Two Dollar Click SCAM [Review]: My Two Cents Worth!

Howdy, welcome to my review of Two Dollar Click!

I dunno about you, but making $2 from every click of your mouse button seems far “too good to be true”, in my book.

If you wanna know the actual truth about this ‘GPT’ opportunity, then continue reading…

Two Dollar Click Scam Review
Quick Overview

Name: Two Dollar Click (TDC).


Cost: Free to start. Gold membership: $119.70/6 months. Ultimate membership: $239.70/6 months.

Plus, $100s (maybe $1,000s) if you plan on buying advertising & referrals.

Owner: Unknown.

My Score: 0/10.

Verdict: SCAM (Keep it at Arm’s Length).


Two Dollar Click is supposed to be a task-based opportunity where you make up to 2 dollars a time (obviously lol)…

From viewing short 15+ second ads.

You can also earn from promoting your own affiliate/Biz Opp offers as an advertiser yourself, but you will have to pay for visitors.

BUT the truth be told, nobody ever gets paid a single penny – ‘TDC’ is set up primarily for the toerag behind it to profit instead.

To learn more about the red flags and why you shouldn’t put your trust in the so-called opportunity – it’s all highlighted in my FULL review below.

But before jumping in…

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What is Two Dollar Click All About? Hmm…

In a nutshell, Two Dollar Click (see on YouTube) is simply a ‘Get Paid To’ click program that works the same way as any other cash reward site:

You make money from doing easy tasks.

Speaking of which, check out my #1 rated ‘GPT’ opportunity. 😉

Except, ‘TDC’ is slightly different.

Because it makes an unrealistic promise of paying you between $1 and $2 for every short ad you view.
Two Dollar Click False Cash Payments
In fact, the program boldly claims “you’ll earn UNBELIEVABLE profits“.


I don’t know about you…

But I’ve never ever come across a ‘GPT’ program that pays members dollars per click.

Because I’m pretty sure they would go out of business fairly quick.

With legitimate reward sites, you only get cents in your pocket from every ad click, since the owners are also tight lol.

So right off the bat, it’s clear that ‘TDC’ is a deceptive program.

Surely, if every member made a small fortune, the creators would go bankrupt pretty quickly, right?


Who is Two Dollar Click Aimed at?

It targets two groups of people.

First group – referred to as “click monkeys”.

They are the folks who have got a lot of free time to kill and wanna turn it into some pocket change by clicking on ads.

Second group – affiliates and mostly peeps in the MLM industry.

Who wanna pay to promote their offers to the click monkeys, in the hope of making some real cash.

But the program is a waste of time for BOTH parties.

Because first of all, the clickers just wanna get paid for clicking. They’re not interested in their sponsors opportunities.

And secondly, nobody gets paid anyway. So the clickers won’t return once they know they’ve been duped.


How Does This Two Dollar Click Thing Work?

So now you know about the 2 types of people who join the program, let’s dive deeper into the so-called opportunity…


Click Monkeys

They get paid $1 for each 15-second ad and $2 for every 30 – 45-second ad they view. AWESOME, right?

Unfortunately, there are a few things wrong with this (aka scam warning signs).


#1: The ads are limited to just 12…

You are forced to upgrade if you wanna make more money.

This is VERY fishy because it’s clearly a manipulation tactic for the scammers to grab hold of your cash.
Manipulative Upgrade Tactics

#2: The cash out threshold bar is set so high…

That it will take literally MONTHS (if not 1 full year) to reach!

And when I say a high payment threshold, I mean $1,000! YUP, $1K!
Unrealistic Minimum Payment Threshold
But also, it’s a tactic designed to keep you surfing ad-after-ad.

So the fraudsters can profit from both your premium membership fees also advertiser investments for longer.

In my opinion, no minimum payment threshold should ever be that big with any ‘GPT’ program.


#3: There are numerous complaints on forums…

From members who have reached the $1,000 threshold…

But have NOT been paid a penny for the amount of time and effort invested.

Here’s an example of an unhappy member from way back in 2014, who reached $1,200 and didn’t receive a dime.

It also goes to show just how long ‘TDC’ has been scamming folks on the web.

Member Scam Complaint

Click to Enlarge.

Fake Cash Paid Out to MembersHowever, what really amuses me about ‘TDC’ is the fact that it LIES about how much it’s paid out to its members and also the payments some members have received.
Almost $14,000,000 has been paid out to date.

Some folks have been paid THOUSANDS of dollars too.

So considering there’s a load of scam complaints and also no evidence of anyone getting paid, makes the “statistics” and “proof of payments” total BS!

Wouldn’t you agree?


Affiliate Marketers/MLMers (Advertisers)

If you already have an affiliate product or MLM opportunity that you wanna promote to members of ‘TDC’…

You only have a couple of advertising options available.

  • Link Ad Hits – $5 to $125 for 1,000 to 25,000 visitors
  • Banner Ad Views – $2.50 to $100 for 25,000 to 100,000 visitors

But the chances are, nobody will buy into your promotions.

Because the “click monkeys” only intend to get paid for clicking on your stuff – as I pointed out earlier.

Unfortunately, that’s how it goes with these ‘GPT’ programs…

There’s very little to no profit to be made by advertisers because the traffic is crap quality.


Any Contact Options Available For Support Inside Two Dollar Click?

YEP, you can submit a message via their contact form.

But whether you’ll get a legitimate response is another story. So don’t hold your breath.

However, I also noticed that there’s no founder/company “about” page, no address, no telephone number or even an email address.

It seems whoever created the program doesn’t wanna be tracked down. They are well and truly under the radar.

Hmm… I wonder why?


PROS vs CONS of Two Dollar Click


  • It’s the perfect example of what kinda income opportunity NOT to join


  • It’s an extremely deceptive platform
  • You will waste time & money as a clicker & advertiser
  • The premium membership fees are costly
  • There are no contact details & also no founder/company info
  • The member payment proofs are fake
  • Ad numbers are limited until you upgrade
  • You won’t make a single cent
  • There are a number of scam complaints & negative reviews


Final Conclusion on The Two Dollar Click Scam…

When you start connecting the dots, you can clearly see that Two Dollar Click is a scam.

Whether you choose to become a free or premium member, or even an advertiser…

You’ll be wasting both your time and money on something that’s never gonna pay out and make you profitable.

With false payment claims, a super high minimum $1K threshold, limited ads that force you to upgrade, and especially no information on the company…

Would you be willing to give it a try?

Whoever created the fraudulent program is probably sunbathing on a tropical beach somewhere. UGH.


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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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