The ONE Word For $100K Per Year in Passive Income!

When it comes to earning a passive income online for that lavish lifestyle, some folks (especially newbies) believe that it can be accomplished at the click of a finger.

But sadly, it couldn’t be further from the truth because the idea of generating buckets of cash quickly is a fairy tale story fabricated by swindlers.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t become wealthy on the web because you do have the potential to live the life you want.

The ONE Word For 100K Per Year in Passive Income
Just don’t expect it to fall into your lap as easy as pie.

So as an Affiliate Marketer, what’s the one single word that can get you to $100K (Yep, $100,000) per year in residual income?

Are you ready for it?

Drum Roll, please…


If you don’t work consistently hard in your online business on a daily basis (5 to 7 days a week), then the reality of it is, you’re not gonna be very successful.

You will suck at making money on the net! Period.

For example, you can’t just do one small task from time-to-time such as copy and paste an affiliate link on social media and wait for money to rain from the sky.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t work like that because it takes hard work and time.

And being consistent is what every high-earning affiliate marketer does differently from the unsuccessful affiliates who don’t have two pennies to rub together.

Now, if you don’t already have an affiliate marketing biz – get started here for free and get the tools, training, and support you need for success.

Secondly, to be able to generate $100K per year, it’s highly important to pick an affiliate program that bills customers monthly for products and services.

Recurring affiliate commissions rock! 😉

But don’t just choose a program at random.

Go for one that sells valuable products/services with awesome conversion rates and also pays out a high commission percentage.

To find the best platforms in your niche, you will need to conduct Google searches and also pick marketers’ brains in forums and on social media, etc.

If you really wanna ramp up your earnings, I recommend joining a number of affiliate programs and creating “multiple streams” of passive income.

As for myself, I’m in the “make money online” niche and earn some pretty awesome recurring commissions from the following 3 programs that convert extremely well and pay 40% – 50%:

#1: Wealthy Affiliate – Earn a combination of monthly and yearly recurring commissions. Plus you can qualify for an-all paid Las Vegas trip each year.

#2: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – Earn both monthly and yearly recurring payments from Pro and Enterprise memberships.

#3: ClickFunnels – (Join the free 100-day Affiliate Bootcamp) – Make $38 – $118 per sale, per month. Plus, you can qualify for your dream car.

Now, you should have your online biz set up and affiliate products/services ready to blast out there to your potential buyers.

What’s next on the agenda?

You need to learn how to consistently move your business forwards day-by-day.

So here are 4 top ways that will help you to stay consistent and make that $100K per year happen.


#1: Have a List of Goals

If you wanna stay focused and keep pushing forward, you have to set some goals and create a business plan.
Establish Some Goals and Find Your WHY
Otherwise, without goals, it’s like jumping in your car without a destination, and you’re basically driving in circles.

Unfortunately, most people drive without any direction in life and in their online web-based businesses.

When you have big goals, they act as a motivator, allowing you to focus on your biz.


#2: Develop The Skills You Need

Many folks dive into building businesses without first learning the skills they require.

So figure out the internet marketing skill(s) that you wanna learn.
Online Marketing Strategies on a Tablet
It could be anything from blogging and SEO to building sales funnels to producing YouTube video content to creating PPC ads to email marketing to mastering social media and becoming the next Gary Vaynerchuk, etc.

You can learn absolutely any skill you need for accomplishing any of your goals.

In fact, why not master every digital marketing skill, huh?

My #1 training recommendation will start you off on the right foot.

Get the education you need, take action, and refuse to let yourself off the hook (5 to 7 days per week).


#3: Learn to Discipline Yourself

One of the master keys to wealth is “self-discipline”.

It’s basically having the ability to force yourself into doing what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel up to it or not.
Affiliate Bootcamp Drill Sergeant Yelling at New Recruits
Create a written plan of action, organize your plan, set key priorities, and get to work on your biz without excuses.

When you learn to avoid the process of procrastination and make your internet business a top priority instead, you begin to develop good habits that will lead to big success.


#4: Stay Focused on The Journey

When you’re building an empire, it can be very easy to fall for distractions on the web.

And by distractions, I’m referring to “Shiny Object Syndrome” – Jumping from one opportunity to the next.

Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t focus on anything other than your affiliate marketing Biz.
A Road Running Through a Desert
Yeah, it’s OK to learn multiple strategies and even test out various affiliate programs.

But don’t let other so-called business owners drag you away from your journey using other opportunities like MLM, eCommerce, and Dropshipping, etc.

Focus on the road in front until you’re a success.


The Bottom Line…

Generating an income of $100,000 each year isn’t gonna be an easy process as an affiliate marketer.

But it is entirely doable if you take the necessary steps – Starting an online business, selecting the right affiliate programs, setting your goals, learning the right marketing skills, disciplining yourself, staying focused…

And above all… working consistently hard every day.

This is what’s gonna separate you from the affiliates who fail to take their businesses seriously.

Follow the guidance in this article, and you can be a 6-figure earner.

I wish you massive success…

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on consistency and becoming a profitable affiliate, then we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below…

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