Steve Larsen’s Affiliate Outrage is SHOCKINGLY Awesome! [Review]

BOOM, welcome to my review of Steve Larsen’s Affiliate Outrage!

If you’re after the FULL ins and outs of the dude’s $0-cost affiliate marketing training program, then you’ve landed your ass on the perfect spot!

To discover exactly HOW Mr. Larsen can help turn you into a super profitable affiliate marketer, come take a walk with me…

Steve Larsens Affiliate Outrage is Shockingly Awesome - Review
Quick Overview

Name: Affiliate Outrage.

Owner: Steve Larsen.


Cost: It’s “free”, baby!

Who’s it For?: Newbies – Experts.

My Score: 8/10.

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What’s Affiliate Outrage All About, Huh?

Steven Larson has designed ‘AO’ as a 100% free step-by-step training platform for teaching you the ropes of internet and affiliate marketing.

Well, the successful creation of sales funnels, more specifically.

Inside his 3-week course, you’ll learn all sorts on how to turn a buck selling others products, sending traffic to your offers, leveraging others content for $, and testing the markets.

Additionally, you’ll discover a bunch of “secrets” from expert marketers.

But, Shh – keep it under your hat, yeah? 😉

Put simply, ‘AO’ is a kick-ass supplement to the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp, in my opinion.

But before we get into the nuts n’ bolts of  ‘AO’…


Who The Heck is This “Steve Larsen” Dude?

Steve (a 6-figure online Entrepreneur) is Russell Brunson’s top-dog sales funnel-building bestie.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mr. B, he’s not just the co-founder of Clickfunnels, but has also put together a number of amazing sales funnel resources and published books.

Two of which, include ‘DotCom Secrets‘ and ‘Expert Secrets‘ – best-sellers and my most favourite reads.

But anyway, back to Steve.

Say hello to the main man himself.
Steve Larsen Internet Marketer
Did you know he’s built over 500 highly successful sales funnels during his time working with the Clickfunnels team?


Furthermore, he’s the host of ‘Sales Funnel Radio‘ (aka the “HeySteve!” show) – where he pretty much spills the beans on effective funnel-creation and marketing techniques.

And for the icing on the cake, he’s also one of the ‘One Funnel Away’ challenge coaches – helping you to turn a profit inside a 30-day window.

So you could say the guy seriously knows his stuff.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Let’s Dive Into The Affiliate Outrage Training…

Each day for 21 days, you’re gonna receive a step-by-step video lesson from Steve and one of his expert coaches.

Simply put, Steve teaches the concepts, and his coaches teach all the moving parts in great depth.

Your course experts include:

  • Chris Benetti (Clickfunnels designer)
  • Dan Havey (Clickfunnels ninja hacker)
  • Derek Wilson (high ticket closer)
  • Helen Henley (rockstar writer)
  • Josh Forti (social media expert)
  • Josh Ryan (Instagram expert)
  • Julia Taylor (WordPress expert)
  • Kevin Anson (funnel hacker TV videographer)
  • Leslie Black (killa accountant)
  • Marley Baird (YouTube expert)
  • Nico Moreno (ChatBots expert)
  • Sema Erzouki (Facebook ads whisperer)

Now, you might wanna ensure your laptop or mobile device is charged to the max because I’m gonna break down all 21 lessons.

But don’t worry, this isn’t some GAZILLION word essay that’s gonna be less interesting than watching paint dry. 😛

I’ll just quickly summarise each video so you know EXACTLY what to expect in your email inbox during the next few weeks.

However, I only signed up for ‘AO’ a few days ago (at the time of writing), so I’ll update this review with the training every couple of days or so.

Sound cool?

Fantastic, let’s crack on…


Day #1: List Building & Affiliate Offers…

After Steve’s short 4-minute video intro, he divides the topics of list building and affiliate offers into 2 videos.
List Building and Affiliate Offer Video Training
Inside the first (23-min) video – Steve explains the only REAL asset is having an “email list” and why it’s SO important to send traffic to a funnel vs a raw affiliate link.

He then breaks down the 3 traffic types – explaining that you need to focus on turning controlled and uncontrolled traffic into traffic YOU OWN traffic.

Another important point he brings to light is to avoid promoting “cheap” affiliate products because it’ll take you longer to recoup ad costs and profit.

As for the second (13-min) video – he dives into how the big-gun affiliates outvalue others by offering cool “bonus stacks” of goodies as bribes to potential customers beforehand.

And he says how you can also compete with the successful affiliates (especially the ones hitting the contest leaderboards) by doing the same thing – even if you don’t have your own product offers.

What’s also cool about Steve’s training is that he briefly summarises each lesson with text and also outlines “action points” at the very end.
Affiliate Outrage Training Action Points to Complete
In my experience, having checklists to follow with any training platform is crucial because it gives you that well-needed kick in the pants every step of the way to reaching your goals.


Day #2: How To Set Up Your Affiliate Links…

1A) Your Affiliate Email Sequence (23 mins)…

Steve briefly discusses and allows you to use his pre-written emails based around one of his products called ‘Funnel Stache’ – where he also dives into the pattern and marketing psychology behind his sequence.

You can either adapt the emails for whatever you’re promoting or simply promote Steve’s Funnel Stache – dropping in your affiliate links.

Also, Steve gives you the option of loading his ‘Affiliate Email Template’ funnel into your Clickfunnels Actionetics account or simply downloading the email sequence as a .txt file.

1B) Connecting Your Affiliate Sequence to an Email List (7 mins)…

In this quick video, Steve shows you how to hook up your emails and trigger certain events inside Actionetics (or a cheaper alternative autoresponder) for creating a list.

Next up, you’ll see how to assign your list to the share funnel he gave you, so your funnel’s good to go for receiving traffic.


Day #3: Affiliates & YouTube…

Using YouTube to Promote (50 mins)…

Instead of creating your own YouTube content and reinventing the wheel, Steve recommends grabbing a video from YouTube that’s congruent to your product and placing it on your squeeze page.

He then walks you through a live step-by-step process of building an ‘Email Optin Page’ inside Clickfunnels around his product ‘Secret MLM Hacks’ (as an example) and using a highly-relevant YouTube video he found.

Additionally, Steve gifts you the YouTube funnel he built and also chucks in pre-built podcast and blog funnels to download.


Day #4: Affiliates & Podcasting…

How To Use Podcasts (Whether or Not It’s Yours) To Promote Someone’s Products (41.33 mins)…

In this episode, Steve grabs one of his own podcasts and shows you how to design a reverse squeeze page around it that leads your opt-ins to your affiliate offer and plonks them on your bucket email list.

Steve also chucks in his podcasting share funnel for you to download.

Followed by a (9-minute) video on how to grab a ClickFunnels trial.


Day #5: Affiliates & Blogs…

How To Use Other People’s Blogs To Sell Other People’s Products (33.15 mins)….

Steve shows you how to use BuzzSumo for finding trending pieces of blog content to use as bait for getting folks to opt-in to your email list containing a bunch of affiliate links.

Again, in this lesson, he uses a piece of his own content for building a page around. And even provides you with his blog share funnel to download.

Then follows a (47.03 min) video from Helen Henley on ‘WordHacking For Affiliate Profit’ + a 5-page PDF to download.


Day #6: Affiliates & FB Groups…

How To Use Facebook Groups To Earn Fat Stacks Of Affiliate Cash (7.25 mins)…

Steve briefly shares an effective strategy that’s worked really well for him called ‘GroupFunnels’ for putting free leads on to your list.

To compliment this quick lesson, there’s a (25.33 min) video from Josh Forti on ‘Promoting With Your Facebook Profile’ for sales dripping your way.


Day #7: Using Share Funnels…

This is One of The Major Ways Steve Generated Cash While Working A 9-5 (7.34 mins)…

Inside this quick video, Larsen shows you how he makes some cool cash by adding folks to different email lists via the various share funnels they download from him.


Day #8: Using Free Members’ Areas…

This is How to “Sell” Using Free Membership Areas (7.08 mins)…

Here, the dude shares one of his most favourite strategies – showing you how to create a ‘member login’  page disguised as an optin page and adding others invaluable YouTube videos inside the membership area.

And then sending those members to your affiliate offers for more value.

Pretty neat, huh?

This is followed by a free ‘membership area’ funnel for you to download from Dan Havey – who’s also put together 5 videos on hacking out your ClickFunnels members areas.
Hacking Out Your ClickFunnels Members Areas
Dan’s videos cover:

  1. CSS (22.31 mins)
  2. Access (18.44 mins)
  3. Code (10.37 mins)
  4. Menus (11.36 mins)
  5. Final (11.28 mins)


Day #9: Using “Door Mats” For List Building…

How To Capture A List From The Websites You Already Have (16.08 mins)…

Mr. Larsen introduces you to a cool non-intrusive strategy – where you place a squeeze page on your blog and drive traffic that you don’t own to it (i.e. organic search engine traffic).

Basically, any post or page that a visitor lands on, slides down out of view to reveal a full-screen ‘Call To Action’.

He then shows you how to use ‘Wishloop’ software (via his Best Marketing Resources site) for taking others killer blog content and turning it into your own blog doormat squeeze page.


Day #10: Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing…

How To Create Facebook Advertising To Promote Someone’s Product (6.43 mins)…

Larsen briefly talks about the concept of FB Ads and introduces you to Sema Erzouki who’s helped him to make $2 from every $1 he spends on Ads.

Then follows 4 video tutorials from Sema on ‘FB Ads For Affiliate Marketing’:

  1. Foundations (14.41 mins)
  2. FB Ad Targeting (11.25 mins)
  3. Copy And Creative (10.53 mins)
  4. Launching The Ad (15.26 mins)


Day #11: Creating Promotion Videos…

How To Create Videos (The Right Way) To Promote Someone’s Products (3.58 mins)…

Inside this very short and sweet video, you’re introduced to a guy named Kevin Anson who put together the Funnel Hacker TV episodes.

Basically, he ROCKS at producing awesome videos to promote products.

And then comes 6 videos from the dude on ‘Creating Video That Actually Sells’:

  1. Introduction To Video (3.03 mins)
  2. Why Should I Be The Face Of My Own Brand (4.53 mins)
  3. I Don’t Know What To Talk About In My Videos (6 mins)
  4. How To Not Suck On Camera, Even If You’re Terrified (5.28 mins)
  5. Getting People To Watch Your Videos (3.52 mins)
  6. Making Awesome Videos (10.12 mins)


Day #12: Influencer Contests…

How To “List Hack” An Influencer Through Contests (12.20 mins)…

Larsen shares two tactics that can build you a gigantic list list at speed by leveraging an influencer’s audience.

First, he shows you how to run a product contest giveaway involving the actual product creator.  And then run one without him or her.


Day #13: Using Instagram For Affiliates…

Instagram Is Another Awesome Way To Get Affiliate Products Sold (3.15 mins)

In this very quick video, Larsen talks about Instagram and introduces you to two kick-ass Insta ninjas (Josh Ryan and Josh Forti) who coached him on using gram.

You’ll then get to watch a (32.32 min) video from Ryan and a (50.40 min) one from Forti.

The tutorials cover the topics of account set up, targeting your audience, effective selling, capitalizing on Insta’s main focus, and putting content in front of the right crowd.


Day #14: Leveraging Another’s Products…

Placing Your Affiliate Link In Another’s Successful Product As A Bonus (9 mins)…

Here, Larsen walks you through a process that basically enables you to piggyback off successful products from marketers.

It’s a WIN-WIN because you get more eyeballs on your affiliate offer, and the “busy” product creator is giving away more value without any extra effort.


Day #15: Facebook Chatbots…

How To Sell Affiliate Products Through Facebook Chatbots (3.49 mins)… (20.32 mins)…

You’re quickly introduced to Nico Moreno who’s a beast at building chatbots – which are designed to do all the selling to your visitors without you actually being present.

Nico then walks you through a cool (20.32 min) video – where he shows you how to use bots and automation for guiding your prospects through the affiliate purchasing cycle.
Affiliate Outrage Using Facebook Chatbots to Sell Products
Can you say KA-CHING?


Day #16: Influencer Interviews…

Easy Affiliate Cash = Interviewing The Product Owner/Creator (4.58 mins)…

Larsen states that this is THE easiest strategy that exists and says that he does a load of straight interviews for profits.

The process is simple.

You basically interview the guy or gal (within your niche) about their exciting product and stick the interview on YouTube or somewhere along with your affiliate link.


Day #17: High Ticket Affiliate Sales…

How To Sell High Ticket Affiliate Products Over The Phone (2.24 mins)…

OK, probably not everyone’s cuppa.

But in this EXTREMELY short video, you’re introduced to Derek Wilson who is the high-ticket closer for some of the products from Russell Brunson.

And then Derek gives you a couple of (10.29 and 36.47 min) videos on closing over the phone or in person, leading the customer through the sale, and the VERY scripts that sells ClickFunnels products.


Day #18: WordPress + Affiliates…

How To Use WordPress And Blogging To Sell Affiliate Products (5.11 mins)…

Now, that’s what I’m talking about, right there!

Here, you’ll be saying hello to Julia Taylor who is a “WordPress coding genius” in the words of Larsen and seriously knows her sh*t when it comes to WordPress (in my words).

Then inside Julia’s (27.03 min) video, you’ll learn about avoiding “Monkey Butt” syndrome, creating a great user experience + optimizing for conversions, and making it easy for Google to like your blog.

While Julia’s not gonna give you the complete step-by-step (A to Z) on blogging inside a 30-minute time-frame – she does put you on the right track.

If you wanna learn the FULL ins and outs of becoming a profitable affiliate marketer through WordPress blogging, then…

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Day #19: Affiliate Funnel Design…

Let’s Learn About Funnel Design; What Matters And What Doesn’t (6.05 mins)…

Larsen says that Design doesn’t matter as much on the first sale.

But on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sales, etc, branding starts to take shape.

So he introduces you to Chris Benetti (a designer) who walks you through a couple of (36.52 and 24.57 min) videos covering various aspects of funnel design.

You’ll also get some cool tools to download for the job at hand.


Day #20: Funnel Launch Checklist…


Now, for some bizarre reason, day #20 has gone AWOL.

Whether, it’s been removed or I just couldn’t access it for some reason, I have zero idea.


But stay tuned.


Day #21: Affiliate Biz Setup…

Be Sure To Set Up Your Business  To Handle Your Affiliate Cash (4.14 mins)…

This section basically covers all that boring legal and tax stuff that drives ya nuts.

So Larsen has brought in Leslie Black to help you get set up properly in order to protect yourself.

There’s a couple of (5.55 and 8.10 min) videos from the lady on the legal basics, tracking your profits and business expenses, and the eassiest ways to maximize your profits.
Affiliate Outrage Setting up Your Affiliate Biz
Also, there are two checklists to download.


Day #22: How I Found My Awesome Team…

Inside this (31.01 min) video, Larsen talks you through the process of creating his team and how you can follow in his footsteps when the time’s right (i.e. when you have the cashflow).


Day #23: Case Study: Affiliate Offer Creation…

Here, Larsen gives you a quick (4.57 min) intro into his case study.

Followed by the case study video itself lasting for a crazy 1 hour, 41 mins, and 45 secs!

Inside the video, you’ll learn why he tends to succeed quite heavily when promoting someone’s product.


Any Tools & Support Provided by Larsen?

A big fat YES and YES.

To go hand-in-hand with your ‘AO’ training, Steve’s gonna chuck in pre-built share funnel templates and also pre-written email templates – so you’re ready to rock n’ roll.

Plus, he recommends a bunch of awesometastic resources that cover funnel-building, publishing and creative, fulfillment, team management, funnel hacking, and education.

When it comes to support, there’s a Facebook group: ‘The Science of Selling Online‘ (which has almost 9,000 members at the time of writing).

But obviously, you’ve gotta join Affiliate Outrage here for free and then apply to the FB group before either Steve or any of his admins approve you as a member.

As a member of the FB group, I must say it’s pretty active with a lot of value to be gained from it.


How Much Does Affiliate Outrage Cost?

The price to join ‘AO’ is actually $0. Zilch. Zip. Nada.

I must admit, I was a little skeptical about the cost being “free” at first because there’s usually a catch with this sales funnel building training stuff.

But Mr. Larsen is true to his word.

His step-by-step training won’t cost you a single penny. Not a sausage.

However, you WILL need funds to actually build your online Biz using sales funnel, email marketing, and tracking software, and obviously drive premium targeted traffic too.

The good news is that some tools and services offer free trials (including the Clickfunnels 14-day free trial) – saving you a little dough and buying yourself more time to get something profitable off the ground in the process.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘AO’


  • You’ll get 3 weeks of video training at no cost
  • The training’s step-by-step & easy to follow (ideal for novice – seasoned affiliates)
  • Discover TONS of golden nuggets from Larsen & his expert coaches
  • Learn at your own pace each day or unlock ALL lessons at once
  • Action points to complete for staying on the right track
  • Freebie funnel & email templates + resource recommendations
  • An active Facebook group to join for support
  • Larsen is a reputable, likable, energetic & enthusiastic dude who cuts the crap
  • Allows you to build a highly successful affiliate marketing Biz & wipe the floor with your competitors’


  • Starting off with the sales funnel route isn’t always a cheap process
  • It’s not for lazy bum-ass “get-rich-quick” & “shiny object” seekers
  • There’s a lot of training to get through


Conclusion: Is Affiliate Outrage Worth it?

A Big Thumbs UpYES. Absolutely. Without a shadow of a doubt, in my opinion.

Steve Larsen has built literally 100s of highly profitable sales funnels. So why would you not wanna snap his arm off for his $0-cost step-by-step video tutorials?

Add to the fact that he’s hired a load of experts to teach you some high-level stuff that will give you the competitive edge (in any affiliate marketing niche) and also chucks in freebie pre-built funnel and email marketing templates…

Makes ‘AO’ a no-brainer.

It’s the perfect training for those who are just starting out in affiliate marketing, currently struggling to make a dime online or who have been in the game for some time -wanting to broaden their horizons.

Even if you’re a Clickfunnels affiliate and a member of Russell’s free Affiliate Bootcamp – ‘AO’ is an awesome supplement.

In fact, I think ‘AO’ is way cooler than Brunson’s Bootcamp – especially when some training’s a little dated, in my book.

But shh, keep it under wraps lol.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any thoughts or questions to share on ‘AO’, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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