The Online Marketing Academy With Jo Barnes (Reviewed)

Welcome to my review of the Online Marketing Academy!

Will Jo Barnes help you to create a profitable Biz on the web or is her platform gonna be a disappointment?

Get stuck into this honest review to find out…

The Online Marketing Academy Review
Quick Overview

Name: The Online Marketing Academy (OMA).

Website: Click Here.

Cost: $497 + additional expenses.

Owner: Jo Barnes.

My Score: 6/10.

Verdict: Legit.


The Online Marketing Academy offers some great video training, tools, and support for creating a profitable business on the web.

That’s if you have a budget to work with beforehand, because all online Biz startups require fees.

However, the training can be a bit patchy in some places.

Because I think there needs to be more of a focus on the “affiliate marketing” and “traffic” side of things to help newbies.

But overall, it’s still a platform that I would recommend to aspiring online entrepreneurs.

But before you continue reading any further…

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What is The Online Marketing Academy All About?

Jo Barnes states that her Online Marketing Academy is a platform for helping you to build your lifestyle business…

One, that allows you to achieve the flexibility and freedom you have been longing for.

Originally named “The Social Networking Academy”…

OMA is designed as an internet marketing program that gives you training, tools, and access to a community for building a profitable biz using your laptop.

The whole shebang, basically.

On Jo’s website, it’s also stated that her program has been voted the “#1 internet marketing product” in the ratings of the IMReport Card site.

But IMReport Card has raised a number of eyebrows due to awarding scams with high ratings in the past.

Not that I’m calling OMA a scam, BTW lol.

But the legitimacy of the IMReport Card review site is indeed questionable.

In my experience with internet and affiliate marketing – Wealthy Affiliate has already earned the “#1 spot”.

Since WA practically wipes the floor clean with nearly all programs, and just grows each year with new improvements.

It’s not just my opinion, but also the opinion of 100,000’s of other WA community members.

But in saying that, First-Time Internet Marketing Profits (+ its sibling ‘From Nothing‘) is pretty damn good too. 😉


What Does The Online Marketing Academy Training Entail?

Once you become a member, you gain access to a 12-week training coaching program called “Online Marketing 101”.

Which also provides you with stuff on goals and weekly tasks to tick off.
Online Marketing Academy Training
Jo’s 12 weeks of coaching is broken down into the following weeks:

  1. Understanding your purpose, goal setting, & choosing a niche
  2. Building an email list. You also get 100 free bonus giveaways
  3. Creating a profitable opt-in sales funnel
  4. Creating/finding an instant sale product for your funnel
  5. Starting & building a blog + using social media for creating your brand
  6. Leveraging various content types for scaling your brand
  7. Creating &/or selling products/services
  8. Using free/paid traffic strategies + producing effective webinars
  9. Using Facebook ads for making your funnel profitable
  10. Split testing your funnels & increasing your conversion rates
  11. Producing a membership/subscription site for passive income
  12. (YAY, my most favorite topic) – Making affiliate commissions from promoting other people’s products/services 😉

In addition to the 1o1 coaching…

You will gain access to Jo’s webinars, a bunch of other cool digital marketing educational stuff, and a 30-day email list building challenge.

Barnes certainly delivers a TON of invaluable video training, in my opinion.

However, she dives into various internet marketing strategies too quickly, which can be overwhelming for newbies.

So I think the best option would be for her to create a whole course revolving around ONE strategy.

And then create another in-depth course on something different a couple of months later. So on and so forth.


What About The Tools Inside The Online Marketing Academy?

Jo provides you with a heap of tools for different aspects of online business building.

These resources are in the form of plugins and also her special software for producing easy graphics for Facebook, covers, infographics, headers, banners, and sales letters, etc.

I have personally found that to succeed with any training platform, effective tools and services are always a necessity.

Even better, when some are included in the price as well, which I will discuss shortly.


What Level of Support do You Get as a Member?

When it comes to help and support, you can join a private Facebook group for networking and picking the brains of other OMA members.

To top that off and add the icing on the cake, you can personally get in touch with Jo and also her member support team.

Support is another fundamental element of success.

Because without a thriving community and the right people to turn to for help, it’s gonna put a massive obstacle in your path that you will find tough to overcome.


How much Does The Online Marketing Academy Cost?

Surprisingly, the cost of OMA is only $497 for lifetime access which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

In this day and age of digital marketing, unnecessary “upsells” are tied in with the majority of training products and it’s kinda sad.

Because it puts the squeeze on your finances.

But with Jo’s platform, it’s simply a one-time payment of a few dollars short of 500 bucks.

However (and you probably knew this was coming), there will be extra resources you will need to swipe your credit card a few times for.

Like sales funnel and email marketing software, and paid traffic methods, to name some examples. Which goes without saying.

Because nothing’s really free online, right?




  • Cheap and affordable lifetime access
  • Jo delivers lots of great training
  • A few tools are provided
  • A Facebook community for help & support
  • Personal access to Jo, herself
  • There’s a money back guarantee
  • No upsells rammed down your throat
  • The potential to build a profitable web-based business


  • In my opinion, there are too many IM strategies rolled into one platform
  • Jo doesn’t seem to put the training in the right order – Email marketing is taught before driving traffic. Affiliate marketing is also pushed to the back of the line when it should really be taught in week 1 or 2
  • The training on traffic generation and affiliate marketing is a little ropey. It needs more depth to it


Final Opinion: Is The Online Marketing Academy Worth it?…

With a great level of training, some good tools to use, and a private Facebook community to be a part of…

The Online Marketing Academy is definitely legitimate and worth every penny.

I like the fact that Jo is the face of her platform and she’s 100% upfront with you about everything you receive as a member and also the full cost of joining her program.

Would I recommend OMA to a newbie?

Yeah, probably lol.

I’m kinda sitting on the fence a little.

Because although Jo Barnes has produced a fantastic training platform, I also think for a noob, some training needs to be structured better and put in the appropriate order.

The other issue with the program is that you will need a decent sized budget to work with for getting your online business off the ground quickly using Jo’s methods.

But before you dash off…


Here’s My #1 Money-Making Pick For Newbies

As I said, ‘OMA’ offers some pretty sweet value for the price you pay.

But from a newbie standpoint, things could get overwhelming with the umpteen strategies that are taught.

Which is why I recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member instead.

Because WA is an “all in one” platform that offers you websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a massive community…


Wait for it…

Starting and building a “blog” around your hobby or passion to grow a sustainable online business as an affiliate marketer.

Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts that you’d like to share on OMA, we’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below…

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