The Profit Shortcut Review: Do Shortcuts REALLY Exist?

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Is it really a quick and easy way to rake in the dough online or just another piece of scammy “pipe dream” garbage like Freedom Shortcut and Lazy Wealth System to avoid, huh?

If you want a truthful answer, then dive right in…

The Profit Shortcut Review - Do Shortcuts REALLY Exist
Quick Overview

Name: The Profit Shortcut (TPS).


Cost: $37 + $1,000s for Upsells.

Owner: Sarah Highland, apparently.

My Score: 2/10.

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What’s The Profit Shortcut All About?

According to the sales video spokeswoman, ‘TPS’ is some newbie-friendly way for you to make huge amounts of cash (to the tune of $1,000s) every month – even if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Apparently, some folks have already generated $5,000 – $12,000 within their first 30 days of starting out online with the method.

All you have to do is plug in to some ‘Done-For-You’ system, do very little work for about an hour each day, and then watch the huge affiliate commissions roll in like clockwork.


I dunno about you, but I feel my scam senses tingling already.

But I guess we’ll soon see, buddy!


Let’s Discover How The Profit Shortcut Works…

Without beating about the bush, ‘TPS’ is a *GASP* non-existent system.

YUP, it’s as fake as a wedding cake.

“But how so, Neil?”

Because, it’s designed by some “affiliate” as a simple squeeze page to funnel you into  a “high-ticket” money-making program called ‘The Super Affiliate Network’ (SAN for short).

‘SAN’ is operated by Misha Wilson, who, unfortunately, also uses shady sales tactics (including fake scarcity) to promote his own program.
The Super Affiliate Network Income Hype
So quite clearly, he’s set a bad example for his affiliates from the get-go.


‘SAN’ is actually a step-by-step coaching program teaching you various internet marketing strategies for earning an income as an affiliate marketer.

But here’s the biggest downside to it…

The whole thing’s set up as a ‘Done-For-You’ system – basically meaning all the resources you get are to help you promote ‘SAN’ itself as an affiliate.

Anyone you bring into the system, purchases, implements, and promotes the same training products as you.

“Why is that such a bad thing, Neil?”

Great question!

You’re about to find out…


Super Affiliate Network Costs an Arm and a Leg…

You might wanna be sitting down for this lol.

To climb aboard ‘SAN’ as a full-fledged member, you will be required to splash out on the following products:

  • Membership: Basic = $47/month (or $297/year). Silver = $397/year. Gold = $497/year.
  • Super Affiliate Monthly = $47
  • 6-Figure Sales Funnel = $97
  • Pro Membership = $2,497
  • Maui Intensive Mentoring = $12,497

Please note: these prices were correct at the time of writing my ‘SAN’ review in 2018. If you hear the prices have changed, please let me know in the comments at the very end.

And on top of that, you’re gonna need to splash out on paid traffic methods.

So realistically, you’re looking at $1,000s to build an online Biz with ‘SAN’.

But what makes this opportunity such a bad thing is the fact that it’s classed as a money-making “scheme”, at the end of the day.

That’s why the package fees are expensive, ESPECIALLY the last two products – so you can cash in huge commission checks from Misha.

Yeah, you get stacks of training and resources at your disposal.

But anyone who joins ‘SAN’ is only in it for the idea of raking in the “money” instead of creating a successful affiliate marketing Biz around their “passion”.

If you don’t believe me, then why did the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) smash its iron fist down on top of Matt Lloyd’s ‘MOBE’ and Michael Force’s ‘Digital Altitude’?

Read the following Press Release for solid proof of MOBE’s takedown:

So here’s a question?

How long until ‘SAN’ is also under the FTC’s spotlight for being a “scheme”?

How about Keala Kanae’s ‘Awol Academy’ too, since that’s also a “high-ticket” rip off?


Only time will tell I guess. Tick-Tock…


Why ‘TPS’ Raises Numerous Red Flags…

So now you know the REAL truth behind ‘TPS’, let’s see how the spokeswoman in the sales video tries to pull the wool over your eyes.

First of all, she gives you the strong impression that her system is some easy-as-pie “get-rich-quick” method.
The Profit Shortcut Get Rich Quick Hype
But that couldn’t be further from the truth because internet and affiliate marketing is no walk in the park. I promise you.

Whether you’re using some ‘Done-For-You’ system or not, it’s still gonna take time and elbow grease to implement certain strategies.

Not to mention the fact that you’ll need to invest cash for driving paid traffic to your ‘SAN’ affiliate squeeze page.

Which, brings me to the next point…

Secondly, she claims it’s ideal for those on “shoestring budgets”.
The Profit Shortcut Shoestring Budget Lies
Pardon my French, but what a load of old bullsh*t.

Yes, the price of ‘SAN’ is fairly reasonable to get started. But in reality, the whole thing will set you back literally thousands of dollars – money that most folks can’t afford to pay.

So much for Sarah’s “shoestring budget” act, hey?

In my opinion, these ‘SAN’ affiliates really need to be upfront with you from the very beginning instead of leading you down the garden path, so you can decide for yourself if it suits your budget.

Thirdly, she claims ‘TPS’ is 100% risk free.
The Profit Shortcut False Risk Free Guarantee
But sadly, she’s telling porkies.

While you can claim back your $37 fee, you’re not gonna be able to claim a refund on everything you invest after that.

So if you decide to part with more cash, then you’ve really got no choice but to stick it out with ‘SAN’ or quit altogether and be out-of-pocket.

Lastly, I find the video testimonials of members raking in $1,000s per month extremely questionable.

The reason being is that if you look at ‘SAN’s income disclosure, you’ll see that only a tiny fraction of members are actually making some good money using Keala Kanae’s system.
The Super Affiliate Network Income Disclosure
So it’s either the guys from the ‘TPS’ sales video are unsuccessful ‘SAN’ affiliates bullsh*tting you.

Or they’re high-ranking ‘SAN’ affiliates raking in the dough for real.

Whichever way you look at it, the only purpose here is simply to convince you to swipe your credit card.

At the end of the day, the sales page is full of fluff, like WAH EDU, Digital Profit Course, Home Wealth Business, and 7 Figure Profit Code, to name some far-fetched money-makers.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘TPS’


  • The joining fee is cheap & refundable
  • SOME folks are making money from ‘SAN’


  • The sales page video comes across as deceptive
  • It’s a non-existent opportunity (real system is ‘SAN’)
  • Biased video testimonials are questionable
  • Sarah fails to disclose the FULL costs
  • You’ll need to sell body parts to afford ‘SAN’
  • You can only claim a refund on your initial $37 fee
  • ‘SAN’ is a risky “scheme” – especially with the FTC on the warpath


Final Thoughts: Is The Profit Shortcut a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownIn my opinion, YES it is because not only does the sales video fill your head with “get-rich-quick” type of nonsense, but the so-called “secret” system is non-existent right off the bat.

As for the Super Affiliate Network itself, it’s a tricky one, to say the least.

On one hand, it offers a ‘Done-For-You’ system, training, and resources for enabling you to make money online.

But on the other hand, it’s gonna cost you an absolute fortune to go “all in”, and it seems very few folks are earning a decent income from it, which clearly makes it an “unsustainable” business model.

This is the same reason why the ‘Empower Network’ scam closed its doors – the income simply dried up for everyone involved.

Well, I guess it was either that or the FTC suing the pants off the owners lol.

Which, leads me to…

If the FTC has already chewed up and spat out both MOBE and Digital Altitude, then what’s stopping it from digging its sharp claws into the ‘SAN’ scheme next, huh?

I dunno about you, but are you really willing to take such a big risk with your cash?

So on that note, ‘TPS’/’SAN’ is not recommended.

If you’re sick of being taken for a fool by unethical affiliates and scam artists, in general – BUT you’re after a LEGIT way to earn a real sustainable income online, that’s as cheap as chips…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘TPS’ or ‘SAN’, please share away below because we’d LOVE to hear from ya…



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