The China Secret: Will $9 Let You Into a Secret? [Review]

Welcome to my review of The China Secret!

Its creator claims to have made over $146K from the comfort of their wheelchair and how $9 can unlock your share of China’s $1.4 Billion secret too.

But SHH, don’t let anyone in on this life-changing “secret!”

Will a massive 9 bucks investment really help you to cash in online from this Clickbank product?

Or is it just a bunch of baloney that’s never gonna work?

If you want a truthful answer, then I encourage you to dive right into my unbiased review – where I’m about to spill the beans!

The China Secret Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: The China Secret (TCS).


Cost: $9 + Upsells.

Owner: Robert Walter.

My Score: 4/10.

Summary: Unfortunately, The China Secret is just a load of “get-rich-quick” gibberish on the surface just to make you invest in the product.

But the good news is that once you go behind the scenes of it, you do actually get some good value for 9 bucks, surprisingly.

What you actually get is a couple of detailed guides on making money from using Facebook chatbots.

However, before you can even consider this internet marketing strategy as a newbie, you must build yourself a WordPress website.

Or at least have some sort of landing page with an affiliate offer, etc, to send your visitors to.

Otherwise, it’s pretty pointless using a chatbot lol.

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What’s The China Secret All About?

Apparently, The China Secret is some kinda new secret that allows you to tap into a 1.4 Billion dollar market and claim your piece of the pie.

Robert Walter (the video spokesman) says it’s a life-changing secret he discovered 3 months ago…

That makes him over $28,000 on a daily basis as easy as warm apple pie – without needing any skills.

Even YOU can do it!

Some secret, he’s stumbled upon, hey?

As you’ve guessed, ‘TCS’ is built around “hype” and the idea of “get-rich-quick.”

I know for a fact that these “too good to be true” money-making programs always turn out to be duds.

Because the only REAL way to make money online is by finding the right mentor, support network, and working your tail off.

The concept of fast and easy wealth on the web is nothing but a myth.

It’s as simple as that.

Sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but it’s as true as gospel.

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How The China Secret Works For Big $, Allegedly…

All you learn about the secret is that it’s meant to be some messenger marketing opportunity using Facebook Messenger on your mobile device.

According to the guy in the sales video, ‘WebChat’ – the Chinese messaging service produced $40 Billion last year.

And now you can make a TON of dosh via Facebook Messenger using its advanced advertising feature.

Unsurprisingly, the sales video gives you hardly any insights into HOW the so-called secret actually works for turning a buck.

And that’s because the intention of the video is to sell you “the dream” in order to trigger that excitement.

As well as get the better of your curious nature, so you end up handing over cash.

If this Facebook Messenger method truly worked for mega-dollars rolling into your bank account quickly…

Don’t you think the guy in the video would explain it in more depth and charge MUCH more than $9?



Let’s Talk Red Flags With The China Secret, Shall we?

In addition to all the lies and hype, ‘TCS’ raises a number of Red Flags.

Both within the sales page and video, that should send you sprinting for those hills.


#1: Fake Scarcity is Deployed

On the sales page, entrance to the secret program will be closing shortly due to high demand, apparently.
Fake Scarcity
Also, the transcript claims the first 100 members will grab the program for just 9 bucks.
Lies About Product Being Limited to First 100 Buyers
WOW, you’ll be one of the luckiest guys or gals alive if you’re one of the very few to get ‘TCS’ at a discounted price!

But it’s all a load of pig sh*t because the product is for sale on Clickbank around the clock, 7 days a week.

I can guarantee if you visit the page in a week or even 6 months from now, the same warning messages will still be displayed.

It’s basically a tactic used to scare you into quickly making a purchase.

Scarcity is a legitimate technique used by marketers when products do genuinely have a limited shelf life, don’t get me wrong.

But sadly, too many hyped up Clickbank product creators are using it to their advantage unethically.


#2: Fake Member Testimonials

Then follows reviews from folks who are crushing it with ‘TCS’, apparently.
Fake Member Reviews
But with no ACTUAL evidence to support those reviews, names, and locations, etc…

I would seriously take everything with a pinch of salt because anyone can fabricate info online these days.


#3: The Owner’s an Alias

Who the hell is “Robert Walter” anyways?!

This guy claims to be the creator of ‘TCS’ and makes you believe he’s the spokesperson in the video too.

But with no photo proof of the guy and especially since “spokesperson” Gigs can very easily be bought on sites like Fiverr…

Makes the guy non-existent.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that those who peddle “get-rich-quick” garbage through places like Clickbank always hide behind “pen names”.

So they can take you for a ride without facing the consequences.

Money-grabbing cowards, the lot of em’!


What’s “Really” Going Down With The China Secret?

Thankfully, you’re not gonna get scammed because you do actually get good value for your money.

Plus, Clickbank will offer you a full $9 refund if you’re unhappy with the purchase so you’re not out-of-pocket.

Once you hand over payment, you’ll gain access to a couple of ebooks – China Secret Guides 1 and 2.

The first ebook is a 30-page guide on a Facebook chatbot. And the second is an 84-page detailed guide on using a chatbot.

But there’s no actual step-by-step video training on how to use a chatbot.

It’s just a load of info to read through and really not that easy to implement for a beginner, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, you’re gonna learn something new when it comes to Facebook marketing.

While there is a little truth to the hypie sales video in regard to using Facebook and Messenger…

What you get your hands on is by no means a quick and easy solution for raking in a TON of dollars (as promised).

And as for the low $9 fee, it’s basically used as a “hook” technique.

Because you will be tempted by “Upsells” which is the norm for Clickbank products.


Final Thoughts: Is The China Secret a Scam?

Yes and NoUnfortunately, The China Secret is advertised as a garbage “pipe dream” that’s NOT gonna work in a GAZILLION years.

And the person who created the product knows it!

It seems that he or she is only in business to line THEIR own pockets from fooling vulnerable newbies like you.

But with that said…

I do think $9 is a bargain for the amount of info in the 2 ebooks because you’re gonna gain some insights into using a Facebook chatbot for your internet marketing efforts.

However, it’s not exactly a great starting point for a beginner.

Because a chatbot is more for the seasoned marketer who already has an online business in place, in my opinion.

Although ‘TCS’ does provide some level of value, the sales video also deceives you, which is why I’m labelling it a borderline scam.

It’s only fair, don’t you reckon?

Would I recommend ‘TCS’ to a newbie?

In all honesty, NO. But to a seasoned marketer and/or someone looking into chatbot marketing, then PERHAPS.


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The only real purpose to products like TCS is so the creator can pocket a fortune from selling a “pipe dream” to the vulnerable.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘TCS’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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