Traffic Exchanges SUCK – Affiliates Get ZERO Results!

Over the years, free traffic exchange sites have been popping up all over the internet, and they always attract mainly MLMers with very little knowledge on internet marketing and also opportunity seekers after a quick and easy buck.

Personally, I disrelish ALL traffic exchanges for a couple of very important reasons.
Discover Why Traffic Exchange Programs Suck
Firstly, during my earlier days as a marketer, I surfed COUNTLESS exchanges with MULTIPLE tabs open on my computer for hours on end with ZERO results to show for it!

Secondly, I even spent $100s on credits for traffic to my affiliate offers. Again, a total waste of investments for $0 profit!

Put simply, they are nothing but scammy platforms that only fill the pockets of the affiliates as well as the owners who recruit vulnerable folks into the schemes.

But let’s take an in-depth look into these shoddy exchange programs to give you a better understanding and why you should avoid them at all costs, whether you’re in the MLM or Affiliate Marketing industry…


A Traffic Exchange Is a 3 Headed Beast

A Three Headed Beast

Depending on your intentions, there are 3 various roles in all traffic exchange programs:

Clicking on Ads

This is the driving force behind the business model. You sacrifice your free time by using your mouse button to click on adverts for hyped up MLM opportunities and low-quality products/services promoted by other members.

Whenever you click on an ad, you’re given a certain time frame (usually seconds) until you’re able to click on the next ad. For each ad you view, you’re given a small reward.

You can either earn credits for free traffic to your own MLM/affiliate offers or even make very minimal amounts of cash that you can eventually withdraw once you meet certain thresholds.

But in some instances, membership upgrades may be required to earn slightly bigger rewards and even actually get paid.

Buying Ad Packages

When you purchase ad packs, you’re simply buying clicks and receiving useless traffic that doesn’t convert into sales and commissions.

But with some exchanges, what you’re really buying into is a “scheme” – an opportunity to open the door to a revenue sharing pool.

Selling Ad Packs

As an affiliate, you can sell ad packages to other suckers for commissions in your pocket.

However, in many cases, you must purchase ad packs yourself before you can make a bunch of money from promoting them.

This is how the top traffic exchange earners REALLY make their money online – from recruiting as many new members and selling as many traffic packages (that don’t work) as possible.

Most of these programs have been labeled as Ponzi and Pyramid schemes, and a number of them have already been closed down by the FTC for fraud.

With the likes of Banners Broker, Traffic Monsoon and also My Advertising Pays (MAPS) already shut down – the future isn’t looking very promising for traffic exchanges.


Why Being a “Clickaholic” is Pointless

A Computer Mouse

Traffic exchange programs are right up your street if your ambition is to waste valuable time surfing endless “mind-numbing” ads every day.

If somebody promised pennies in your pocket from clicking on, let’s say 50 website links per day. Would that excite you?

Would you be happy to spend one whole hour of your time in your job, and receive a measly $1 from your boss for your efforts?

The answer is NO.

Well, this is the same opportunity that’s being served to you on a silver platter by exchanges.

You are worth so much more than that!

If you start up your own online business, learn the skills you need and invest time and effort – you can generate a full-time monthly income instead of earning “peanuts” from surfing ads inside worthless exchange programs.


Why Traffic Will Never Convert Into $

A Man With Empty Trouser Pockets

Unfortunately, if you’re trying to get your MLM business opportunity or even affiliate offer out there to the “clickaholics” – your efforts are deemed useless!

But please don’t take it personally and beat yourself up over it because it’s not your fault, you’ll be glad to know!

The members who click on your ads are NOT targeted traffic and are NOT interested in your promotions.

The reason being is that their only intentions are to get paid and/or earn credits for clicking and staring at your advertisement long enough until they can move on to the next one.

So, when your ads don’t generate a single cent online – remember, it’s not you – it’s down to the “click monkeys”  LOL.

Don’t waste a single minute of your time and also a single dollar placing ads, no matter what traffic exchange program because they’re all the same… POINTLESS!


Fake Traffic Packages Are Part of a “Scheme”

A Circus Act Man Lifting Fake Weights

If you’re one of these people who are more than happy to sell “Ad Packs” that hold no true value, then go ahead and fill your boots!

While you’re at it, why not sell glass hammers and chocolate fireguards to vulnerable people too? 😛

Scamming unsuspecting folks with “fake” traffic packages is not the one.

If you do this, you may also lose respect from those individuals and other online marketers. Your credibility will be in the gutter and very few marketers will trust you again.

You will  be known as the guy or lady who “scammed” them online.

If you go down the online scam route, there will be no coming back from it. Well, unless you change your identity and appearance LOL.


Wrapping it up…

I can see how people (especially newbies) easily get hooked on traffic exchange sites because they pay out cash and/or advertising credits for very simple and easy tasks that don’t require brain power.

But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t waste your time surfing ads or even investing into traffic because it will never convert into referrals, sales, and affiliate commissions. Period.

If you do come across marketers boasting about their income with exchanges, it’s because they invest in the “scheme” for a share of the revenue pool and/or simply earn commissions from recruiting suckers who pour money into non-converting traffic packages.

However, there is a bigger and better opportunity for you to make money online from doing what you love in life, which doesn’t involve “clicking for pennies” and taking part in pyramid schemes or other scams.

You have the option to build a REAL business from home – one that can be created in any niche of your choosing and also doesn’t cost you a single $ to get started…

==> Become a Member of Wealthy Affiliate!


Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or bad experiences with traffic exchange sites, that you’d like to share, we’d LOVE to hear your comments below…


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