Viral Pay: Is it A Viral Scam, Perhaps? Hmm. [Reviewed]

Greetings friend, and welcome to my unbiased review of Viral Pay! 🙂

This new kid on the block reckons you can make $500 today!

But is it just a load of old baloney or does the opportunity REALLY deliver on its bold promise, huh?

The honest answer you seek is right here, so come take a walk with me…

Is Viral Pay a Viral Scam Reviewed
Quick Overview:

Name: Viral Pay (VP).


Cost: Free.

Owner: Undisclosed.

My Score: Revealed at the very end.

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What’s Viral Pay All About, Huh?

According to the ‘VP’ sales page, it’s “the #1 influencer network helping you make money with social media“.

And you can pocket 500 buckaroonies today!

I dunno about you, but something seems fishy about this online money-maker, right off the bat.

Especially, since I’ve never met a single person who’s made such a huge bundle of cash in a short space of time with a brand spanking new opportunity.

The sales page reels off similar crap as the Instant Income System, 12 Minute Payday, Profit Countdown, and Aspire Today, for example.

While these have nothing to do with raking in the cash via social media, they sure as hell are great examples of the hype to avoid falling for.


How Does Viral Pay Actually Work?

First of all, you’re offered a $25 bribe to sign up for free.

Once you’re on the inside, you have the opportunity to earn from a variety of ways.
Viral Pay Members Area
They include:

  • $10 for every friend you refer
  • $2 for each click on your ‘VP’ affiliate link
  • $10 for downloading apps
  • $25 for completing surveys
  • $50 for creating YouTube videos

But straight away, these cash amounts seem “far too good to be true”.

Why, you ask?

Because, I’ve come across these types of ‘GPT’ opportunities before, where they offer you the world on a silver platter and fail to cough up the dough.

Check out Two Dollar Click and Four Dollar Click to see EXACTLY where I’m coming from.

Second of all, there’s not a single ‘GPT’ opp on this planet that’s so generous, nor can afford to reward “free” members with big bucks for partaking in simple tasks.

The other thing that raises a red flag is the fact that the person behind ‘VP’ fails to disclose the full ins and outs of the money-making processes or even HOW he or she stands to gain a profit from their advertisers.

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Surely, if ‘VP’ was legit, its creator would show you the all the moving parts in great detail.

Wouldn’t you agree?


It’s Red Flag Galore All The Way…

While ‘VP’ may seem like the most inviting golden money-making opportunity of a lifetime, I assure you it’s far from it.

And here’s WHY…


#1: Testimonials Are as Fake as Barbie & Ken…

There’s a bunch of so-called members who are apparently raking in the bucks with ‘VP’.

Say hello to one of the guys.
Viral Pay Fake Video Testimonial
But by performing a simple search on, you’ll soon realise the testimonials are actually from guys n’ gals selling their professional “spokesperson” services for pennies on the dollar.

Meet the dude again (who’s also done a fake testimonial for the AZ Millionaire Method trash and god knows what else).
AZ Millionaire Method Testimonials From Fiverr
So in reality, they aren’t making a single cent from ‘VP’ at all.


If the opportunity is legit, then where the heck are the testimonials from ACTUAL members, huh?



#2: It’s Been Around For “Days”, Not Years…

According to ‘VP’, folks have been raking in the dough since 2015.

But if look up the site’s credentials using Scamadviser, you’ll see that VP’s domain has only been up and running for 46 days (at the time of writing this review). Website Data on Scamadviser
So that’s another big fat lie exposed.

I guess the people behind such so-called opportunities will tell you just about any old bullsh*t to get you onboard their trash.


#3: Who The Heck is The Owner?…

Good question!

Nobody actually knows, since the creator remains anonymous.

Hmm, I wonder why…

Put simply, it’s just a dirty tactic so the person behind ‘VP’ can scam the pants off as many unsuspecting folks as possible without being publicly named and shamed – basically damaging his or her reputation.

So instead, he/she hides behind a computer screen like the scheming coward they are.


#4: There’s Zero Contact Info…

If you think the owner hiding under a rock somewhere was bad enough, there’s no company info whatsoever.

There’s no phone number, street address or even an email for support.

This is a serious scam warning sign to take into consideration because when you put the work in and don’t get paid or run into technical issues – who are ya gonna reach out to?

Basically, you’re screwed. And the fraudster knows it.


#5: It’s a Rehash of Other Scammy Garbage…

It seems the person hiding behind ‘VP’ wants to take as many vulnerable newbies for a ride as possible because the so-called opportunity is a replica of Kids Earn Cash, Kids Get Money, and Cashooga, to name a few.

An example of the Kids Earn Cash scam.
Kids Earn Cash Scam Website
It offers the exact same $25 sign up bonus, methods to earn, and the false “make $500 today” crap as ‘VP’

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the fraudster had dozens of these deceptive opps circulating the web.

So I urge you to have your wits about you.

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What’s The Cost of Viral Pay?

The good news is that it’s totally free, so you’re not gonna be risking your hard-earned cash.

But the downside is, it’s gonna waste your time and effort instead by encouraging you to do the work and not receiving a single cent via PayPal in return.

So how does the dirtbag behind ‘VP’ make money off of you. That’s the golden question?

The way I see it is that he or she charges advertisers, gets you to do the donkey-work (like completing surveys and downloading apps, etc), but keeps ALL the profit themselves.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘VP’


  • It doesn’t cost you a single $ to join


  • Offers a fake $25 joining bonus
  • Lacks in-depth info on HOW you make money
  • Zero company/owner credentials are provided
  • There’s no email address for support
  • The creator lies about when ‘VP’ was born
  • The member testimonials are as fake as artificial flowers
  • The “$500 today” claim is BS + you’ll never get paid for tasks
  • Sets unrealistic task cash amounts
  • There are numerous complaints from disgruntled members


Final Take: Is Viral Pay a Rotten Scam?

A Big Thumbs DownFrom everything I’ve found out about ‘VP’ and highlighted within this review, it’s perfectly obvious that it’s nothing but a dubious scam forged in the fires of mount doom.

Keep it at arm’s length at all costs.

The only great thing about ‘VP’ is that you’re not gonna be flushing your money down the toilet.

But just don’t think for one second that your time and effort are gonna be rewarded because the person responsible for ‘VP’ is the only guy or gal to “cash in” – basically exploiting you.

So on that note, the so-called money-maker deserves a MASSIVE score of 0/10.

But before you dash off…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions, thoughts or even experiences to share with ‘VP’ – we’d LOVE to hear from ya below…



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