Tube Profit Sniper: $180K/Yearly From YouTube? [Review]

Thanks for dropping in on my review! Tube Profit Sniper is a Clickbank product claiming to make you $500 daily using the power of YouTube.

But is it just another elusive YouTube money-maker like Tube Crusher and Paid2YouTube, to name a couple, that doesn’t pay off?

Or does this thing actually work for a bank account full of that folding stuff?

I guess all is about to be revealed inside this honest and unbiased review from a “non-affiliate” of the product!

Tube Profit Sniper Scam Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Tube Profit Sniper (TPS).


Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Mike Andrews?

My Score: 3/10.


Sadly, on the surface, Tube Profit Sniper pulls the wool over your eyes with “get-rich-quick” claims as well as deceptive tactics.

Which I discuss in detail inside this review.

But as for the actual product, surprisingly, it does deliver some level of value by helping you to get rolling with YouTube.

However, the training does lack depth. So if you’re a newbie to internet and affiliate marketing, you will find it difficult to make money with YouTube.

Because the tutorials miss out highly important aspects of leveraging the video plaform to its fullest.

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What’s Tube Profit Sniper All About?

The narrator in the Tube Profit Sniper sales video claims his students are making up to $500 on a daily basis!

That’s $180,000 per year off YouTube videos!

According to the video…

All you do is plug into a commission network, socially share videos, and rake in a ton of affiliate commissions from various programs like Amazon, etc.

It seems this money-making idea is stolen from the likes of Uvioo, Viral Cash App, and Viral Money Magnet

All bullsh*t products that fail to deliver the goods.

Apparently, the ‘TPS’ system allows “newbies” like you to “EASILY” make $100s per day from almost no work – using a “secret cash machine” website…

It’s so easy in fact, the creator says he brings home the bacon from something that even a monkey can do lol.

And you can have your first $500 rolling in within the next 24 hours from just 17 minutes of setting it up a 100% fully automated system…


I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it’s all just utter Baloney because no such “get-rich-quick” system exists.

If it did, wouldn’t everyone and their auntie Dot be rolling in the dough, just like a dog in leaves during the autumn time? 😛


And Then Comes Even More BS From Tube Profit Sniper…

Before we get to the mechanics of ‘TPS’ and whether it actually works or not…

See at least 5 additional Red Flags that my scam censors picked up on inside the hyped up sales video…


#1: Fake Income Claims…

Right off the bat, the product creator shares income examples from some members who “apparently” made over $500 yesterday.
Fake Income Claims
But since there are ZERO hard facts to back up these claims and screenshots, then you should seriously be taken with a grain of salt.


#2: Fake Ass Testimonials…

And then comes the actual video testimonials from some of those members’.

Who claim their lives have changed for the better due to the simple stupid system, etc.
Tube Profit Sniper False Testimonial
Hmm, 100% unlikely…


Because if you head over to Fiverr, you’ll realize those folks lie through their teeth.

Because they’re actually paid actors hired by the ‘TPS’ creator to shoot fake-ass testimonials.

Want proof?

Fake Testimonial From Female Fiverr Seller


See the same gal again charging for her “spokesperson” services lol.


#3: Fake Scarcity Deployed…

And  then there’s the whole “This video could be removed at any time” thing.

There’s certainly no doubt about that because the video is extremely far-fetched.

But don’t believe that statement anyway.

Because it’s nothing more than a false “scarcity” tactic pressuring you into splashing out 37 bucks on the product.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the sales video will still be up for months to come.

I mean, why wouldn’t the scammer wanna take as many newbies for a ride as possible and pocket a fortune, hey?


#4: A False Sense of Security…

The guy in the video states “If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, then this is NOT for you.”
False Sense of Security
HAHA, coming from the “get-rich-quick” scam artist himself! LOL!

Put simply, it’s just a shady and manipulative “false sense of security” tactic used to make you lower your guard and ditch that skepticism.

If any “too good to be true” sales video deploys this technique, then I urge you to run for those hills!


#5: Who The Hell is The Creator?

The creator of ‘TPS’ is presumed to be “Mike Andrews”.

Except, there’s no actual proof of who the owner is.

More often than not, hyped up Clickbank product creators hide behind “Pen Names” and hired Fiverr voice-overs.

So they’re not exposing them true selves to the universe.

Surely, if the system really existed and pulled in $100s as easy as apple pie on a day-to-day basis, the ACTUAL creator would reveal their identity.

Would they not?


In my opinion, it just proves he or she is a coward exploiting newbies for $$$ in THEIR own pockets.


How Does Tube Profit Sniper Actually Work?

The good news is that the Muppet behind ‘TPS’ does give you something of value.

So rest assured, he or she isn’t gonna cut and run with your hard-earned buckaroonies.

However, the bad news is that what you do get your hands on does NOT reflect the hyped-up video crap.

Meaning the “dream money-making” system is nothing but a fairy-tale.

Once you access the product, what you actually get is a series of 9 video tutorial sections on various aspects of YouTube.

Video #1:

This first video focuses on the importance of finding long tail keywords and the concept of SEO for getting your videos ranked in the search engines for traffic.

Video #2:

Learn how to quickly set up a YouTube channel for yourself.

Video #3:

In this section, you’ll learn all about how to customize your video channel with art, a header, and also outsource this work if you don’t have the time or skills.

Additionally, there’s guidance on:

  • The importance of creating a trustworthy brand and gaining a following
  • Optimizing your channel using keyword terms
  • Activating thumbnails
  • Creating a custom URL
  • And using the channel trailer.


Video #4:

This section covers taking advantage of free keyword research tools, namely Keywords Everywhere and Keyword Shitter.

Also, there’s some great guidance on keyword research itself, understanding the metrics, and spying on your competitors’.

Video #5:

You’re introduced to video-creation and also given some brief guidance on saying the right things as well as the best software you’ll need.

Video #6:

Get shown how to do video intros/outros and use the ‘Tube Arsenal’ tool for putting together intro snippets.

Video #7:

This training covers using your competitors’ as inspiration for creating catchy YouTube video titles.

In addition, there’s stuff on video descriptions, tags, and playlists for getting visitors to your videos and building your authority overall.

Video #8:

This video discusses the topic of getting your videos ranked in the search engines faster by using backlinking practices.

Video #9:

Basically, you’re told to consistently pump out YouTube videos to build your brand and income online.

While some parts of the training are quite in-depth and give you some great insights into certain strategies…

The majority of it is skin and bone, pretty much.

It’s simply not enough for any newbie to implement for building a successful YouTube empire.

Especially considering the fact that you’re NOT shown HOW to create videos, which is the “ESSENTIAL” part.

Also, I think you can quite easily find the same training for “free” on YouTube anyway if you look hard enough.


Final Take: Is Tube Profit Sniper a Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownThere’s no denying the fact that Tube Profit Sniper delivers some degree of value within the training you get.

But if you’re hoping to earn a full-time income from the training, then guess again.

Because it’s unsubstantial which makes ‘TPS’ a low-quality product, in my opinion.

I also hate the fact that the creator of this product deceives you with a garbage sales video on generating fast money online using some dream-like system.

And also uses unethical tactics just so he or she can pocket YOUR money.

Lastly, after watching the hyped up sales video, it seems ‘TPS’ has a strong connection to eCom Profit Sniper and 60 Minute Profit Plan

Both deceptive Clickbank products, which I think are created by the same individual.

So just giving you a heads up to save you throwing money into those crappy products.

The Bottom Line: I can’t totally label ‘TPS’ as a scam since you do get something for your investment.

Plus the fact, you can get a refund from good old Clickbank.

So with that said, I’m classing it as a Borderline Scam. But I certainly don’t recommend ‘TPS’, that’s for sure!


Tired of The BS, But Looking For a LEGIT Money-Maker?

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘TPS’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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