Swift Income Blueprint Makes FALSE Super Fast Cash Claims!

[Article originally published on: September 16th, 2018].

Welcome to my review!

OK, so you’ve probably heard all about Swift Income Blueprint 2.0 in your email inbox or somewhere on the web, right?

And you wanna know whether it really will allow you to make “Super Fast Cash” online or just pull a fast one on you, right?

Well, in my opinion, it’s not a total scam because there’s SOME value in the money-making product.

But it intends to play you for a fool, which I’m about to explain in more detail within this honest review!

Is Fast Cash Blueprint A Fast Way To Get Nowhere Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: Swift Income Blueprint 2.0 (SIB).

Website: sourcedigestblog.com/make-money-online.

Cost: $14.92.

Owner: Nathan/Nate (apparently).

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s Swift Income Blueprint About, Huh?

‘SIB’ (aka Fast Cash Blueprint, Fast Profits Machine, and Instant Commission Blueprint) boldly claims you can make at least $100 every day in affiliate commissions from just 40 minutes of work using some “special secret”.

And it DOESN’T involve:

Swift Income Blueprint Secret
Blah, blah, blah…

Apparently, you’ll be making fast affiliate sales from $0 spent on driving paid traffic.

All you do is invest $15 in a PDF and follow the simple guidance inside it for raking in up to $3,000 per month and laughing all the way to the bank!

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, hey?

But I wouldn’t squeal with delight just yet, young grasshopper, because ‘SIB’ fails to deliver the goods, I’m afraid.

Continue reading to discover WHY…


What’s Swift Income Blueprint Gonna Teach For $?

So if ‘SIB’ doesn’t teach you any conventional Internet Marketing strategies for reeling in a fortune from the web, then how the heck does this “money-making” thing actually work?

Put simply, ‘SIB’ is a 24-page PDF (eBook) teaching you how to leverage a “Question & Answer” website called Quora.

Nate shows you the “lazy man’s” way of answering people’s questions on Quora and inserting affiliate links into your answers for making stacks of cash from promoting products for Clickbank and other affiliate networks/programs.

Sounds like a pretty straightforward way of doing affiliate marketing and easily bringing home the bacon, right?


Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth because Quora has evolved and adapted over the years.

TRUTH #1: Yes, Quora once allowed participants to share “affiliate links” within their answers.

But unfortunately, too many affiliates abused the platform, which turned Quora into SPAM City.

Therefore, creating a bad user-experience for the many folks seeking answers to their questions – thus giving Quora a bad reputation.

Especially, when a number of peeps shared links for a number of crappy products and services.


So I guess swift action had to be taken.

In my opinion, the ‘Q & A’ platform has improved dramatically since the banning of affiliate links.

And as a result, I think folks are now more likely to click on links, links that lead to blogs and squeeze pages, etc.

So to actually stand any chance of making money from Quora today, you NEED a website containing invaluable content and affiliate offers.

If you do try to share raw affiliate links within your answers, Quora will just strip them out. It’s as simple as that.

TRUTH #2: There’s no such thing as the filthy lazy approach to answering people’s questions and expecting to get rich.

The web just doesn’t work that way.

When answering people’s questions, they NEED “VALUE” from you, which means you must give in-depth answers that are helpful.

Once folks appreciate the time you put into providing value, they will be more inclined to check out your links.

It’s the same with any marketing strategy. Value is the backbone of success online.

Lazy-ass shortcuts to big profits don’t exist. Period.

Unfortunately, the only reason why some so-called product owners sell you on the idea of raking in the dough as easy as pie is so they can easily cash in from you.

So, unfortunately, what you’ll learn from ‘SIB’ is seriously outdated stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a little value because Nate does recommend one of the best ways to earn a living online called “Affiliate Marketing” and he also recommends a ‘Q & A’ site which can be effective (IF done right).

So the PDF isn’t all sizzle and no steak, in my book.

But like I said, the old-school technique Nate teaches for affiliate commissions no longer works anymore. Hope that makes sense lol.


Why The ‘SIB’ Sales Page Raises Red Flags

The most obvious red flag here is the fact that ‘SIB’ claims you can make at least $100 per day as an affiliate marketer using the methods taught.

The truth be told, for a beginner to rake in that kinda cash is far from quick and easy because it will take MONTHS of elbow grease.

But since the strategy inside the ‘SIB’ PDF is ineffective in this day and age anyway, I think $0 is the more realistic figure you’re looking at earning.


Second of all, how on earth is some 15-dollar 24-page PDF ever gonna make any “newbie” rich online, huh?

I assure you, it’s gonna take much more than a small fee and a few pages of info to earn a FULL-TIME income on the web.

In order to become successful, you need to invest $100s in the tools, REAL step-by-step training, and support you need.

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Thirdly, who the heck is this “Nathan” guy anyway?
Nathan From Swift Income Blueprint
He claims to be some guy who stumbled upon some “secret source” for making quick affiliate sales

(Hmm, BULLCRAP! Especially since Quora is no big secret lol).

Except, there’s no evidence he exists at all.

In fact, he also goes by the name of “Nate” (with the replicas highlighted below) which strongly suggests he’s a fictitious character.
Nate From Fast Cash Blueprint
Not just that but his image is also as fake as a wedding cake because he’s actually some random dude’s face taken from a stock photo website.
Swift Income Blueprint Owner Is A Stock Photo
In my opinion, the REAL person behind ‘SIB’ clearly has something to hide.

For all we know, they might even be a “she”.

More often than not, this “pen name” approach is adopted by shady product creators (usually Clickbank and ClickBetter ones).

If these products really delivered on their bold promises, the actual owners would reveal tthemselves, right?

Finally, ‘SIB’ has been rebranded numerous times under names like Fast Cash Blueprint 2.0, Fast Profits Machine 2.0, and Instant Commission Blueprint 2.0.

So what’s with all the replicas and even “Nate”/”Nathan”?

If I had to guess, it’s because the PDF has received so many negative reviews (like this one) calling it out for what it actually is…

A pile of junk.

Why the REAL creator of the PDF doesn’t update the training inside it instead of wasting time rebranding the outdated crap is beyond me.

In my opinion, they’re just lazy and desperate to make an easy buck through some low-quality eBook.

But I’ve gotta hand it to this “Nate” guy for keeping his program operational lol.


How Much Does Swift Income Blueprint Cost?

Surprisngly, it costs less than 15 bucks.

Usually, cheap ‘money-making’ products of this nature come with multiple upsells that can set you back $100s.

But with Nate’s product, he doesn’t attempt to squeeze you for more dollars, strangely enough.

However, with that said, there’s the possibility that he’ll email you with product offers instead.


Final Thoughts: Is Swift Income Blueprint a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownWhile $14.92 for the ‘SIB’ PDF may seem like a drop in the ocean, don’t expect the eBook to deliver any high-quality value for making money because the old-school training is a no-go.

In my opinion, you won’t even make a single cent with ‘SIB’, since attempting to share raw affiliate links on Quora isn’t gonna work.

And since “get-rich-quick” is a myth anyway, makes the product void.

I also dislike the fact that “Nate” (whoever he or she is in real life) misleads you with some fake identity, fake story, and especially a fake photograph.

But since there is some level of value inside the PDF, means you’re getting something for your 15 dollars.

So on that note, I’m classing ‘SIB’ as a Borderline SCAM, that’s not recommended.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘SIB’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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