The Secret Weapon [Review]: What’s The Big Profit Secret?

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Claimed to be a blueprint for stacks of cash online daily – does this secretive “James Bond-like” program really live up to the hype surrounding it?

Or does it seriously fall short like most ‘make money’ products out there, huh?

Jump right into this honest review – where I’m about to expose this program…

The Secret Weapon Review
Quick Overview

Name: The Secret Weapon.


Cost: $12.95 (at the time of writing) + upsells.

Owners: Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong & Eric Cagi.

My Score: 4/10.

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What’s The Secret Weapon All About?

Now, before you go thinking this is some 007, Mission Impossible, Austin Powers or Stranger Things (lol) top secret thing, you’re mistaken.

The three amigos behind ‘TPW’ reckon their discreet product is loaded with everything you need to make money fast

You’ll get your hands on autopilot systems that total newbies can create for $217.43 every day (over-and-over)“…

It’s like nothing you have ever seen before“…

Blah, blah, blah.

And as proof that ‘TSW’ works (YEP, you got it) – the guys show you a bunch of earnings from just one of their campaigns.


Check out these bad boy income examples…

The Secret Weapon Sales Page Daily 3 Figure Earnings
Holy mackerel!

But you’ve also gotta take into consideration that the trio are “seasoned” internet marketers who started the game many moons ago.

So, of course, they’re gonna make earning the big bucks online seem like a piece of carrot cake – the boys have got talents.

Put simply, the sales page is full of the same old hype that comes with almost all products in the internet marketing industry.

But that’s not to say ‘TSW’ is a no-go area, as you’re gonna find out in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.


Wanna learn the REAL secrets to making money (the secrets that Brendan, Jono & Eric have all learned and apply themselves)?

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But mum’s the word, yeah? 😉

Anyways, back to the program in question…


How Does The Secret Weapon Actually Work?

According to the sales page, you’re gonna make money in 3 simple steps:

  1. Uncover ‘TSW’ – It Takes 15 Minutes
  2. Set up Using Their Blueprint
  3. Sit Back as $100+ Profits Roll in

There’s also an optional 4th step to “create a job-crushing income” – making as much cash as you’d like day-in-day-out, apparently.

But let’s discover these steps in more depth, shall we?

Once you’ve gained access to the members’ area (seen below), there are 3 main modules included.
The Secret Weapon Members Training Dashboard
The first module is just a quick welcome video introduction from Jono.

The second module contains a bunch of training tutorial videos that cover the following:

  • Overview
  • The Tools of The Trade
  • Picking The Right Offer (on WarriorPlus)
  • Crafting Your Free Course/Freebie
  • Creating your Perfect Thank You Page
  • Overview of The Special Opt-in Page
  • Creating Your Special Opt-in Page (Part 2)
  • Adding Re-Targeting Pixels
  • Putting Together an Email Follow-up Sequence
  • Free Traffic From FB
  • Solo Ads
  • How to Properly Set up ClickMagick Tracking With W+
  • Getting Traffic With Bing Ads
  • Congruency
  • Conclusion

The third module is a case study on ‘$255 With 100% Free Traffic’

But I assure you, what you get from this product is no “big secret” because everything you’re taught is general affiliate marketing stuff…

Choosing a product, building a squeeze page around it, sending traffic to your page, and building an email list of potential buyers.

This strategy has been around since the stone ages, and is something you can learn for “free” when you sign up for the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

But whether you’ll make $100+ per day with ‘TSW’ training as a “newbie” is questionable, since you’ll be learning the basics of making money.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill when it comes to generating a fortune on the web because marketing takes time to get to grips with.

Whether, it’s building your own sales funnels, blogging or some ‘Done For You’ system, etc.


There are plenty of moving parts to take into consideration

Which, means the dudes behind ‘TSW’ don’t really have any right to tell you that you’re easily gonna be raking in the dough (especially quickly).

Brendan, Jono, and Eric provide you with some fairly good training (in my opinion), don’t get me wrong.

But their product is too hyped-up, in my book.

And is no different from other stuff by Brendan.

Like, the Banger Method, Lost Code, Five Figure Freedom, and Zero Hour Work Days – that come across as “the best thing since sliced bread”.


How Much Does The Secret Weapon Cost?

The cost of ‘TSW’ is $12.95 (at the time of writing this review).

On top of that, there are certain software tools that you’ll need to purchase:

  • ‘InstaBuilder’ (similar to InstaPage) (starts from $77)
  • ‘ClickMagick’ (starts from $12/month billed annually)
  • An Autoresponder, which can start from $10/month (depending on the service)

And then there are domain name and hosting fees to take into consideration.

Followed by running solo ads – which can very easily set you back $100s for paid traffic to your squeeze page(s).

The guys also entice you with a bunch of upsells to splash out on:

  1. $37 for high-converting templates
  2. $197 for your chance to make $1,000 commissions
  3. $197 for 365 days worth of limitless traffic
  4. $157 for a ‘Done For You’ system
  5. $97 for license rights

So it’s perfectly clear that you sure as hell DON’T get “everything you need”.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘TSW’


  • Get a bunch of good over-the-shoulder video tutorials
  • The main product is as cheap as chips
  • A 30-day money-back-guarantee is in place


  • The sales page is hyped-up (as per usual)
  • This is NOT some “secret” method – it’s a lie
  • It only really teaches you the basics of digital/affiliate marketing
  • There are further upsells to fork out for
  • Additional expenses will be required for tools & paid traffic


Final Thoughts: Is The Secret Weapon a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs UpWell, after reading through my review and discovering the product delivers some valuable training, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that ‘TSW’ is perfectly legit, right?

Plus, the fact you can get a refund if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase – makes it pretty genuine.

So from that angle, I am giving it a big thumb’s up.

However, there’s a couple of things I dislike about the product:


First of all, The Hype…

The creators’ over-hype it on the sales page – making you think you’re gonna rake in fast dollars as easy as pie.

The truth be told, building a profitable squeeze page/sales funnel really isn’t as quick and easy as it sounds because it’s gonna require a lot of time, effort, and cash investment before you reap the rewards.


Secondly, WarriorPlus (UGH)…

You’re taught how to choose affiliate products to promote from inside the WarriorPlus marketplace.

This means that you’re gonna be recommending ‘money-making’ products to your email subscribers – products that you’re clueless about and more than likely uninterested in too.

The potential’s there to make money with ‘TSW’. But it’s not exactly the best option for a newbie, in my book.

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If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘TSW’ – we’d LOVE to hear em’ below…

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