Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020: (My #1 Recommendation!)

A huge welcome to my comprehensive 2020 review of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – My top rated affiliate marketing platform! πŸ˜€

But while it is a favourite of mine, doesn’t necessarily make it perfect.

But still one of the best options for you to potentially earn a 5 – 6-figure yearly side-income online!

So as a full-fledged member since 2013…

I’m gonna share my brutally honest take outlining both the advantages and disadvantages of the community to help you make an informed decision.

Sound good to you, young grasshopper?

Awesome! Let’s crack on…

Wealthy Affiliate Review
Quick Overview:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate.

Website: WealthyAffiliate.com.

Price: $0 for Starter Account (Click Here to Join).

Then it’s $49/month or $495/year for Premium membership.

Owners: Kyle & Carson.

My Rating: 7.5/10.

Who’s it For?: Beginner to Expert.


Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just a newbie-friendly community of over 2 million affiliate marketers offering you support 24/7…

But also provides tools (including a free WordPress blog builder) & step-by-step training for enabling you to create a profitable Biz from the ground up.

In my experience with WA so far, it’s a fantastic platform that actually works for making money.

But only IF you implement the training, utilize the tools, and reach out for help when it’s required.

However, saying that, the platform is in need of a little construction work when it comes to the training and keyword research side of things.

But when/if those issues are addressed, I might award WA with a score higher than 7.5 lol.

Joking aside, WA really is one of your best kick-ass options for starting and growing a successful affiliate marketing Biz, in my opinion.

To discover my ‘WA’ likes and dislikes.

But also HOW it will help YOU to create a passive income online as an affiliate marketer – jump right into this FULL review.


What on Earth is Wealthy Affiliate About & How Does it Work?

First of all, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Wealthy Affiliate boasts some pretty impressive figures.
Wealthy Affiliate Boasts Impressive Credentials
‘WA’ is a newbie-friendly platform/community.

That, equips you with the tools, services, training, and support for constructing a successful affiliate marketing Biz from scratch around something you love doing in life.

Put simply, you gain access to the 4 essentials for earning a full-time passive income on the web.

Without these jigsaw puzzle pieces firmly in place, you’re pretty much screwed as a noob from the get-go.

So yeah, the ‘WA’ fam is a pretty big deal.

And as for the process of how the program actually works, that’s a simple one to understand when you see the 4-steps involved:

  1. A Potential Customer Conducts a search in Google
  2. He or She Lands on Your Nice Website & Reads a Blog Post
  3. They Purchase a Product Via One of Your Affiliate Links
  4. And Bob’s Your Uncle… You Earn an Affiliate Commission From That Sale

How Affiliate Marketing Works in 4 Steps
But obviously, that’s only part of the equation because it’s gonna take plenty of elbow grease for the buckaroonies to come rolling in.

So roll up those sleeves ready to get ya hands dirty!


Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate, Huh?

Two down-to-earth besties by the names of Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim (both Canadians) are the brains behind the whole Wealthy Affiliate operation.

Which, has been running successfully since 2005.

Say hello to the internet and affiliate marketing legends with their families.
Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim
They’re also the same dudes behind the SiteRubix and Jaaxy tools that go hand-in-hand with the ‘WA’ training for building a successful Biz.

But more on those later on in this review.

So hats off to the top-dog duo for pouring their hearts and souls into their platform.

Which, BTW, has gone from strength-to-strength for more than a decade!


Who is Wealthy Affiliate For, Exactly?

From my perspective – having gone through the training a GAZILLION times (at least), I’d say ‘WA’ is for beginners more than anything.

But if you’re a pro marketer, then certainly still dip your big toe in the community.

So whether you’re:

  • New to affiliate marketing
  • Tired of being duped
  • An 18 – 80+ year-old
  • Still in school
  • A college drop out
  • In full/part-time employment
  • Jobless or retired…

‘WA’ will suit you down to the ground.

Even if you’re struggling to profit like hell with your current online Biz.

Or wanna learn how to drive more customers to your traditional Biz using the internet – ‘WA’ is your knight in shining armour.

In a nutshell: the community is ideal for anyone and everyone wanting to make money online.

It’s your winning lotto ticket. You just need to cash it in!

But a word of warning:

Please get the hell outta here if you’re chasing lazy “Get-Rich-Quick” pipe dreams coz ‘WA’ ain’t for you.

To succeed as a member of ‘WA’, you WILL need to follow the training, implement it, and give your business substantial time to flourish.

There is none of this “cutting-corner” crap for the dollars to flow on the internet. Period.


Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

17 Things I Love:

  1. It doesn’t cost a penny to start + no credit card details required
  2. 10 free “action-based” lessons for getting a Biz up & running
  3. Certification courses that contain step-by-step video tutorials
  4. Training gets occasionally updated + weekly live/pre-recorded webinars
  5. Affiliate Bootcamp for those wanting to earn from WA’s affiliate program
  6. 2 free WordPress websites as a starter member (premium members get 25 sites)
  7. High speed & secure web hosting provided + free atmail email addresses
  8. ‘WA’ has its own domain name registration provider
  9. Keyword research, blog content writing & commenting tools
  10. A newly-released feature for searching for affiliate programs to join & make $ with
  11. 24/7 help, support & inspiration from community members via live chat/13 classrooms/blogs/PMs
  12. The option to PM Kyle or Carson for support
  13. Fast help & support around the clock from the ‘Site Support’ team
  14. Kyle & Carson have a zero tolerance for community SPAM
  15. Anyone worldwide (except Nigerians) can create starter accounts
  16. WA’s Premium membership comes with 3 payment options & is dirt cheap compared to most platforms of a similar nature
  17. Has an AWESOME money-saving deal on Black Friday & Cyber Monday every year!

8 Things I Hate:

  1. The community gets overwhelming with so many posts, especially when starting out
  2. Kyle & Carson fail to respond to all PMs due to sheer volume (they NEED a support team)
  3. Kyle doesn’t provide training on advanced SEO strategies or email marketing
  4. Some parts of the training are a little stale & need freshening up
  5. Way too many peeps are partaking in Affiliate Bootcamp, making success tougher
  6. Once you upgrade to premium, there’s no going back to free starter level
  7. The Jaaxy keyword tool seems inaccurate in some areas (the metrics NEED fixing)
  8. Some parts of the content writing tool makes life more difficult (they NEED addressing)

I’ll elaborate on some Pros and Cons deeper into this review.


The Training, Tools & Services You Need…

The Training at a Quick Glance

You’ll have access to the following:

  • Action & Task Based Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp Courses
  • Live Training Classes Every Week
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Structured Classrooms
  • Active Discussions on different Topics
  • Video & Tutorial Training

Let’s see the training broken down…


‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ (Level 1)

When you join ‘WA’ as a starter member, you’ll dive right into the free ‘Getting Started Level 1’ training consisting of 10 step-by-step video lessons.

These modules cover the basics of understanding affiliate marketing and the steps you need to follow for actually getting a Biz up and running.
Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 Training
Kyle has done a cracking job of taking you through the process of not just explaining and showing how affiliate marketing works.

But also getting your first WordPress blog set up using WA’s free SiteRubix website builder.

In my opinion, the 10 video lessons are so simple and easy to follow.

And you can quite easily start your new online Biz in not time at all (2 – 3 days max).

What I especially love about the free and also advanced training…

Is that Kyle provides an actionable checklist to complete at the end of each lesson to help you stay on track with your progress.
Online Money Making Checklist
In my opinion, this accountability thing is an awesome idea because it gets you into the habit of moving forward with your Biz bit-by-bit each day.

I think without such an actionable plan, many newbies wouldn’t take WA’s training very seriously – which would be a big mistake.


My Complaints With The Level 1 Training

When it comes to “niche selection” (the most important lesson) – Kyle only shows you how to choose a niche around your hobby or passion.

Choosing a niche can run much deeper than that.

Like, rolling with a topic you have extensive knowledge on from your golden school years, previous jobs, and even problems you’ve faced in the past.

And as for the keyword research lesson, Kyle recommends WA’s in-house Jaaxy tool.

Which, unfortunately, has been drilling holes in my canoe for ages.

Some ‘WA’ members have also questioned Jaaxy’s metrics, so it’s not just my mind running wild.

Now, LongTailPro is my new #1 preferred keyword tool of choice because it’s slowly patching up the holes in my online Biz.

Also, Kyle doesn’t teach you how keyword research can be done using “free” and/or other paid tools like LongTailPro, for example.

I dunno about you, but I believe everyone should have a choice when it comes to keyword tools because there’s no “one size fits all”.

RECOMMENDED: grab Ian Pribyl’s ‘From Nothing’ Kindle for more in-depth guidance on niche-selection & keyword research!

But once WA’s free lessons are all done and dusted.

You have the option of upgrading to Premium – allowing you to continue building your Biz following advanced video training which covers:


Level #2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

  1. Your Own Domain, Your Brand
  2. Move on Over, My Brand Has Arrived
  3. Creating Keyword Rich Content
  4. Setting up a Domain Specific Email Account
  5. The Traffic Breakdown
  6. Making Use of Visuals
  7. Understanding The Low Hanging Fruit
  8. Making Face as a Real Person
  9. Amplifying Your Productivity
  10. Boosting Your WA Ranks!


My Complaints With Level 2 Training

As far as lesson 10 goes…

With close to 2 million members…

WA becomes a place of “info overload” because some peeps are more concerned about their “WA rankings” rather than their actual “Google” ones.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s commendable that ‘WA’ folks have adopted the “Pay-It-Forward” mentality.

Because that’s what the community’s there for, at the end of the day.

But sometimes it gets too much and becomes overwhelming like a Facebook newsfeed in a way lol.

I just think some members need to rein it in a little and pay more attention to their online businesses, if I’m totally honest.


Level #3: Making Money

  1. Understanding The Money in Online Business
  2. Understanding Affiliate Programs & Networks
  3. Relevant Affiliate Programs Are Everywhere
  4. Adding Affiliate Links to Your Pages
  5. Instant Access to a Million Products
  6. Leveraging Product Reviews
  7. Getting Paid For Ads on Your Site
  8. Earning Pennies OR Dollars
  9. A Brilliant Way to Track & Understand Your Traffic
  10. With Help Comes Financial Success


My Complaint With Level 3 Training

While lesson 7 is a nice little money-maker, I’ve totally removed Google Adsense from my blog since the ads caused a terrible user experience.

I also disliked how the ads cluttered up my site and stole the limelight from my actual product recommendations.

Thanks to honest feedback from both WA’ers and members of the FIMP fam, they helped put things into perspective.

Producing value and recommendations for your visitors IS your #1 priority over making a few bucks from a bunch of ads.

Because, it’s gonna lead to bigger long-term success.


Level #4: Mastering Social Engagement

  1. What Does Social Engagement Mean to Your Business
  2. Making Your Website a Place to Engage
  3. Using Facebook The Right Way
  4. Pinterest & The Visual Social Hemisphere
  5. Incorpoarting a Sound Tweeting Campaign
  6. Google Plus or Minus
  7. The Benefit of Being Social at WA
  8. Make Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals
  9. Using The WA Social Community
  10. You Cannot be a Master or Everything


My Complaints With Level 4 Training

Don’t get me wrong…

Using social networks are a great way of getting your brand out, driving more blog traffic, and generally networking with folks within your niche.

But the biggest problem I’ve found over the years is that each channel, whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, etc, can take up so much of your time…

Time and effort that’s better invested in your actual online business – doing keyword research and writing blog content for more organic growth.

The other problem is that social media is constantly evolving, which makes platforms harder to keep up with.

Furthermore, platforms are full of tire kickers, in my experience.

Regardless of effort, my results were never anything to shout home about.

And as for lesson 6, Google Plus is no longer alive and kicking. So the video needs removing.

At the end of the day, I’m no fan of social media and you can still quite happily build a successful Biz without it.


Level #5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

  1. Content is Your Business
  2. Setting up Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Improving Indexing Times & Speeds
  4. People Need to Read Your Content
  5. A Year is a Short Period of Time, Yet Big For Business
  6. Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture
  7. Writing Your Content With Conversion Intent
  8. Injecting Comments With Intent
  9. Bing and Yahoo, They Are Still The 33%
  10. Articulating a Plan For The Months and Year Ahead

Overall, Kyle has done exceptionally well at delivering comprehensive step-by-step tutorials for creating a highly profitable affiliate marketing Biz…

Despite the Wealthy Affiliate cons I’ve highlighted.

It’s the type of high-quality training that most product creators’ fail to supply.

Or even if they do, they charge an arm and a leg for.

So consider yourself blessed when taking the plunge with ‘WA’.

But with that said, I do think Kyle needs to do training on advanced SEO methods, especially when it comes to the concept of *GASP* “backlinks“.

Backlinking seems to be a raw subject within ‘WA’ because some say you can rank just fine without them, and others say they’re a necessity.

The other thing is that Kyle doesn’t teach blog optin form creation or even the ins and outs of “email marketing” – which is a highly effective profit-producing strategy.

As for additional training, you’ve got access to:


Multiple Classrooms

These offer you the opportunity to ask and answer questions, watch extra video walk-through tutorials from Kyle and the community.

And also easily find the videos from Kyle’s training courses.
You’ll discover in-depth classroom topics on:

  • Getting Started
  • The Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Program
  • Keyword, Niche, & Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local, Video, Email, & Pay Per Click Marketing
  • The WA Platform


Live Video Classes

Every Friday, Jay (a highly successful member) hosts a webinar on succeeding in a certain area of your online Biz.

Also giving you the chance to engage in a ‘Live Q & A’ session – picking Jay’s brain at the end.

But if you can’t make his weekly live videos due to boozy nights out on the town…

Don’t sweat it because they’re recorded and accessible to you at anytime 24/7 – where you’ll pick heaps of golden nuggets.

==> Grab Your $0 Starter Account With WA Now!


Tools & Services at a Quick Glance

SiteRubix Website Builder:

As a WA starter member, you can build up to 2 WordPress blogs for free.

But as a Premium member, you’ll be able to build 25 of the bad boys!

Your website is gonna be the platform for creating a profitable online biz, and one that’s open for business 24/7/365!

When you get your very first free site up and running, you’ll also receive one heck of an AWESOME tool belt to assist with the phenomenal growth of your Biz.

But what cool SiteRubix features/services are available, huh?

  • Manager
  • Builder
  • Comments
  • Feedback
  • Support (which will be discussed shortly)
  • Domains
  • WordPress Optimized Servers
  • The Most Secure Hosting on The Web
  • Full Redundancy
  • Daily Backups
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Fully Managed
  • Email & Forwarding
  • Site Health Analyzing
  • Website Auto-Login

Follow my lead, and let’s dive even deeper into to the state of the art SiteRubix features provided by Kyle and Carson.

To make life simple, I’m gonna walk you through the features as a “Premium” WA community member.


Website Manager

Automatically login to your WordPress blog and also see its progress – the number of posts, pages, comments, etc.

Amongst other cool aspects of your site.
Website Manager
Now, the 2 tools I absolutely love the most when it comes to the Manager, are: “View Details” and “SitePlus+”.

For starters, with “View Details”.

You can check out your website’s health stats…

Showing you what blog improvements need to be made for keeping both your visitors and Google happy.

Secondly, when it comes to “SitePlus+“.

You have the option to toggle and activate “SiteSSL” (HTTPS)” – this is an awesome feature that’s now a part of Google’s ranking factors.

Wealthy Affiliate throws this in with your membership at no extra cost.

Since switching my blog over to (HTTPS), I’ve noticed a rise in rankings and traffic to my blog.

The “SiteProtect” (Spam Blocker) also does an amazing job on your blog.

Because, it puts a stop to spam comments from bots and helps your website to run smoothly.

Using this feature, I’ve not had a single junk comment, and I no longer need to install spam blocking plugins such as Akismet.

Site Speed” makes your website super fast at loading and also improves your Google rankings.

But ‘WA’ now gives you the choice of toggling on “EXTREME” which optimizes your site one step further for bigger gains and extra ranking power!


SiteRubix Website Builder

Use this to build 25 beautiful WordPress sites around different niches.

However, as a “free” member, 2 websites are your limit.

So it makes sense to upgrade if you wanna build multiple profitable sites down the road.


Content Writing Platform

It’s a great writing platform which not only enables you to easily write and publish WordPress blog content.

But you can add free images (from WA’s extensive image library) within your posts too.

When it comes to the writing part, you can create new posts based around either pre-made templates or ones you create yourself.

The idea behind the templates is that you set yourself writing goals for word, paragraph, and heading counts.

And you accomplish those goals for steering your website and online biz in the right direction.

The feature also saves your drafts and published articles, shows your website’s word-count AND how your efforts compare to other members.
Content Writing Platform


My Complaints With The Content Writing Feature

But have you ever heard the term “sometimes less is more”?

Well, sadly, that’s the case with WA’s content writing platform because it does raise several unfixed issues.

Firstly, once you’ve written a piece of content and published to your WordPress blog.

The spacing between some sentences and paragraphs gets totally messed up – either content clumped together and/or spaced out too much.

It’s a real pain in the ass because you then have to spend time using the “html text” editor in WordPress to add and/or removing spacing code.

Since, the “visual” option doesn’t solve the problem.

Secondly, the content platform doesn’t fully support the WordPress kitchen sink and other editorial features.

For example, there’s no option to change text colour and you can’t select categories, tags, and featured images for your posts.

Basically meaning you must do those tasks within WordPress – publishing each blog post twice – unnecessarily making life complicated.


Grammar Checker

The content platform also comes with a built-in grammar/spell checker.

So you can ensure your content reads perfectly without mistakes before you hit that green “Publish to my WordPress blog” button.


My Complaints With The Checker

I’d love nothing more than to tell Grammarly to eat its heart out lol.

But WA’s grammar checker is far from perfect because sometimes it skims past spelling mistakes.

I know this for a fact because I use Grammarly as a safety net.

And at times, WA’s tool suggests phrases to help better word your content, that actually make no sense at all.

Furthermore, I’m not exactly keen on wording my content “the American way”.

So Wealthy Affiliate must program their spell checker to cater for us Brits too. πŸ˜‰


Image Library

Additionally, the content tool provides a database of over 1 million high-resolution photos from Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash, covering a range of topics.

Not only are they 100% free to use on your blog (without any attributions).

But you can crop the images and they also get compressed by the new in-built technology for helping to maintain the fast speed of your website.
Site Content Image Feature
BUT if there are no pics that don’t quite take your fancy, you can easily use the tool to upload, drag n’ drop your own blog images.


Domain Name Platform

This offers you the chance to purchase a personal domain for your website using WA’s own (competitively priced) domain registrar.

‘WA’ even automatically connects your new domain to your website for you.

You simply purchase your domain, choose the site you want it on, and ‘WA’ takes care of the rest. Simples!


Affiliate Programs (New Platform)

This newly-released time-saving feature makes life so much easier.

Because, it means you no longer need to manually search Google for affiliate programs in your niche.

You can do it right within ‘WA’.

See an example of one I found in the “travel” industry using WA’s new tool.
Commission Stats From Find Affiliate Programs Feature
Not only does this tool enable you to easily locate affiliate programs using its search bar, popular categories, keywords, and trending opportunities sections…

But breaks down the results showing high commission vs. high percentage vs. top rated programs to apply for.

What’s especially cool is that you can have a cheeky glance at the metrics of an affiliate program before deciding whether it’s gonna be the right fit.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool (LITE)

With the Jaaxy keyword tool (“LITE” version).

You can use it to find low-competition and traffic-generating long tail keywords to create content around and get Google rankings + traffic.
Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research Tool


My Complaint With Using Jaaxy

Jaaxy requires an overhaul because the metrics are inaccurate, especially when compared to LongTailPro’s metrics.

The biggest problems I’ve faced with Jaaxy is that I’ve either published and ranked blog posts on page 1 of Google around keywords that get little to no traffic.

Or around keywords that are extremely difficult to rank for (despite Jaaxy stating differently).

Don’t get me wrong…

Jaaxy makes the keyword research a total breeze and offers some decent features that go hand-in-hand with your research activities and website’s progress.

BUT what’s the point in using a keyword tool that fails to accomplish its primary objective (i.e. pinpointing “the right” keywords), huh?


24/7 Support – Pure Freakin’ AWESOMENESS!

If you ask me, the 24/7/365 live help and support at ‘WA’ is simply AMAZEBALLS!

You’ll never be alone inside the community because you receive TONS of support from everyone via various channels.

Whatever you need help with – folks are there for you around the clock as your safety net.

‘WA’ is like a cyber version of Sin City… It never sleeps!

The ways you can easily get assistance from inside the “Support Center” tab…

#1 – Kyle and Carson both invite you with open arms to message them anytime from inside your members’ area.

The same applies to any member of the ‘WA’ fam because everyone can freely private message one another for assistance.


My Complaint With PMs

However, numerous member PMs go unanswered because Kyle and Carson are a two-man army getting swamped by messages.

Don’t get me wrong, the pair work their socks off day and night to assist the community.

But there’s only so much 2 peeps can do inside 24-hour windows.

What the A-Team needs to do is hire an actual “customer support team” consisting of seasoned internet marketers to help save the day.



The Support Options Continued…

#2 – Just like Facebook, you can post on profiles to connect with other members.

#3 – There are a total of 13 classrooms to ask questions in.

Each one covers a different topic, and members will always respond to your questions.

#4 – Live Chat is simply Amazing because you can instantly get your questions answered by other members.

Kyle, Carson, and Jay regularly chime in too.
Live Chat
This is my #1 preferred method for support, since the conversation feed is continuously active.

Although, occasionally I do post questions in the classrooms for additional guidance.

Believe me, even the pros get stuck sometimes lol.

#5 – Site Support. Well, what can I say, it’s nothing short of incredible!!

Whenever you have a technical issue with any of your WordPress websites.

You shoot a PM to Site Support, and the amazing team will resolve your issue extremely quick.

The guys here are very helpful and friendly, and will ensure that your website runs smoothly.

Everything you need for online success truly is under one roof with ‘WA’!

I don’t think you can argue with that, buddy.


How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate When You Join

Important note: you will be required to put in the donkey-work if you want REAL online success.

Because, it doesn’t just happen at the wave of Harry Potter’s magic wand, and that’s a true fact.

The 2 ways you can cash in with ‘WA’:


#1: Follow Your Passion…

Whatever you’re passionate about in life or even if there’s a hobby or interest you have, you can successfully create a long-term online business around it.

This will be classed as your chosen “niche” and where your epic journey will begin.

‘WA’ will show you EXACTLY how it’s done, step-by-step.


#2: Participate in The ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’…

Affiliate Bootcamp
In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate’s, affiliate program + Bootcamp offer you an amazing opportunity to earn a serious passive income.

There’s even the chance to qualify for a free 4-day “all-expenses-paid” trip to Las Vegas each year.

Where you get to hang out with uber-successful WA’ers!

==> Learn More About WA’s Las Vegas Incentive Here!

But some words of warning on Bootcamp:

However, the Affiliate Bootcamp is A LOT harder than it sounds.

If it’s beyond your capabilities to invest a minimum of 20 hours per week, and publish at least 4 blog posts weekly for the next 16 – 20 months like a lean mean content machine

Then Bootcamp is NOT for you.


My Complaints With Affiliate Bootcamp

Furthermore, you’re gonna be competing against 100s of other Bootcampers.

Since, almost all (including myself) publish the same reviews on scammy Clickbank and Clickbetter products.

Then comes stiff competition from “launch jackers” – usually unethical affiliate marketers gaming Google with poor and “biased” reviews.

And then there’s competition from pro affiliate marketers offering “bonus stacks” and who seriously know their sh*t when it comes to advanced SEO.

But don’t let the truth put you off lol.

However, if you work like a trooper with Bootcamp, you absolutely CAN beat your competitors’ – creating a full-time income for yourself.

Just don’t expect it to be a walk in the park is all I’m sayin’.

My sincere advice before taking the plunge with Bootcamp:

The way I see it, WA’s Bootcamp is primarily for those with some degree of internet and affiliate marketing experience.

And who also have a true passion for helping peeps in the “make money online” niche.

If you don’t fit the criteria as a newbie…

Then I highly suggest sticking with WA’s ‘Online Entrepreneur Certification’ course and building a profitable Biz around a topic you ARE passionate about instead.


What is The Cost of Wealthy Affiliate, is it Free?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member…

You’ll get 1 WordPress site to build and 10 basic lessons for getting an online Biz up and running for $0.

Which, means you have free access to a certain extent.

But you won’t have the full benefits of WA’s advanced tools/services, training, and support – which you’ll definitely NEED access to for success.

Which brings me to my next point: the costs to go Premium for UNLIMITED access to everything ‘WA’ has to offer…

  • Monthly Premium = $49
  • Yearly Premium = $495

So there are definitely payment options to suit all budgets.

In addition, buying a (.com, .net or .org) domain name for your blog from ‘WA’ will cost from $13.99 – $15.99 per year, which is peanuts.

When it comes to WA’s Jaaxy keyword tool, you get a special “LITE” version chucked in with your Premium membership.

But if you want extra Jaaxy features, it’s gonna cost $19/month for PRO and $49/month for ENTERPRISE plans.


Now The Best Part: Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories…

If wondering if WA actually works…

YES, it flipping well does because a lot of folks are making money following Kyle’s training.

For example, see these guys n’ gals here who have already made anywhere from $100 all the way up to almost $5K!
Smaller Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories
Big Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories
And then there are bigger success stories from Super Affiliates who have worked hard for years.

For example, here’s Eddy Salomon who eraned a staggering $10,000 in the month of August 2018!
Ten Thousand Dollar Monthly Earnings
And there are MANY more WA success stories where these came from!

So YES, you can absolutely earn a life-changing passive income IF you work your butt off for a fair amount of time.


The Golden Question: Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Scam?

I’m sure by now, it’s as clear as day that ‘WA’ is 100% legitimate.

Not at any time do Kyle and Carson (or any member) ever claim that ‘WA’ is an easy-as-pie way of racking up the cash fast online.

Leave that myth for the sleazeball fraudsters lurking around the web to sell.

Those who brand ‘WA’ as LEGIT know the true value of it.

Because they’ve taken ‘WA’ for a free spin and/or made some dough online following the training to the letter and using the tools + support at their disposal.

As for the peeps who label ‘WA’ as a SCAM, it’s a 2-camp combo.

Camp #1: there are the lazy bum asses who take very little to no action and expect to rake in a MILLION dollars overnight.

OK, slight income exaggeration. But you get the gist, yeah?

Camp #2: the haters who are sick of ‘WA’ plastered all over the web from affiliates blogging “hey, come check out my #1 recommendation”.

The bottom line: Those who earn – EARN.

Those who don’t – spit their dummies out and scream “SCAM” at the top of their lungs like giant cry babies.


My Final Take: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?…

A Big Thumbs Up

Absolutely, 100% yes, without a shadow of a doubt.

Despite numerous unresolved Wealthy Affiliate community issues (I’m really peeved at) that desperately need Kyle and Carson’s FULL attention before rolling out new features…

I genuinely believe ‘WA’ is one of the best, if not, THE best and biggest affiliate marketing and blogging training platform/community in the cyber world.

Is it gonna be challenging? YES.

Are there gonna be times when you wanna throw in the towel and chuck ya laptop out the window? YES.

But if you leverage WA’s resources, and work your tail off for as long as it takes…

I promise you’ll see results – eventually earning a life-changing passive income.

If you’re prepared to go “all in” on yourself, then I invite you to…

==> Get Started With WA For Free Here!


I’ll be seeing you inside the community…

Your Friend, Neil πŸ˜€

If you have any questions or thoughts on WA that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear your comments below…


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