What Exactly is Club 365? Another Lousy SCAM? [Reviewed]

Now, before you get the wrong idea – NO, this review has nothing to do with other Club 365s, like free school meals and activities for pupils or even travel and tourism.

And, NO it has no connection to the “Christmas 365” or even “Holidays 365” idea from the Netflix movie ‘A Wish For Christmas’ either, before you ask! 😛

Joking aside, this review is solely based on a seriously hyped up online money-maker.

But if the person behind the hypie version of Club 365 has intentionally tried to hijack search engine traffic intended for something else, then shame on them!

Now with that out of the way, is the web-based money-making opportunity nothing but a dirty SCAM to steer clear of or will it actually put dollars in your pockets – that’s the question?

I guess there’s only one way to find out, my young apprentice!…

Is Club 365 Another Lousy Scam
Quick Overview:

Name: Club 365 (C365).

Website: club365.co./invite.

Cost: $27.99 + Upsells.

Owner: Justin Powell?

My Score: 3/10.

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What’s Club 365 All About, Hey?

On the surface, ‘C365’ comes across as another illusory “Get-Rich-Quick” Clickbank product like Easy Insta Profits, CB Cash Code, Cash Money Sites, and Daily Cash Siphon, to name a handful.

But with that said, Clickbank isn’t all doom and gloom because you will find some NON-hypie stuff like Crestani’s Internet Jetset and the LongTailPro keyword tool, for example.

However, as for ‘C365’, its sales pitch is all about it being some “wealth creation secret enabling you to enjoy daily profits of up to $362, $578, and $1,297“.

And then the video’s narrator rattles on about his system is “nothing like you’ve ever seen before” and all it takes to make an absolute fortune online is “just 1 hour of your time per week“.

Righto “Justin Powel”, I’ve just seen an elephant fly. His name’s Dumbo!

It’s just the usual gobbledygook you hear from “too good to be true” online sales pitches all the time.


Things Take a Turn For The Worse…

In addition to all the far-fetched Bullsh*t from the ‘C365’ sales page/video, there are a couple of other RED FLAGS raised, which makes the product questionable from the offset.

Firstly, “Justin Powell” is used as a pen name to hide the TRUE identity of the product creator.

As you can see, it’s plain as day at the bottom of the sales page.
Club 365 Owner is a Pen Name
To some, it’s no real biggie.

But if any newbie is to trust the product, then the REAL owner MUST front their product and build a relationship with the potential customer.

In my opinion, the only reason why the creators hide their faces/names is so they don’t get stick from disgruntled customers and damage their own reputation as a result of selling fallacious and subpar products.

Secondly, Justin implements a fake “positions closing shortly” scarcity tactic.
Club 365 Fake Closing Shortly Scarcity
In my opinion, the only time “scarcity” is actually acceptable is when a product/program GENUINELY has limited stock for sale or spots to fill.

But when it comes to fishy “get-rich-quick” stuff like ‘C365’, then it’s a load of old tosh (as us Brits say) because it doesn’t matter how many folks buy into the product, I guarantee you the warning will always be on display.

It’s just a desperate attempt for the creator to make $$$!


But There is Sunshine After The Rain (Kinda)…

Despite all the trash you hear and the red flags raised, luckily, you do get some form of value from ‘C365’ when you hand over $27.99 to Justin.

But unfortunately, ‘C365’ doesn’t deliver on its promises because what you gain access to ISN’T exactly a reflection of the hype you’re led to believe.

Once you gain access to the members’ area (shown below), there’s a bunch of PDF guides on Cryptocurrency, eCommerce, and also the affiliate marketing Biz model.
Club 365 Members Area
I’m not gonna go into any details on Cryptocurrency because, A: I know VERY little about it. B: I DON’T actually give a rats ass! And C: I dunno about you, but I’m so sick of all the Bitcoin/Crypto hype!


But you do get a 6-page PDF and also some Millionaires Calendar thingy for free Cryptocurrency opportunities via AirDrop.

As for eCommerce, there are 4 X 50+ page PDF guides on Shopify, kickstarting your eCommerce business, eBaying, and Amazon.

Inside the guides, you basically learn how to get started on the right foot with the various business models including the affiliate marketing one.

Both eCommerce and affiliate marketing can prove to be highly profitable concepts IF folks get the right tools, training, support, and grease up those elbows.

But the problem with the PDFs is that they are mostly “info-based” and contain no actual steps for getting up and running with the Biz models discussed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying the PDFs are a pile of trash lol.

But what I AM saying is that for somebody (mainly a newbie) who NEEDS to be guided by the hand, ISN’T gonna get that from ‘C365’, unfortunately.


Final Take: Is Club 365 a Scam?…

A Big Thumbs DownOn one hand, I really hate (with a passion) the fact that the sales video for ‘C365’ is full of “Get-Rich-Quick” lies and nonsense.

The truth be told, there’s NO such thing as a fast and easy way of sucking in mountains of cash from the World Wide Web like a vacuum cleaner.

It’s a total myth.

And also add to the fact, that the guidance you get inside ‘C365’ is inadequate because there’s no “step-by-step” stuff for a newbie to follow for crushing it online.

But on the other hand, you do get some level of value from the PDFs, and Clickbank also offers a refund if the product doesn’t meet your expectations (which I assure you, it won’t).

So on that note, I don’t recommend ‘C365’ and leaves me no choice but to brand it as a Borderline Scam, which is a fair verdict, in my book.

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts on ‘C365’ – We’d LOVE to hear your comments underneath….


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