The Six Figure Formula: $7K in Your 1st Month? [Review]

G’day, mate -welcome to my review of The Six Figure Formula!

Oddly enough, I came across the program by chance from a Wealthy Affiliate Google search.

“But how the heck are the two connected, Neil?!”

Good question, that’s what I’d LOVE to know too!

The truth is, they AREN’T.

I looked up my competitors’ (as you do 😉 ) for WA’s Black Friday offer.

And then BAM, a YouTube video titled “Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2018 – $708+ Per Day Secrets?!” popped up which made me curious.
The Six Figure Formula Using Wealthy Affiliates Black Friday Offer
So after I watched the video and took 6 Figure Formula for a spin.

I can assure you it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Wealthy Affiliate or even Black Friday, for that matter!

The guy behind the system is clearly trying to piggyback off WA’s BF offer keyword term for pocketing cash himself.

A slap on the wrist for that naughty boy! LOL.

But joking aside, will ‘TSFF’ REALLY pay off if you decide to invest your hard-earned cash or is it just another lame SCAM to ditch?

The truth is about to be unveiled inside this honest and unbiased review.

The Six Figure Formula Review
Quick Overview:

Name: The Six Figure Formula.


Cost: $1 for a 3-day trial & then $37/month + Upsells + extra costs.

Owner: Some Ozzie fella named “Shea Korte”.

My Score: 6/10.


In a nnutshell, The Six Figure Formula provides you with all the resources you need for making money from affiliate marketing.

There really is a lot of stuff at your disposal in terms of training and tools for getting the job done.

However, my only issue with this type of method is that it’s a ‘Done-For-You’ system which doesn’t really allow you to build a business of your own in a niche of your choice.

But with that said, I guess you could apply the training to any niche, but find ways of building your own landing pages and blogs, etc, around that niche.

Overall, the program’s not too shabby, and would probably recommend giving it a shot.

But before digging in. See how I’m making sustainable money from the internet as an Affiliate Marketer…

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What’s The Six Figure Formula About?

When you visit The Six Figure Formula website ‘’, you land on a Squeeze page that leads to a free video.

One that claims “how a complete beginner with no experience made $7,242.95 in his first month“.

Even if the statement is true, it’s seriously hyped up and misleading because it sets an unrealistic benchmark for all affiliate marketing newbies, in my opinion.

But I’m not gonna go into any details on the hypie sales video.

Because you’re here to look behind the scenes of the ACTUAL money-making program, right?…


Let’s Drawback The Six Figure Formula Theatre Drapes

Once you’ve submitted the $1 payment for ‘TSFF’, you get hit with multiple Upsells.

So before you can access the actual product, you’re enticed with the following upgrades:

  • 6-Figure Per Year Case Studies = $47 (or $27 Downsell)
  • Done-For-You Campaigns = $27 (or $17 Downsell)
  • Live Mentoring = $3 for 7 day trial, then $67/month

Some folks may consider this as an issue.

But in my opinion, this “sales funnel” approach is an AWESOME way for Biz owners, product creators, and affiliate marketers to cash in from offering more value.

In fact, if you wanna learn more on HOW implementing the “Value Ladder” concept can make you profitable as an affiliate, check out ‘DotCom Secrets’ here.

When you’re finally inside the membership area.

There are 5 steps for getting started as well as a big bunch of resources for helping you to make money with the ‘TSFF’ ‘Done-For-You’ system.
The Six Figure Formula Membership Area


Step #1: Start Here

This first step has 2 video tutorials.

One covers ‘Getting Your Unique Affiliate ID’ from PayKickstart so you can promote ‘TSFF’ as an affiliate.

And the second tutorial covers ‘Setting up Your Commissions’ so you can actually get paid from promoting ‘TSFF’.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $151.70 + $41.95 recurring commissions per sale.


Step #2: Setup Your Autoresponder

There are a couple of 5 to 6-minute videos on getting and setting up either an Aweber or GetResponse account.

So you can collect and easily message email leads who come through your ‘TSFF’ affiliate squeeze page.


Step #3: Getting Your Page Links

This is a 16-minute video that walks you through the process of choosing your pre-built Capture Page.

As well as the Video Sales Letter (VSL) page you wanna promote.
Capture Pages
In total, you can select from 5 Capture Pages and 4 VSL pages to activate for your campaigns.

The set up of each Capture Page is incredibly simple to do too.

Capture Page Set Up

For Example Purposes Only.

Just enter your details, affiliate ID and Aweber or GetResponse list details and Bob’s your uncle!

Additionally, there’s a 5-minute video on how to set up your own domain name for your selected pages.


Step #4: Copy & Paste Follow Up Emails

Shea Korte has crafted 31 emails ready for you to just plug into your chosen autoresponder service account.

Inside this module, there’s also a 6-minute video on loading your follow-ups with Aweber.

And another 13-minute video on doing the same thing with GetResponse.


Step #5: Fast Promotion (Free Traffic)

Here, there’s a 38-minute video on using ‘The Facebook Method’.

And also a quick 5-minute tutorial on using ‘The YouTube Method’ for driving targeted visitors to your ‘TSFF’ squeeze page.

In addition, Shea provides you with scripts, Facebook ads and images for posting on your FB profile as well as on targeted pages and groups.

But in all honesty, I’m not exactly a fan of this free FB approach.

Because I see affiliate marketers/MLMers spamming FB groups all the time with their “money-making” stuff.


Plus, if you over-promote on FB, you’ll be thrown in FB jail from time-to-time which is one of the biggest downsides to the ad posting method.

The best practice for traffic, leads, and sales is by learning how to run paid Facebook ads that also make you stand out from the crowd, in my book.


Extra Training Modules

On top of the training you already get, there’s ‘Basic Training’ which contains 5 modules.

Each module has a bunch of videos that cover everything from affiliate marketing to affiliate mindset to finding good keywords to PPC to video, email, and social media marketing.

As for the ‘Advanced Training’, it’s broken up into 6 modules.

But unfortunately, you can only access one module on Opt-In intelligence (at the time of writing) because the other 5 modules are still “Coming Soon“.



Tutorials – Even More Training!

When it comes to the tutorials, there are the following modules:

  1. Domain Names
  2. Website Setup
  3. Autoresponder
  4. Tracking Setup
  5. Outsourcing

Video Tutorials
And then inside each module, there are heaps of videos on the ins and outs of each topic.

I must say, overall, Shea has done a terrific job at providing all the quality training you need on getting started to generating traffic to making money with his system.

So hats off to the dude!



Under this tab, you’ll find literally sh*t TON of stuff to use for your online Biz building campaigns.

You’ll get all sorts of things like:

Landing page packs, email swipes, WordPress themes for building your own website, WordPress plugin recommendations, top places for solo ads, top email and traffic services, and MUCH more.

In addition to all that.

There are weekly ‘Turnkey Campaigns’ that are ready for you to send traffic to and profit from various affiliate offers, once you grab and insert your affiliate links into the campaigns.


What Support Options Are Open to You?

Whether you wanna contact Shea and his team or rub shoulders with other members of ‘TSFF’, there are various support options available for doing so.

First up, you can check out the FAQ page or either submit a marketing question to ‘Marketing Support’ or contact ‘Account Support’.

Additionally, there are even monthly ‘Q&A’ videos on various online marketing strategies

And secondly, you can apply to join the members private Facebook group.




  • You get a 3-day trial for just $1
  • The monthly fee is reasonable
  • The 5 set up steps are easy to do
  • Heaps of quality training & resources provided
  • Various avenues for help & support (including a FB group)
  • A ‘Done-For-You’ system that’s suitable for newbies, in my opinion
  • The potential to earn a full-time income


  • There are multiple Upsells offered
  • Some noobs may feel overwhelmed by the amount of training/resources
  • The capture pages are a little hyped up with the whole “$7K in one month” thing
  • The pages also contain a fake “limited spots in your area” scarcity tactic
  • Extra expenses will be required for an autoresponder, a domain name, any other tools you’ll need & also paid traffic methods


Final Thoughts: Is The Six Figure Formula a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs UpWhen I first came across The Six Figure Formula, I assumed it was another piece of trash NOT to be trusted.

Especially since Shea Korte tries to hijack Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday sale with his IRRELEVANT YouTube video lol.

However, after seeing the tremendous amount of value the dude has packed into his system.

And considering it’s only $37/month, I can confidently say that it’s 100% LEGIT!

Now, I’m not usually a fan of these ‘Done-For-You’ systems.

Because some come with extortionate price tags (namely Earn Easy Commissions), they can cost an arm and a leg to send paid traffic to, and also mostly benefit the creators.

But despite all that, ‘TSFF’ is a system I would probably recommend. And YES, even to a newbie!

In regard to a newbie raking in $7,000+ in their first month with Shea’s system, I’m kinda sitting on the fence with this one.

I think it is possible.

But only IF you can afford to chuck $100s (even $1,000s) into numerous solo ad campaigns from various vendors within a 4-week period.

You’d have to be like “Turbo Man” from the movie ‘Jingle All The Way’ or even “Wonder Woman!”

But even then, there are no guarantees on how great and fast that traffic is at converting into leads, sales, and commissions.

In my opinion, for a typical “noob” to rake in $7K from ‘TSFF’ will take several months of investing effort and funds in scaling their online Biz.


Want a Better Money-Making Solution?…

In my expereince, affiliate marketing is a top-notch way of generating an income online.

And it becomes even more appealing when you can start and grow a successful Biz for pennies on the dollar – using much cheaper strategies.

Speaking of which, the method I recommend isn’t just the cheapest one for getting up and running as an affiliate marketer.

But also equips you with all the tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support (basically, everything) you need for creating a passive income…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘TSFF’ – We’d LOVE To hear from ya below…


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