The Fearless Momma: Should She be Feared? [Review]

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You gotta admit, it sure is a catchy name for an online money-making program.

But is this one momma you’ll wanna avoid like the plague or is she really gonna fill your bank account with bundles of cash, huh?

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The Fearless Momma Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: The Fearless Momma (TFM).


Cost: $250 + $1,000s!

Owner: Tammy Montgomery.

My Score: 5/10.

Summary: When it comes to The Fearless Momma, I’m kinda in two minds about recommending it to a newbie.

While it offers some great training on internet and affiliate marketing.

At the same time, it could be classed as a “scheme” because you’ll be forking out a fortune for a system just to earn a fortune from recruiting others into it.

Which means, ‘TFM’ could be under the FTC‘s spotlight someday – making it a risky opportunity to invest in.

But at the end of the day, only you can decide if the opportunity’s the right fit for you.

But before diving into this FULL review.

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What’s The Fearless Momma All About?

The Fearless Momma is a system that offers you a ‘Done-For-You’ sales funnel designed to easily help you rake in instant affiliate commissions.

$250 from each sale, to be exact!

The person behind it claims “you can instantly pocket $250 within the next 72 hours, even if you’ve never made a dime online!

I dunno about you, but I think making your first 250 bucks on the web in just 3 days is a pretty bold claim for any system creator to make.

But is it actually possible to make that kinda cash in a few short days?

And more importantly, HOW are you gonna earn such big payments?

These golden questions are about to be answered.

So hang tight, buddy!…


Let’s Take a Closer Look at The Fearless Momma

According to the sales page, in order to start earning the big bucks, there are 3 steps involved.

  1. Lead Flow
  2. Cash Flow
  3. Let Go

So basically, once you’re inside your new members’ area, you’re gonna get squeeze pages to promote for capturing email addresses.

You’ll be shown lead sources, Ad swipes, and actionable steps for generating traffic that will potentially turn into leads.

And then ‘TFM’ system does all the emailing and selling for you via its sales funnel.

If you clueless about “sales funnels”…

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So anyway, back to ‘TFM’…

When it comes to the training aspect, there are 7 modules containing video tutorials to follow.
The Fearless Momma Training


Module #1: How to start from $0 and go to $100K +

This covers changing your way of thinking to seeing what the creator does for big profits to overcoming obstacles.


Module #2: You can’t be serious? You really make that much! 

This covers how to put yourself in the path of the cash to dealing with unsupportive folks to squashing the dream stealers like bugs lol.


Module #3: My magic transformation from the couch to 5K runs

This is all about taking “action” to dealing with your excuses and pains to creating yourself a portfolio of income streams.


Module #4: The “New” Office

This one’s about breaking free from your mundane office job to placing Ads on social media and doing Facebook lives to collecting payments via Stripe.


Module #5: When The Shit Hits The Fan

Learn how to predict challenges in advance to weaponizing yourself so your online ventures don’t collapse to learning new marketing skills.


Module #6: If I Had To Start All Over

Learn what to do (via a roadmap for getting back on track quickly) if you suddenly lose everything.

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Module #7: 5 Keys That Unlock Big Ticket Sales

You’ll discover what the Gurus don’t want you to know, to learning about leveraging a good conversion process and maximizing your profits.

Tammy also provides a “Goodies” tab which delivers bonus video training material on:

  • Using Craigslist
  • Getting your first $250 commission

Facebook & Solo Ads, to name a few topics.

Overall, Tammy’s training is great quality.

Because she really teaches you some effective strategies for promoting your squeeze page(s) and gathering leads through ‘TFM’ system.

Last but not least, there’s the ‘Six Figure Empire Fearless’ Facebook group with 1,180 members (at the time of writing) for support.


Show Me The Money With The Fearless Momma!!

Making Money OnlineNot only can you earn $250 (100% commissions) from each paid system referral but you can also rake in additional $250, $750, and even $1,250 (20% commissions) payments.

Sounds totally EPIC doesn’t it?

But unfortunately, to earn those huge instant cash amounts from your referrals…

You must also splash out $250, $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 for the system.



And Then There’s The Second Problem

Although the training and resources are top-notch…

Paying $250 to get started online with ‘TFM’ for the privilege of earning unlimited $250 (100% commissions), means you’re “gifting” money.

And as for the “high-ticket” costs…

Puts ‘TFM’ in the same boat as Matt Lloyd’s MOBE which got closed down by the (Federal Trade Commission) for being a “scheme”.

I’ve got nothing against those wanting to make money online (since I’m doing it myself), don’t get me wrong.

But when it comes to these types of overpriced money-making systems, folks join just for the sake of “making money”.

Instead of actually starting and building a profitable website around something they’re passionate about that truly helps others.


Conclusion: Is The Fearless Momma a Scam?

Yes and NoAs with the majority of ‘Done-For-You’ money-making systems, I’m torn when it comes to The Fearless Momma.

Because on one hand, Tammy delivers some great tools, training, resources, and support.

(I do also believe the training can be applied to any type of online Biz, which is another bonus, in my book).

But on the other hand…

Tammy’s system is an overpriced “scheme” that attracts those with the sole purpose of filling their pockets.

And then there’s the “$250 in 72 hours” claim which raised my eyebrows.

Because nobody can guarantee you’ll make your first sale in a few short days, since there are certain variables to consider.

For example, it depends on your work ethic, the amount of time and cash invested into paid Ads, and any other strategies you choose.

YES, making $250 is doable in 3 days. But by no means is it guaranteed.

Should you join ‘TFM’, that’s the question?

Since I’m on the fence with this one, I’ll let you be the judge.


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In my experience with the concept of affiliate marketing, not only should you be able to start up and build a Biz on a shoestring.

But also build something profitable from the ground up that revolves around something you’re interested in or passionate about.

It shouldn’t be about paying out a fortune for some “scheme” in order to rake in the big bucks online.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘TFM’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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