The Banger Method: A Clapped-out Money Maker? [Review]

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The Banger Method is another online money-making program that boldly claims you can reel in over $300 PER HOUR as easy as warm apple pie!

But is it just some Bullsh*t “run-of-the-mill” program making far-fetched claims or will it actually deliver what it promises on the tin?

Grab this unbiased and honest review, where I reveal the truth!

Is The Banger Method a Clapped Out Money Maker Review
Quick Overview:

Name: The Banger Method (TBM).


Cost: $13.17 + Upsells.

Owners: Brendan Mace, Mark Hess & Michael Thomas.

My Score: 5/10.

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What’s The Banger Method All About?

The ‘TBM’ sales page spews out all sorts of stomach-turning HYPE on making money on the web.

Brendan, Mark, and Michael all claim their program is a “simple twist on an easy method that makes $372 PER HOUR“.

They also state ‘TBM’ is a proven 100% newbie-friendly method that takes just 25 minutes to get set up, requires no skills, can make you money from just 10 clicks, and you’ll rake in up to $1,000 PER DAY!

In the sales video, Mace personally GUARANTEES the money will come thick and fast!
The Banger Method Fast Results Hype

Yeah, and I’m the Fairy Frickin’ Godmother!! LOL.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems within the “Make Money Online” arena is that there are always marketers selling hypie “too good to be true” programs, especially via the Warrior+Plus and Clickbank marketplaces.

And as for Brendan Mace, it’s not the first time he’s produced a hyped up product either, since he’s also the guy behind Five Figure Freedom, Zero Hour Work Days, and The Lost Code, to name a few.

You can also bet your bottom dollar that Hess and Thomas have multiple products for sale out there too!

But is ‘TBM’ a flat-out SCAM or does it REALLY work – that’s the golden question?

I guess you’re about to find out…


How Does The Banger Method Actually Work, Huh?

If you’re a newcomer to the world of online money-making, ‘TBM’ teaches you a process called “Affiliate Marketing” – where you basically earn a commission percentage on the sale of a product.

But the guys teach you how to practice the concept “with a twist” that will enable you to earn more than most affiliates who aren’t using the special strategy.

So once you’re inside the members’ area, Mace and his crew walk you through a series of video tutorials that show you how to implement their methods for affiliate commissions.

You’ll get 7 videos to watch:

  1. Filtering Your Traffic
  2. 3X Conversion Rate
  3. Structuring BONUS Pages
  4. Creating Custom BONUSES
  5. Delivering Your BONUSES
  6. Tricks & Tools
  7. 5 Case Studies on how they generated $1,000s in commissions promoting various products from the JVZoo marketplace…

The Banger Method Case Studies
And as you’ve probably guessed, the emphasis of the training is all about creating your own BONUS pages in order to increase your sales and commissions.

But in my opinion, the training is far from “newbie-friendly” because any beginner affiliate will struggle to follow along with the tutorial videos.

The tutorials are designed for “seasoned” marketers who already have online businesses in place and need help with improving their conversion rates.

And as for the quality of the training itself, the videos are fairly short and don’t go into great detail. There needs to be a heck of a lot more VALUE, if I’m being totally honest.

If you’re a novice, my advice is to learn HOW to make money from affiliate marketing first – basically learning the ins and outs before investing in ‘TBM’ and crafting your own bonus pages.

In addition to the tutorials, there are a few bonuses thrown in for you to benefit from:

  1. FTC Disclaimer website template
  2. WP Ever Funnel Plugin
  3. WP Simple Cloaker

These are designed to go hand-in-hand with the methods you’re shown on creating bonus pages/offers.


How Much is ‘TBM’ Gonna Cost?

To get your foot in the door and access the basic training modules/bonuses, it’s gonna cost a WHOPPING $13.17! But the price could increase/decrease.

But there’s a reason why ‘TBM’ is so cheap and that’s due to the fact that Brendan, Mark & Michael want to entice you with an offer you can’t refuse so you ascend their “value ladder” and spend $100s$1,000s more on Upsells.

(If you’re unfamiliar with a sales funnel, check out DotCom Secrets (free book) – where Russell Brunson gives you a TON of invaluable info on how funnels make marketers EXTREMELY profitable)!

So when it comes to the upsell products inside ‘TBM’, you’re looking at the following price tags:

  1. $37 for Banger Funnels – A ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnel
  2. $97 for License Rights – Earn 100% commissions from promoting ‘TBM’ & its products
  3. $1,997 for One-on-One coaching with Mace (or get Digital Coaching for $197)

An experienced marketer may not need to splash out on the upsells IF they already know how to market effectively via sales funnels.

But as a newbie WITHOUT skills, then you’ll need the upsells IF you’re to stand any chance of success with the program, in my opinion.


Final Thoughts: Is The Banger Method a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs UpBefore I get to the bad stuff, ‘TBM’ is 100% LEGIT and a training platform I would recommend  (especially since it offers some level of value and is just 13 Bucks to start with) – BUT only to “seasoned” marketers.

So in that respect, I do give Brendan and his associates a big thumb’s up for their product.

But unfortunately, (like all Brendan’s products) – ‘TBM’ is too hyped up and leads “newbies” down the garden path because what the basic training delivers is difficult for noobs to put into practice.

Add to the fact that there’s no actual training on driving “traffic” makes it seem unlikely that any novice will make mega-fast sums of cash (as highlighted on the sales page)

The thing that really puts me off Brendan Mace is that the guy pumps out hyped up product-after-product and creates basic training that only tells part of the story, for the purpose of pushing you into spending extra $$$ on his upsells.

If he really has your best interests in mind, then why doesn’t he just create ONE “high-quality” Internet Marketing training platform instead of selling MULTIPLE deceptive “Average-Joe” type of products, huh?


The Bottom Line: Yes, ‘TBM’ is a genuine product offering value for experienced folks. But whether I’d recommend it to a newbie is debatable.

But before you dash off…

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