.

So if you expect to make $30K per month from spending 30 minutes per day on your laptop/mobile without lifting a finger, sorry to burst your bubble but it’s never gonna happen. Period.

Does this mean ‘SMM’ is a flat-out SCAM?

In my opinion, it’s 50/50. So I certainly don’t recommend it.

But don’t be discouraged by the fictitious Mark and the Bullsh*t that comes out of his mouth because earning a full-time income on the internet is possible if you’re willing to work your socks off.

If you’re after a 100% LEGIT way of making money on the web without being tricked by Clickbank product owners and scam artists, in general…

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Your Friend, Neil ๐Ÿ˜€

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