Speed Wealth System: A SPEEDY Way to Lose Cash? [Review]

Thanks for dropping in on my Speed Wealth System review!

This is another Clickbank product making it sound incredibly “easy-peasy” to stuff your pockets with cash ($1K per day, to be exact).

But the golden question:

Is this system really gonna be your cash cow or leave you high and dry like the rest of the pathetic “get-rich-quick” trash out there?

If you want a truthful answer, all is revealed in this honest and unbiased review…

Speed Wealth System Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Speed Wealth System (SWS).

Website: speedwealth.net.

Cost: $27 + $19.95/month + $199, $97 & $197 in Upsells.

Owner: Matthew Neer.

My Score: 5/10.


The Speed Wealth System is basically a ‘Done-For-You’ system that’s designed to make it easier for you to earn via affiliate marketing.

But as with all of Neer’s products, he hypes it up to make it seem like the best thing since sliced bread – which is far from it.

Because variables still come into play for raking in the big bucks from this system.

However, what I really dislike about this system is that it’s “plug n’ play”.

This means you must splash out $100s on the products inside the system yourself in order to earn big commissions.

So SWS isn’t a true representation of affiliate marketing, in my book.

But before getting stuck into this review of ‘SWS’.

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What’s The Speed Wealth System About?

‘SWS’ (aka Speed Wealth Commission System) is another one of Matthew Neer’s hyped up online-based income-generating systems.

The guy claims his ‘Done-For-You’ system automatically closes the sales for you, bringing you in over $1,000 per day

More commissions than you can physically handle!

And then comes the famous line which you’ve heard a GAZILLION times:

This is Different From Anything You Have Ever Seen Before” – followed by “This ISN’T“:

The truth is, ‘SWS’ IS a strategy you HAVE seen a number of times (as highlighted in this review).

But Matthew wants you to think you’re getting your hands on some “top secret” formula, so you invest.

Apparently, to earn a life-changing income with ‘SWS’…


All you do is follow 5 super-duper easy steps:

  1. Login to Your Account
  2. Connect Your Commission Link
  3. Select Your Traffic Source
  4. Point Traffic To Your Commission Link
  5. Sit Back, Relax and Make Commissions

In fact, it’s so EASY, that Matthew himself makes megabucks in his sleep!
Matthew Neers Hyped up Income Claims
But is raking in a fortune and living the life of Riley really gonna be as easy as apple pie – especially for a “newbie”, huh?


In all honesty, I have my reservations because I think Mr. Neer is full of sh*t LOL.

But I guess we’ll see in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

If you’re unfamiliar with the guy, he’s one of the well-known internet marketers who is behind numerous products.

Like the $5K Formula System, Viral Cash App, and also Wealth Ascension System, to name a few.

But in my opinion, most of his products leave a lot to be desired because they fail to deliver the goods (as promised in Matthew’s sales videos).

So where does that leave ‘SWS’, hey?…


Let’s Pop The Hood of The Speed Wealth System

Sales FunnelOnce you gain access to ‘SWS’, you get a ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnel for promoting the very same system along with the Upsells inside it.

This allows you to earn 50% to 100% affiliate commissions on each product.

It’s similar to Earn Easy Commissions, Yoonla, WiFi Wealth System, and Residual Income Code.

Where you buy into the systems and promote them for the creators in order to get rewarded.

But before we continue…

If you’re clueless about a “sales funnel”:

Then grab a free copy of ‘DotCom’ secrets to learn the ins and outs, and how a funnel can make you highly profitable as a Biz owner.

Alternatively, join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp for free video training on how to build your own profitable funnel around your hobby or passion.


But anyway, back to ‘SWS’…

Before you can get your pre-built funnel up and running:

You first need to watch an introduction video for getting started online with the system so you can get to grips with it.

And then it’s a case of:

  • Setting up your affiliate links to activate your system
  • Watching a bunch of traffic-generation videos for sending visitors to your funnel
  • And taking action on Matthew’s guidance.

However, to gain the maximum amount of value and profits, you’ll need to fork out for the Upsells that will set you back $199, $97, and $197.

And that’s on top of the initial $27 to get your foot in the door and a further $19.95/month to keep your system operational.

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Neer shows proof of a paid traffic campaign he ran which pulled in $1,500 with his system from just 1,000 visitor clicks.
Sales Stats
He also claims that if you follow in his footsteps and invest in 1,000 clicks per day, you could earn $10K PER WEEK!

Now whether this is true or not, there are some important factors to consider…


3 Things to Bear in Mind With ‘SWS’

Lightbulb With a Smiley FaceFor starters, your conversion and income results will vary from solo ad vendor to vendor.

You may get awesome results from one email marketer and average ones from another.

Heck, there’s even the possibility of not breaking even at all and landing your bank account in the minus figures.

So with solo ads, there are no guarantees because there’s no telling what could happen.


#2: Not Very Cost-Effective

Second of all, to buy 1,000 solo ad clicks from a vendor on Udimi, for example, isn’t exactly gonna be cheap either.

The fees can vary from 35 to 60 cents per click. So for 1,000 clicks, you’re looking at a price tag of $350 to $600!


But with that said, if your first (1,000-click) solo ad campaign goes to plan and Neer’s $1,500 profits ring true:

Then you could potentially pocket $900$1,150.

And if you’re smart (which I’m sure you are 😉 ):

You could reinvest that profit into more solo ads to keep scaling up your income, which means you’ll never have to invest a single penny of your own.

However, it’s in your best interests as a “newbie” to start out small with solo ads.

By purchasing the lowest number of clicks as possible to test out the waters and prevent yourself from being-out-of-pocket too much.

Solo ads can be a risky game but a risk worth taking IF/WHEN they pay off.


#3: Be Prepared to go “all in”

The third thing with ‘SWS’ is that once you spend over $500 to go “all in”, you must also be prepared to splash out on paid traffic.

So there’s no sitting on the fence with ‘SWS’.

It’s either you’re willing to spend up to $1,000 to get started online or scrap the idea from the offset.

That’s my take on the whole situation anyway.


Final Thoughts: Is Speed Wealth System a Scam?…

Yes and NoAs always, I’m in two minds when it comes to these types of ‘Done-For-You’ systems.

Because there seem to be just as many CONS as there are PROS.

But one thing I can say about the ‘SWS’ is that it’s 100% legitimate. YAY!

Here’s why I DO and DON’T recommend ‘SWS’…

From a positive point of view, Matthew Neer has designed a system that’s good to go – which saves you a lot of time and hassle.

I believe that you can turn a profit with it, especially if you choose the paid solo ad route.

TIP: Just don’t go overboard with solo ads when starting out.

Start with a small budget, track, and scale gradually. “Steady, as she goes”, as a ship’s captain says lol.

But on the downside, I hate that Neer rubs his cash in your face and boasts about “living the high life” with his system.

In my opinion, he hypes up his system like it’s THE easiest way to make boatloads of cash – just sitting on your ass all day long drinking coffee.

There is no “fast and easy” path to wealth online, and his system will still require you to put in the work.

Whether it’s sending traffic or building an email list via his funnel.

The other thing I hate is that you’re building somebody else’s system for them and lumbered with the “make money” niche.

Instead of building something you enjoy.

And finally, it’s EXPENSIVE too! So you’ll need a decent budget to play around with to get up and running with Neer’s system.


Want a Cheaper Way to Make Money Online?

In reality, when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing, it shouldn’t revolve around building someone’s system for them.

And it certainly shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg because you can actually get up and running as a newbie for pennies on the dollar.

For example, the platform I use costs only $359/year – and doesn’t require forking out for paid traffic either.

Because it revolves around “blogging” about your passion and generating free traffic from Google.

So if you want tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a big community for creating a lucrative online Biz…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘SWS’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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