How To Hack Instagram Hashtags and Go Viral in 24 Hours.

Do you ever wonder how some internet marketers on Instagram seem to generate thousands of likes on their photo posts, turbo-charge their engagement and also follower counts within only a 24-hour window?
How To Hack Instagram Hashtags and Go Viral in 24 Hours
And I guess you’d also be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t jealous of all that attention and exposure of their online businesses, huh? 😛

To tell the truth, I’d also be slightly envious. What Instagrammer wouldn’t? lol.

Yeah, sure there are tons of exceptional blog posts and training resources on the web teaching you about the various strategies under the sun for growing your Instagram presence and building a successful affiliate marketing business.

But no lessons have been seen specifically created on how to effectively implement the “hashtagging” technique.

So I will shed a little light on the subject of how to hack Instgram hashtags for success in this article.


Firstly, What’s a Hashtag & How Does One Work?

A Hashtag Drawn in The SandIt’s simply the “#” sign followed by one word or a very short phrase consisting of letters, numbers and even emojis, that when used on social media platforms (Instagram especially) can generate visitors to your posts, status updates, Tweets, and comments, etc.

Hashtag examples; #blogging #affiliatemarketing #ilove2makemoney.

But how do hashtags work for boosting your affiliate success on Instagram?

They group your posts together and allow other Insta users to easily find your content, share, like, drop their feedback on it, follow you, and also become customers.

The best part about hashtagging is that if you use the right one or a combination of hashtags, your brand is gonna be exposed to a lot of targeted people.

If you’re active enough and engage with many folks on a day-to-day basis, you’re gonna build a big business on the social media photo app.

However, there are 2 main problems when it comes posting and using hashtags on Insta…

#1 – It can take time to come up with your own ideas and also search the Instagram search box for great hashtags for your content.

#2 – You have to be like Speedy Gonzales when posting using the right words/phrases and at the right time. If you can’t keep up, you’re gonna fall down at a fence at some point, like a horse on a racecourse.

You’ll basically suck at being a successful Instagrammer!

But there’s an alternative way for you to become an Insta affiliate marketing legend, and that’s to learn ‘How to Hack Instagram Hashtags and Go Viral in 24 Hours‘.


How Can You Hack Em’ & Go Viral?

As a digital marketer, your results are never gonna be guaranteed. So I’m making no promises that you will generate thousands of followers and dollars overnight.

But if you follow my guidance, I can promise you one thing. You will see results and increase your chances of making some of your Instagram posts go viral.

Does that sound fair to you?

So how can your posts be exposed to a huge targeted audience on Insta?

Simples! By using the RIGHT hashtags. 😛

Let’s look at an example post with more than 4.6 thousand likes…
Gym Instagram Post With Hashtags
As you can see, there are quite a few hashtags used which could suggest why there’s so much engagement happening. Plus there are a number of them in the comments too.

But this also poses a problem because overusing hashtags will make their posts look like spam. And as a consequence of “spam”, means fewer folks will engage in an unnatural looking post.

However, the number one mistake that peeps are making on Instagram is the fact that the hashtags they’re using are “too competitive”.

What do I mean?

If you type #gymmotivation into Insta, you will see more than 3 MILLION posts.

Huge opportunity for awesome exposure?

Guess again!

The bigger the number of posts under a certain hashtag. The quicker your post will slide down the results and unlikely to be seen by the masses.

But the plural version: #gymmotivations only has around 3,000 posts.

So if you use the plural hashtag, your post is more likely to show up at the top of the results for a good while and receive attention.


There’s Still ONE Big Problem…

Young Boy With His Head in His HandsEven if you choose to use some hashtags with less competitive post numbers, there’s still no guarantee that they will be highly effective.

So you could be spending a long time trying to find the right tags and having to churn out posts quickly for the hope of big exposure.

Not exactly the best of ideas.

The solution…

There are 2 awesome resources for helping you get maximum exposure with less than 5 minutes of work!

Not only will you learn what hashtags to use, but also know exactly which ones will guarantee the exposure you need.

Firstly, check out RiteTag because it’s THE free tool to use for finding hashtags that are good to go. When you type in your chosen topics, it shows you exactly which tags are hot now, long life, overused, and underused.

It certainly cuts out heaps of time by showing you what’s working now vs the trash that will get you zero results.

Plus, the incredibly powerful tool also shows you a bunch of cool hourly statistics for each tag.

When you find the effective tags you need, I recommend including only 5 to 7 tags per post. I think any more than that and your posts will come across too spammy.

Another great tool is called RiteForge.

This tool may go outside the scope of Instagram, but it’s still an awesome resource for insights into Twitter and Facebook tags that can be applied to your Insta efforts.

You simply type in your post into the RiteForge box using your hashtags and it will immediately show you the tag effectiveness, the number of possible tweets, eyeballs, and retweets your post could get.

It’s some powerful stuff for sure!


The Bottom Line…

If you want to create a massive amount of exposure for your brand and build a profitable online business on Instagram, I definitely recommend that you use the tools within my article for making your posts go viral.

You will finally be able to get some traction as an Instagrammer rather than struggling with the wrong techniques that just aren’t producing the results you need.

When done properly, you will certainly get an instant unfair advantage over your competition, giving your posts maximum exposure with less than 5 minutes of work!

But before you leave – if you wanna learn about other effective strategies like blogging, keyword research, and SEO for building a highly profitable affiliate marketing business…

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Here’s to your success!

Your Friend, Neil 😀

(This article was created from following a video training course at Marketers Paradise).

If you have any questions or feedback you wish to leave on the hashtag strategy for exploding your Instagram account, please drop your comments below…


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