What is Affiliate Marketing and Does it Work? Get Answers Here.

Exactly what is Affiliate Marketing and does it work? Those are two of the main questions asked by newbies before taking the plunge with building an online Biz today.

I’m guessing those questions are on your mind too, which is why you’re here, right? 😛
What is Affiliate Marketing and Does it Work
Well, you’ve definitely picked the right place because I’m about to give you some insights into Affiliate Marketing, so you can decide whether it’s actually worth your while.

Sound good to you, young Grasshopper?


Affiliate Marketing, What’s it All About?

Great question!

To keep things short, sweet, and to the point – “Affiliate Marketing” (AM) is a way for you to make money from promoting products that belong to both companies and individuals.

When you join an affiliate program like Amazon or an affiliate network like Commission Junction (CJ), etc – you get access to “affiliate links” and tools for helping you promote the products.
Amazon Affiliate Program Tools
Each time someone buys a product or service via your affiliate link, you make a percentage of that sale called a “commission”.

Generate enough of those sales, and your commissions can soon rack up to earn you a decent level of income on the internet.

Yes, ‘AM’ is a simple concept to understand. But it’s easier said than done, which I’m about to explain in detail.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Actually Work?

Let’s look at the simple 4-step process in a nutshell before diving into the ins and outs of ‘AF’, shall we?
How Affiliate Marketing Works in 4 Steps


#1: It All Starts With The Customer…

Or should I say “potential” customer.

When we’re looking for more information on a particular product or service before deciding whether to make a purchase, where do we go first?

YEP, good old “Google”.

But some folks will also do their research on Bing, Yahoo, and social media, right?


2#: And That’s When They Find Your Website…

Whether it’s a blog article or a product review you’ve written that contains affiliate links or even a squeeze page that collects email addresses so you can inbox your leads with affiliate offers.

In today’s Internet Marketing world, it’s imperative that you have some form of website in place because it’s the only real way to build a successful online Biz.

From a newbie standpoint, I recommend choosing blogging as your starting point online because it’s a more cost-effective method to get up and running.

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#3: Your Website Visitors Will Spend $$$…

Once your potential customers have the information they need from your site, they’ll buy through your affiliate links.

OK, so not all visitors will choose to make purchases through your site for some reason or another. But a good number of folks will buy into your recommendations.

I guess it’s the same with any business. Not everyone who walks into a shop spends cash on something, right?

It’s just how it is because we all have different wants and needs (not to mention various budgets), at the end of the day.


#4: But When Peeps Buy, You Hear KA-CHING!…

There are many forms of affiliate programs/networks that pay out various amounts of money, and choose how and when you get paid.

Your commissions can range from 1% – 75% of each sale, you’ll get paid via check or PayPal each week or month, and you’ll earn from one-off sales or “recurring” monthly sales (which are the best 😉 ).

All these factors depend on your niche market, the affiliate program, and also the type of products/services you choose to promote.

(Get more info on HOW the 4-step affiliate marketing process works here).


Affiliate Marketing “Isn’t” Exactly a Piece of Cake!

Colourful Decorated Layer Cake
Like I already said, the process of making money from ‘AM’ isn’t gonna be an easy path because in order to create a sustainable online business which produces a FULL-TIME income WILL require “hard work”.

You’ll also need to get your hands on the right step-by-step training, tools, and support, which are the crucial puzzle pieces for bringing it all together.

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I guess this also answers the question of whether ‘AM’ works or not. YES, it does.

And as further proof that ‘AM’ DOES work, see my first $1,000 in affiliate commissions I made from promoting these products on this blog.


Commissions From The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Disclaimer: Making 3 – 4 figures (and beyond) isn’t a walk in the park because it will require A LOT of time and effort.

Wanna know how I did it?

Click here for ‘Affiliate Bootcamp’ – WA’s Bootcamp training taught me what I needed to know for becoming profitable from the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

As a blogger, it can take up to (and over) 12 months of hard graft if you wanna generate enough in affiliate commissions to ditch the day “JOB” and start living life on your own terms.

So you must be prepared to stick it out long enough for the results you want.


What Affiliate Marketing is “NOT”…

A Fake Affiliate Marketer in a Disguise
Unfortunately, many newbies are tricked into thinking ‘AM’ is all about “getting rich quickly”.

If you haven’t already, you’re bound to come across money-making SCAMS, some Gurus and seasoned marketers who paint ‘AM’ in a bad light by setting unrealistic benchmarks like:

Make $500+ Per Day, Starting Today…

Make $6K Per Month. No Experience Needed…

Earn up to $30K Per Month From Just 30 Minutes Daily…

Wanted: Newbies Who Want $500 in The Next 30 Days…

I’m sure you catch my drift.

At the end of the day, the so-called money-making opportunities making these ridiculous claims are nothing but piles of garbage.

The idea of “get-wealthy-fast” online doesn’t even exist. It’s a misconception.

Any marketer who promises you the world on a plate by buying into their system is clearly only in the game to easily fill THEIR own pockets from deceiving you.

If you wanna make your first $1 on the web and then go on to accomplishing financial freedom, stop paying attention to “too good to be true” opportunities, and be prepared to work your ass off for success!


Let’s Wrap it up…

Okay, so now you know a little about ‘AM’, it’s a really simple concept to grasp and make money from. Wouldn’t you agree?

But as I’ve pointed out numerous times, it’s getting access to the right resources and the “taking action” part that’s gonna enable you to become a highly profitable and successful affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate myself, I know for a fact, that there is no “quick and easy” route to earning an income on the web.

It simply does not exist. Period.

I’m sure you’ll agree that my first $1K was an awesome achievement. But getting to that point and beyond was a bumpy road.

So never listen to the numpties who tell you differently because they’re only it for lining their own pockets and don’t give a rat’s ass about your success.

If you wanna make your first $1 online and eventually earn a life-changing income using the power of affiliate marketing, it’s totally doable.

But just be prepared to invest consistent hard work and give your Biz time to flourish.

Looking for the perfect place for getting started on the right path as an affiliate marketer?…

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Your Friend, Neil 😀

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on ‘AM’ – We’d LOVE to hear from ya below…


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