Voice Cash Pro [Review]: $9K in a Week? Ya, Right!

Howdy, welcome to my unbiased review of Voice Cash Pro…

The program that claims you can make over $9,000 per week!

Without beating around the bush, I’m just gonna come out and say it:

This is another seriously hyped up Clickbank product that leaves a gooseberry-like taste in your mouth.

If you wanna know why it fails to produce the goods, then continue reading for a truthful answer…

Voice Cash Pro Reviewed Here
Quick Overview

Name: Voice Cash Pro (VCP).

Website: voiceprofitsystem.com.

Cost: $37 + Upsells.

Owner: Monica White (just some random stage name).

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s Voice Cash Pro All About, Huh?

The ‘VCP’ sales page reckons claims to expose “how ordinary people make over $9,800 from home every week with this one little secret”.

And then the video spokeswoman bangs on about it being possible to rake in a WHOPPING $1,000 in half an hour.

In fact, she also claims that making a buck online has never been so easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.
Voice Cash Pro Misleading Easy Income Claims
All you have to do is a bunch of voiceovers for commercials, video games, cartoon characters, and audiobooks, etc, for the megabucks to roll into your bank.

Blah, blah, blah…

As awesome as that sounds, it’s just total bullsh*t! My apologies for being so vocal lol.

Put simply, ‘VCP’ is advertised as a “get-rich-quick” method.

It simply does not exist. Period.

If such a “$9K weekly system” was as real as Wrangler jeans.

Don’t you think everyone and their grandmother would be living Beverly Hills style lavish lifestyles, huh?



Let’s Check Out More Dirty Red Flags…

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of how ‘VCP’ ACTUALLY works, let’s have a giggle at the warnings, both on the sales page and in the video.

These are in addition to all the income hype I’ve just discussed.

Sale page red flags:


Name & Email Address Needed

First up, your name and email are required in order to access the purchase page.

While this is a totally ethical approach for marketers to effectively build email lists – just don’t trust the individual behind ‘VCP’.


Because if they’re already peddling a far-fetched product, what’s to say they’re not gonna flood your inbox with more garbage?

Whether or not you decide to buy ‘VCP’, they still win with your details.


Fake-Ass Member Testimonials

Secondly, there are the written testimonials from a selection of members.

Who, have apparently made “$550 on day 1, more in 7 months than in 5 years“, and over “$150,000 in 6 months“.

But one guy, in particular, caught my attention.

Meet “Matt Haskins” – the dude who made that $150K.
Voice Cash Pro Fake Sales Page Testimonials
But don’t believe that for one second because this guy is actually selling his “spokesperson” gigs on a site called Fiverr.

He’s also done fake video testimonials for other garbage just like the Affiliate Cash Club, AZ Sniper, and AZ Formula, to name a few.

AZ Sniper Fake Fiverr Testimonials
In fact, take all three ‘VCP’ sales page testimonials with a grain of salt because there’s no evidence of their claims being the real McCoy.

Also, absolutely anyone online can fabricate written testimonials.


Lastly, “Monica White” – the creator of ‘VCP’ “GUARANTEES” you’ll get the success you desire and even wants to ensure your success.
Voice Cash Pro Falsely Guarantees Your Success
Aww, how sweet…

Bitch, please, I’ve never heard so much garbage in all my life!

A) There’s no such thing as a “guaranteed” income online because many variables come into play.

It’s the same as being told you’ll definitely hit the jackpot if you buy a lotto ticket or get down the bingo hall with aunt Mable.

B) She doesn’t actually give a rat’s ass about your success, only HER own.

Why do you think she’s trying to fool you with some dream money-making system?

Sales video red flags:


Fabricated Product Owner

Firstly, Who the hell is “Monica White” when she’s at home?

She claims to be the video spokeswoman and the lady fronting ‘VCP’, but there’s ZERO proof of who she is.

More often than not, these shady Clickbank product creators hide behind “pen names” like cowards.

So they can continue scamming newbies just like YOU without damaging their reputations online.


Tell me, if ‘VCP’ does what it says on the tin, then how come the actual creator doesn’t take full credit for his or her system?



Fake-Ass Video Testimonials

Secondly, just like the sales page testimonials – the video testimonials are as fake as artificial flowers.

And again, you can find the same peeps on Fiverr peddling their “spokesperson” services.


I dunno about you, but I think these Fiverr actors should be held accountable for blatantly lying through their teeth about earning from the product.


The Cost is Too Good to be True

The final red flag I’d like to highlight is the “$37 one-time” cost of ‘VCP’ which is utter nonsense for two very good reasons.

#1: Even if the person behind the product was selling some “secret system” that made all of your wildest dreams come true without breaking into a sweat.

Don’t you think they’d charge you an arm and a leg?

#2: The low cost is called “the hook” to get you through the front door so he or she can persuade you with upsells.

Put simply, you’re fed a bunch a lies so the creator can pocket money at YOUR expense.

This is the sole purpose of each and every shady product you’ll come across on Clickbank, unfortunately.


Let’s Draw Back The Curtains…

According to the sales video, ‘VCP’ is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Follow some easy step-by-step instructions to get set up
  2. Spend at least a couple of hours on your smartphone or laptop each day
  3. KA-CHING, the dollars roll in as easy as apple pie

But as I’ve stated, there’s no quick and easy path to making sh*t tons of cash online.

This is just some Peter Pan fairy-tale told by those who wanna get rich from YOU.

If you wanna strike gold, spend time learning the Internet Marketing skills you need, and then work your tail off for months or years even.

So, now we’ve cleared that up, how does ‘VCP’ actually work once you hand over 37 of your hard-earned bucks?

When you arrive in the membership area, there’s a free 90-minute ‘VIP Masterclass’ to sign up for which seems to be unrelated to ‘VCP’.

It’s basically some sort of webinar from Chris Luck (founder of Marketers Paradise here) who spills the beans on some of his methods.

Moving on from that.

‘VCP’ provides you with PDFs containing 30 days worth of voiceover training and also tool recommendations for starting off on the right foot online.
Voice Cash Pro PDF Training
While the PDFs contain some good info and guidance for beginners to get up and running with the voiceover game, they seem to lack depth.

Additionally, there are a couple of video tutorials and some lengthy podcasts for gaining more insights into making money from voiceovers.

I can say with total confidence that you won’t be getting your hands on some “get-rich-quick” system.

But at least the product actually revolves around the money-making topic in the sales video, which is a good thing.


PROS vs. CONS of ‘VCP’


  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Provides PDF, video & podcast training
  • There’s basic email support
  • The potential to make money


  • Sales page & video contain income hype, lies, fake testimonials & other red flags
  • The PDFs don’t have much meat on the bone
  • Voiceovers are “JOBS” – so you’re unlikely to earn a real living
  • There are additional upsells


In Closing: Is Voice Cash Pro a Scam?

Yes and NoTo tell you the truth, YES and NO. I’m also in two minds over recommending it lol.

On one side of the coin, you do get some value in terms of PDF, video, and podcast tutorials.

Not to mention a basic level of email support is offered.

On top of that, Clickbank will issue you with a $37 refund inside a 2-month window.

So ‘VCP’ is definitely legitimate in that respect.

But on the dark flip side of the coin.

Both the sales page and video are deceptive because not only is a pen name used.

But the creator also plays you for a fool by selling some “pipe dream”, guaranteeing your results, and using fake testimonials.

Add to the fact that voiceovers aren’t exactly a sustainable way of earning a full-time income because you’re trading your time for money (aka A JOB).

If you wanna make real money.

I recommend the concept of “Affiliate Marketing” because you’ll never have to work a day job again IF you’re willing to learn new skills and work your butt off.

To get started as an affiliate marketer (especially from a beginner standpoint)…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘VCP’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…

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