Too Damn Easy, More Like a Damn Illegal Scam! [Review]

A huge welcome to my honest review of Too Damn Easy!

Apparently, some folks are raking in $1,000s in a single day with this program.

But there’s just one problem with the opportunity…

HOW they’re making huge stacks of cash is actually “illegal” – and you’re about to discover exactly WHY inside this review.

So buckle up for the ride…

Too Damn Easy Review
Quick Overview

Name: Too Damn Easy (TDE).

Website: But also flies under the following domains:

  • (+ a plural version)
  • cashgiftingexpert (+
  • (+ .net)

Cost: $2,000, $4,000, $6,000, $12,000 & *GASP* $18,000!

Owner: “Q” (yeah, seriously).

My Score: 0/10.

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What The Heck is Too Damn Easy All About, Huh?

“Q”, the mysterious guy behind ‘TDE’ (and NO, I’m not referring to the fictional character from James Bond) – claims he’s created an opportunity that’s gonna literally make you a year’s salary…

In a DAY!

And get this…

You’ll receive the payments In cold hard CASH delivered to your front door by overnight courier 6 days a week.

In fact, one member (named Susan from Florida), in particular, received $33,000 in $100 bills – which she’s stored in a home safe.
Thirty Thousand Dollars From Too Damn Easy in Hundred Dollar Bills
Holy toad in the hole, that’s one lucky gal!

OK, play time over. 😛

In all seriousness, ‘TDE’ is simply a “cash gifting” system – where peeps really do have the chance to cash in big time from this thing.

But just unethically, unfortunately.

Which, I’m gonna discuss in more detail in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

But first things first…


What on Earth is “Cash Gifting” Anyways?…

Making Money OnlineThe name says it all really.

You simply send off various amounts of money to random folks in the post in order to receive huge sums of cash in return.

I guess it’s kinda like Christmas – everyone giving and receiving Xmas gifts. Except some prezzies are more valuable than others.

But it’s definitely better to be on the receiving end of that extra value.

Wouldn’t you agree? 😉 lol.

Anyways, back to the subject of cash gifting itself…

I do have something to confess though.

When I first started out in the online money-making world many moons ago, I actually *GASP* dabbled in cash gifting for a short time.

(C’mon, gimme a break. I was just a total 18-year old newbie at the time).

You may be old enough to remember the whole “chain letter/pyramid scheme” thing – which is how I turned £3 into about £30.

Except, the method I used was all through email – where I received an email containing 5 email addresses.

I sent a specific amount of money to all 5 emails (but via PayPal), removed the top email, shifted the other 4 up a notch, inserted my email address at position 5, and emailed a bunch of random newbies like myself.

And a couple of weeks later, BOOM, I received multiple PayPal payments.

But that’s when I ended it to pursue MLM (another bad mistake). But that’s a story for another day.

So, what’s so dodgy and illegal about “cash gifting”, you ask?…

Put simply, hard-earned dollars are exchanged between randomers, but with no actual tangible products or services purchased.


How Does Too Damn Easy Work For Megabucks?

Well, it’s how I just explained – folks sending one another cash (except, it’s to the tune of $1,000s with ‘TDE’).

But let’s dig deeper into the rabbit hole, yeah?

Once you get past the super hyped up sales video showing stacks of cash in various places, “Q” requests a minimum spend of $2,000 to become a member of ‘TDE’.

Most or all of your $2K investment will land in the pockets of the guy or gal who referred you to ‘TDE’.

You then get to download postcards containing your own referral ID to mail out for recruiting other suckers into the opportunity who are gonna line your pockets with $1,000s.

Check out one of the postcard designs you’re gonna be sending.
Too Damn Easy Hyped up Postcard
To aid your marketing efforts, “Q” says he sends a bunch of follow up letters and emails to your prospects using his system.

And in order to really beef up your earnings, there are more membership levels costing $4,000 – $18,000!

But c’mon, who’s seriously got $10,000s going spare?

More to the point, who’s gonna be stupid enough to send $2K + $4K + $12K + $6K + $18K (in CASH) through the mail?

The bottom line:

Regardless of the marketing materials you get your hands on from “Q” and what he, along with his gullible members try to convince you of – ‘TDE’ is nothing but an “illegal scheme“, at the end of the day.

It works the same way as Club Cash Fund (another scheme I’ve reviewed), and I genuinely believe those who partake in these shady activities will eventually land in hot water with the law.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘TDE’


  • It’s a perfect example of the shady “get-rich-quick” crap to avoid


  • For starters, it’s seriously gonna cost you an arm & a leg. There’s no guarantee that you’ll profit either
  • Sending cash through the post is extremely risky, not to mention you’ll be skipping tax
  • The whole thing is a law-breaking money-making “scheme” (providing zero products/services)
  • “Q” hides his true identity like a coward – obviously, he KNOWS he’s a criminal
  • The sales page has no company address or contact info (for the same reason above ^^). No legal pages like “Privacy Policy” & “Earning Disclaimer” are in place either
  • No refunds are given
  • Anyone involved in this can potentially serve jail time &/or be fined a hefty sum of money if they’re caught & unlucky


Final Thoughts: Is Too Damn Easy a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownYes, 100%, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt – Too Damn Easy is a scam that you should avoid like the plague.

Well, let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Fact #1:

The most obvious fact here is that you get absolutely no products or services of any value because the name of the game is to pay out huge sums of cash in order to get paid $1,000s yourself.

Fact #2:

“Q” fails to reveal his true identity. Not to mention, he provides no way of contacting him through his sales page.

Furthermore, his sales page lacks the important disclaimers, etc, which basically means his website is operating “illegally” anyways.

Fact #3:

You’re gonna be mailing cash, which means you’ll be defrauding the tax man.

Need I say more?

So, what’s the best way to make money online, Neil?…

Well, “legally” would be a good start.

But joking aside, if you truly wanna earn a full-time income on the web – it’s gonna require the right training, tools, support, and hard graft to go hand-in-hand with those aspects.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or bad experiences with ‘TDE’ to share with us – we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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