Virtual Wealth System: Is Anyone Making Money? [Review]

Hey, thanks for dropping in on my review of the Virtual Wealth System ! 😀

Now, you may have come across the system from either an affiliate promoting it…

Or the owner himself, and you’re left wondering whether this thing actually “makes money”, right?

Well, after I took the system for a spin myself, the verdict’s now in!

So dive into this totally unbiased and honest review for the ins and outs of the program and discover if it really will make you a life-changing income.

Virtual Wealth System Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Virtual Wealth System (VWS).


Cost: Free + $100s for opportunities.

Owner: Alonzo Brown (the dude behind ‘Cash Downline Builder’).

My Score: 5/10.

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What’s The Idea Behind Virtual Wealth System?

Put simply, Alonzo gives you a replicated Virtual Wealth System website with your own affiliate ID attached.

Which allows you to build multiple income streams with the following 8 money-makers:

  1. Ad Commissions
  2. Cash In On Banners
  3. Easy Cash Code
  4. Easy1Up
  5. SignaSource eSigs
  6. Global Domains International (GDI)
  7. TrafficWave
  8. CashJuice Social Network

Some programs also pay out a combination of 100% instant commissions and monthly residual income.

Additionally, ‘VWS’ allows you to promote any 5 programs of your own built into the system too.

But like most hyped up systems you find, Alonzo claims you can “earn up to $1,000 per day” which is a pretty bold move, in my book.

While the “$1K daily” idea may sound amazing on paper (or computer screen).

In reality, it seems implausible because these types of systems don’t always go to plan.

ESPECIALLY if you’re using outdated and ineffective marketing tactics taught by the creators.

So does this mean ‘VWS’ is gonna be a pile of useless garbage?

Hmm… I guess you’ll find out soon enough, buddy!


Let’s Take a Peek Behind The Curtain…

So once you’ve gained free access to the ‘VWS’ back-office, you have 3 steps to complete.

The first step is all about setting up your member profile with an image and adding your website/blog, Facebook, and Twitter URLs.

The second step provides a lengthy YouTube video on setting up your affiliate links for your 5 recommended programs.

So that when your ‘VWS’ referrals login to their members’ area, they see your profile and recommendations.

System Set Up

For Example Purposes Only.

An example of how your profile would appear to your ‘VWS’ referrals.

Alonzo Browns Profile
When it comes to the third step.

There’s another lengthy video on joining the main income streams mentioned at the start off this review and setting up your affiliate links ready to start promoting your ‘VWS’ site.

Once you also upgrade to all 7 of the programs which Alonzo says will cost you a total of $104 to get rolling online and then another $37 per month

You’ll get 5 Video Lead Capture pages for building an email list with the help of a TrafficWave Autoresponder.

While all that may seem fine and dandy…

I know for a fact that if you decide to go all out crazy with the products inside GDI (.WS) and Easy1Up (especially) combined, you’re gonna be forking out $100s.

So just giving you a heads up on that front.


What Training is Offered Inside The Virtual Wealth System?

In addition to the basic tutorials on the set up of your system.

Alonzo provides you with a video tutorial on integrating your TrafficWave autoresponder and setting up your ‘Done-For-You’ email campaign series.

Trafficwave Training

A Snapshot of The Training.

However, the only downside is that he doesn’t give you any real training on effectively constructing your own emails.

Which is a MUST for becoming a profitable email marketer in the long-term.

Then next up, there’s advertiser training.

Which is simply basic stuff on using methods like IBO Toolbox, safelist mailers, text Ad boards, banner sites, traffic exchanges, and classified Ad sites, etc.

Unfortunately, from my experiences with these SPAMMY methods – especially back in the days of 1999 and early 2000s lol…

Most of these tactics were INEFFECTIVE and even more so in today’s evolved marketing world.

Oh, and whilst on the subject of trashy strategies, steer well clear of GlobalMoneyLine too because that’s just as bad!

The main reason being is that every MLMer is doing the same thing…

Promoting their BizOpps to one another instead of using REAL marketing strategies for targeting actual “newbies” in pursuit of money-making avenues.

In my opinion, the only 2 decent strategies that Alonzo recommends worth having a pop at are solo ads from Udimi (although, they can be pricey).

And also LeadsLeap which offers some great tools/resources.

On top of all that, there are 30 videos covering various aspects of personal development and wealth-building – mainly of Alonzo having discussions.


What Level of Support Do You Get?

When it comes to getting the help you need, Alonzo provides you with a contact form to send him a personal message.

In addition, he offers you a chance to access live team recordings, and you can sign up for a weekly video newsletter. and

Last but not least, there’s a private Facebook group for rubbing shoulders with other members.


Final Take: Is Virtual Wealth System a Scam?…

Yes and NoAlonzo Brown comes across as a friendly and likable kinda guy who’s quite clearly put a lot of effort into designing a system that makes it easier for MLMers to build certain opportunities.

In my opinion, Alonzo’s Virtual Wealth System does actually provide you with the opportunity to make some money online.

So hat’s off to the dude!

However, I think earning $1K per day with ‘VWS’ is overambitious, especially considering most of the marketing methods he recommends are spammy and outdated.

Not to mention the fact that most of the peeps you’ll be promoting to are too busy promoting their own stuff.

From my point of view, if Alonzo actually taught you HOW to market EFFECTIVELY, like use solo ad platforms, place paid ads on Facebook, take advantage of Instagram shoutouts, and start up a blog, etc…

You could have MUCH more success with both your ‘VWS’ replicated site and lead capture pages.

The other downside to ‘VWS’ is that the members’ area is overwhelming.

Because it seems cluttered with too much info, particularly when the most of the text consists of big bold lettering. It’s like something from the 90s lol.

The Bottom Line: ‘VWS’ is a program I would probably recommend to those wanting an easier path to growing their MLMs.

But on the flip side of the coin, I very much doubt using most of Alonzo’s marketing tactics will bring you in 1K paydays.

At the end of the day, only the Internet Marketing “pros” make that kinda cash, in my book!

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

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