The AZ Code: Does it Work or Get a Thumb’s Down? [Review]

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If you’ve just landed on this review, then the chances are you’ve come across The AZ Code somewhere on the web and you wanna know whether it’s the real deal or all sizzle and no steak, right?

Well, you couldn’t have picked a better place to visit because I’m about to give you the lowdown on the money-maker and express my true thoughts.

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Does The AZ Code Work or Get a Thumbs Down Review
Quick Overview:

Name: The AZ Code (TAC).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Andrew Peterson?

My Score: Revealed at the end.

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OK, So What’s The AZ Code About?

‘TAC’ (aka The Amazon Code) states that it provides you with “the formula” for making a sh*t TON of dollars as fast as lightning and without needing any skills, blahdy blah.

To be more specific, apparently, you’ll be armed with a special secret system for raking in at least $40K per month (in affiliate commissions from Amazon), and any average Joe can also earn that level of income.
AZ Code Misleading Amazon Income Claims
But to be quite honest, I’ve come across this type of hyped up stuff countless times, and it never ever does what it says on the tin.

So, does this mean to say that ‘TAC’ is gonna be another piece of far-fetched garbage to steer clear of or will it really deliver on its promises for MEGA $$$?

Hmm… I guess you’ll find out soon enough…


Right Off The Bat, ‘TAC’ Raises Red Flags

In addition to the income hype within the sales video – unfortunately, there’s a bunch of unethical and manipulative tactics being used to encourage you to make a purchase.

Let’s take a quick look at the scammy warning signs…

Firstly, I’ve got a sneaky feeling that “Andrew Peterson” (‘TAC’s’ creator and video narrator) is just a fictitious character because there are no photos of the guy, whatsoever.

It’s usually the case when it comes to scammy sales pages. The REAL creators like to hide their true identities and also hire paid voice-overs from Fiverr to do their dirty laundry for them.

Secondly, the testimonials from guys n’ gals who have apparently cashed in a fortune from the system – are as fake artificial plants!
AZ Code Fake Testimonials
Don’t get me wrong, the people in the videos are 100% REAL. No Barbie dolls here lol.

But the truth of the matter is they’re hired on Fiverr to shoot video testimonials and blatantly lie about the stacks of cash they’ve never even made from ‘TAC.
Female Fiverr Spokesperson Selling Services
Thirdly, you should take any income proof you see with a big pinch of salt.
AZ Code False Member Income Proof
For starters, any webmaster can incorporate some Bullsh*t “Joe Bloggs just made X amount” into their sales page video to make the product seem more believable.

Plus what’s laughable is that there’s no solid proof of the income either. You’ve only got a bit of text to go on.
AZ Code Fake Amazon Income Proof
And my second point is that if you’ve got your own Amazon affiliate account, there’s no way in hell others will know your stats and commissions UNLESS you share them on the internet.

So for Andrew Peterson to display others Amazon earnings is just codswallop because he’d have no clue on how much his ‘TAC’ members are making.


How The AZ Code Works vs How it “REALLY” Works

The hyped up sales video revolves around the concept of generating Amazon “affiliate commissions” – so you’re led to believe that you’re gonna be minted from promoting products for the online retail giant.

As an affiliate, you basically pick a product, promote it to the right crowd, and earn a percentage of the sales. And ‘TAC’ is a system that’s meant to show you how to do just that.

(If you really wanna know more on HOW making money as an affiliate marketer works, check out the 4-step process here).

However, when you actually buy into the ‘TAC’ system, it turns out to be nothing but a 70-page eBook (PDF guide) on being a merchant which is a totally different Amazon money-making method than the affiliate route.

As a merchant, you’re basically running your own shop on Amazon and dealing with products, etc. But in my opinion, being an affiliate is a much better option because it’s less hassle.

Inside the PDF from ‘TAC’ – you’re gonna learn stuff like:

  • Brand Design
  • Visual Elements of Branding
  • Technical Flow of Your Amazon Product
  • Connecting With Suppliers
  • Deciding on a Supplier
  • Communicating With Suppliers

These are just a handful of chapters you’ll discover. So you do actually get some value for your $37 investment.

But it still doesn’t excuse ‘TAC’ for deceiving you because the information you learn has absolutely no connection to the affiliate marketing arena, whatsoever.

Additionally, even if you do go down the Amazon “merchant” road, there’s still no way in hell you’re gonna be pulling in $40K/month quickly because it takes time, effort, and investment to reach that point.

In fact, it doesn’t matter which online business path you choose to walk down, “getting-rich-quickly” is an impossibility.

So, yet again, the person behind ‘TAC’ deceives you with porky pies.

But having said that, it could be much worse…

You could invest in the Amazon Cash Websites scam and get ZERO for your money!


Final Thoughts: Is The AZ Code a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownA huge part of me would LOVE to brand ‘TAC’ as a filthy SCAM, purely for the fact that the sales video raises numerous red flags, DECEPTION is used, and you’re buying into a different product from the one that’s actually advertised.

But because there’s some level of value to be gained from the ebook (even if it’s not some “secret system” and dives into the “merchant” model instead of the “affiliate” one) – there appears to be a legitimate side to it.

So after weighing up ‘TAC’, I think it’s only fair to label it as a Borderline Scam – especially when it’s also listed on Clickbank, which means you can claim a refund.

The Bottom Line: Yes, you get some value but since you’re misled by Bullsh*t and the system is non-existent, it’s not recommended.

My Score: 2/10.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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